V Dave Mustaine Double Neck Diadem Review

manufacturer: Dean date: 03/25/2013 category: Electric Guitars
Dean: V Dave Mustaine Double Neck Diadem
This guitar is one of the three models in the new series of Dave Mustaine's signature guitars, which happen to be double necks. The sound on this guitar is phenomenal.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8
 Features: 9
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V Dave Mustaine Double Neck Diadem Reviewed by: elias van sider, on march 25, 2013
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Price paid: € 2.5

Features: Now, that's what I'm talking about! This guitar is one of the three models in the new series of Dave Mustaine's signature guitars, which happen to be double necks (with this particular being limited to 75 guitars in the world). This weapon of mass destruction was made in 2013 in USA. It has two 24 fret D-shaped necks with rosewood fingerboards and shark-tooth inlays, the scale is 25-1/2". The guitar is a solid mahogany top on a mahogany body and the finish is the "Diadem custom graphic". The bridge is a tune-o-matic string-through bridge and it comes with normal die-cast tuners (meh). The pickups are active 9 volt powered Seymour Duncan live wires and the controls given are two volume knobs (one for each side of the guitar) one tone (works for all pickups on the guitar) and a 3 way pickup selector for the 6 string side. Also there is a 3 way selector switch for the guitars (12 string only-both 6 and 12-6 string only). Included with the guitar was a hard-case specially made for this guitar. Very nice in general. // 9

Sound: The sound on this guitar is phenomenal. As a Dean guitar which was made in the USA, the sound is excellent and when I first played it even brought tears to my eyes. The 12 string side is great for more oriental and eastern sounds especially on clean mode (where I use it mostly) through my Marshall JVM-205 C amp. On the 6 string side you have an absolute rocking sound with the Live wires, so I can play all those face-melting metal and j-rock songs I like. This guitar though is amazing for playing Megadeth songs (quite obvious since this is Dave's signature guitar) but also Metallica, Slayer, Burzum, Mayhem and other metal bands (even Iron maiden and Running wild). The guitar is not noisy at all (active pickups) expect when you have both guitars activated (there can be some bad noise, especially on small spaces or rooms). Pretty nice on the sound department too. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was low and easy to fret with power chords-pinch harmonics and scales played with ease. The pickups were the first thing I adjusted since I always have the bridge on high and the neck pickup lower (I do it to most guitars) and it worked favorably. The bridge was set nicely and it gave great sustain to the guitar (like all string-through bridges). The guitar didn't have any flaw and it was sent to me very nicely (expected, since this is a Dean USA guitar). The only thing that just doesn't fell right are the tuners, since they can get out of tone easily after much violent guitar playing (and there are EIGHTEEN of 'em), not a problem anymore since I put some grover tuners and now tuning is easy and clean. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I haven't had the opportunity to play that monster live and I think I may just keep it that way, since this guitar is way too expensive to be played live and my ordinary VMNT could do the same job but with one less guitar (the 12 string side). The hardware looks pretty robust and like it will last for years (especially the bridge). The strap buttons are nice and it actually takes quite some force to take your strap off (the reason is put some strap locks on this beast). The guitars only problem is that it weights A LOT! Really this is one of the heaviest guitars I have and it is quite a pain to play standing up, but like all flying V's, when you play sitting down, it's super comfortable. The finish is amazing and it gives a very metal attitude to the guitar. // 8

Overall Impression: I play mostly metal but also blues and eastern music, and this guitars offers a nice variety in sound. This is the second double neck I have (the first is a double neck Dean ML guitar) and I really like the concept of 12 and 6 string guitars in one awesome guitar body. If there is something I'd like on this guitar is locking tuners, but I already got care of that problem. If it were stolen or lost I'd collect money and go buy another of these guitars (the black one since this one has already sold out). I love it and this an amazing metal instrument with the traits to play many music, give it to an expert and see it reach the seventh heaven and break the wall of sound! // 9

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