Vendetta VNXM 7 String review by Dean

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.6 Neat
  • Users' score: 4.5 (22 votes)
Dean: Vendetta VNXM 7 String

Price paid: $ 189.99

Purchased from: music123

Sound — 6
The sound is good enough for a beginner's guitar, and would probably improve greatly with better pick-ups, but as of now, the sound of the guitar is what I would consider fairly average. Sadly I don't know enough about "bright" or "warm" tone, so I can't really tell you much about that. I play the many styles death metal the most, with some thrash metal and avant garde thrown in. Right now I play At The Gates, Lamb Of God, Job For A Cowboy, but I have aspirations to play stuff like Beyond Creation, Arsis, Necrophagist, Behemoth, Whitechapel, Anata and much more. The Vendetta suits my sound well, with easy access to very deep tunings like drop A and B standard, without having to change strings to play in drop D or Standard tuning. I also look forward to having the extended range of a seven string for when I start writing my own material.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall, I really love this guitar. It fits well with my music style, as far as looks and sound. It realy is wonderful guitar for its price, even though there are many better 7-strings out there, none of them are as inexpensive as the Vendetta VNXM 7. If it were lost or stolen, I would probably buy a better guitar for more money, but as far as a beginner's guitar, I couldn't possibly think of anything I would choose over this one.

Reliability & Durability — 7
The body any neck of the guitar seem very sturdy and well attached, which gives me the impression that it is well put together and durable. However, I have never put my guitar in any conditions to test its durability, so I can't be sure. The strap attatchment seem sturdy, and hold well, but I mostly play sitting down, so they haven't really been under duress. The finish seems like it will last as well, I've scraped it very hard with my favourite pick, which I've sharpened to a triangular point, and the finish wasn't damaged at all. As far as live playing, I haven't played live, and I doubt I will till I've had a year or two to become proficient in my chosen style of music (no small task). However, I would feel confident playing this guitar live without a back-up. As far as being nuilt to last, I have no doubt this guitar wil last me a lifetime if I take good care of it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
The guitar is very well put together, it feels sturdy and stays in tune for much longer than I would expect from an electric guitar without a floyd rose. The knobs fell every so slighly wiggly, but not loose or flimsy. The pick-up selector seems small, but its sturdy and well attatched. The finish looks good, and seems like it will last if I don't abuse my guitar. The finish does seem to attract dust, and show dirt/ dust and smudges, but that is a fairly minor complaint, as I have no problem cleaning my guitar. Also please note that the guitar comes with a low B string that is far too loose, especially tuned in drop A. I would buy a.64 or.68 as soon as possible. Guitar strings above .60 are a pain to get, but if you go to you should able to find the strings you're looking for in the D'Addario nickel wound section, that's how I got my .66 guage string.

Features — 6
Some of this guitar's features include: - 24 jumbo frets - bolt on maple neck - string thru paulownia body - passive open-coil humbucker Bridge and neck pick-ups - volume knob, tone knob, 3-way pick-up selector - 6 foot cable and allen-wrench (for truss rod) included It should be noted that this is the first guitar I have ever owned, and that I am no expert by any means in this subject. However, I have played a few other guitars, so I do have something to compare to. I have also owned this guitar for about four months now, so I have become quite familiar with it. As far as the features of this guitar go, there are quite a few pros and cons to be mentioned. I'll start with the pros... First and foremost, this guitar is very player friendly. Its very light-weight, which means you aren't as distracted by the strap digging into you, and there isn't much effort in holding or transporting it. It also has a very non-obstructive body shape, which means there isn't much of anything poking out or in the way. Having played my friends Dean Razorback, I can feel a very noticable difference in weight (his being very heavy), and the ease of which my guitar is handled compared to his. There is also a groove cut into the part of the guitar I lean into with my chest. This makes it more comfortable to play. The part at the bottom of the neck where the body bolts onto the neck is also shaved down, which makes accessing the highest frets comfortable and easy. There are a few cons though... My main complaint is the pick-ups. They seem to catch cetain sounds far too easily while letting other sounds be drowned out. For instance, any time I take my finger off a fret, a loud, squealing harmonic will screech out and drown out the deeper notes. This is partly due to me not being very good at muting (I've been playing about 4 months) but the pick-ups also are very sensitive to the noise. This may not be a legitimate complaint, it may be completely due to my playing not being very refined, but I figure it was worth mentioning. This complaint also applys to chords, as it seems to pick up certain strings better than others, which gives certain chords an uneven sound. I will certainly try to find better pick-ups when I have the money. The pick-up selector is also somewhat hard to reach, and when I Switch pick-ups it causes all the strings to ring out. This will be a hinderance if I ever start playing songs that require pick-up switching mid-song. My final complaint is that around the 12th fret the neck of my guitar gets thicker, which makes it hard to reach frets above 12 on the low B string with my pinky. This may be something all seven string players need to learn to deal with, but its worth mentioning.

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    powley293 wrote: I've played this. It's awful. I get the feeling the meeting about selling this thing went: 'Wow this guitar's terrible.' 'Got it. Put another string on!'Too funny!!! 'Genius.' No, Dean. No.
    This is actually a pretty decent guitar once you get it set up and throw some good pickups on it. I mean, for the price, you can't exactly expect a masterpiece, but this can be a great guitar if worked with.
    you got a 7 string for your first guitar and you didnt even make it a good one, son i am dissapoint.
    Ok, so the reviews don't match the quality of the instrument, and that's a legit criticism. But for the price, how many other 7 strings are on the market that fill the same demographic? I know you can have a better 7 string for not much more, but for less than $200, that sounds alright. Am I going to put down my Carvin for it? No :p
    ChicagoShredder wrote: you got a 7 string for your first guitar and you didnt even make it a good one, son i am dissapoint.
    Don't understand why someone would want a 7 string as their first guitar. I mean it's your money and all, but why not start standard and work upwards out of necessity/experience?
    I played this yesterday, and it's fantastic! I couldn't believe that it was only NZ$699!
    I have playing for 3 years on a 6 string, and I would say I'm a pretty decent player, so I'd like to go a new step. Yesterday I went to a local music store, and I saw this 7 string guitar, I played it, it felt pretty comfortable, I love Necrophagist, Sylosis,so this guitar would be great for that kind of music, and all that kinda of shredding bands. I like it, the body is kind of simple, but felt good, and the price is pretty acceptable, I'll go for mine in a couple of weeks when I get paid
    for the price, u just cant beat it. granted, its no Ibanez, but for an entry level 7 string this thing is killer, after a pickup change any ways.
    nailsarecruel wrote: ChicagoShredder wrote: you got a 7 string for your first guitar and you didnt even make it a good one, son i am dissapoint. Don't understand why someone would want a 7 string as their first guitar. I mean it's your money and all, but why not start standard and work upwards out of necessity/experience?
    No doubt. Bass --> Banjo --> 6 string --> 7 string If you even think about touching a mandolin, boy, there'll be trouble.