Vendetta XMT review by Dean

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (77 votes)
Dean: Vendetta XMT

Sound — 10
The sound is absolutely amazing. No matter what style of music you are playing, the XMT delivers a bright, full, rich sound every time. I can play rock, punk, metal, blues, you name it and the XMT blows me away! The most surprising thing to me so far was when I was playing some old classic Beatles songs (Eight Days a Week, I Want to Hold Your Hand, etc.). I always thought you had to buy a specific type of guitar, or upgrade your axe with special pickups, but with the right ammount of tone, the XMT can sound exactly like the old 60s guitars. Even without effects, this guitar really sounds better than the price you'll pay.

Overall Impression — 10
I mostly play punk rock, and this guitar can dish out strong rhythms and clear solos like nothing else. I've been playing guitar for almost 4 years, adn I have 4 guitars in total. The only one that can stand up to the quality of my XMT is my over 30 year old Yamaha acoustic that was my dad's (also a magnificent guitar). I use my XMT with a Zoom G1X effects pedal, and I don't think I could find a more perfect match. If I could go back in time, I would buy this guitar all over again. Everyone Who comes over always asks if they could play it, and after they do, they are blown away! They are always shocked to hear the price I paid for it too. ("It was only $130?!")I bought mine in metallic blue, and I have never seen a more beautiful guitar. I love the look, the sound, and the envy on all my friends faces! Don't waste your money on a Strat when you can get the Dean Vendetta XMT for less.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar sounds like so much more than it is. It can stand up to a lot of name brand guitars. Out of the 12 guitars I've played, this one is absolutely the best. I don't have a case for my XMT, and I admit there have been some times where I've banged it up pretty bad, but it doesn't even has a scatch. It is definatly a durable guitar that I would and have put all of my Faith in. I haven't had any problems with it what so ever.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The XMT has low action, which is really nice. The dual humbuckers were a smart move for a low budget guitar. The neck pickup has a deep, thick, and emotional sound that works great with pick throughs and arpeggios, whereas the bridge pickup has a warm, happy ringing that is perfect for chords even if your playing a sad song. There were no mistakes with the construction of this guitar.

Features — 10
The Dean Vendetta XMT is a solidbody electric guitar with a string-through design for great sustain and less weight. A solid choice for beginners and veterans alike, this version of the Dean Vendetta now features a Vintage tremolo bridge so you can make this axe howl while you note bend like a maniac. Also features classic Dean V ferrule pattern, dual humbucker pickups, 25.5 scale, and a solid mahogany body with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Bolt on-neck and black hardware complete the Dean Vendetta XMT.

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    getting this soon, cheap, 24 frets, and a trem( and thank God it's not a floyd rose)
    10/10 on everthing?? mmm, no guitar shud get 10/10 on everything, all guitars have flaws...
    Dean Vendetta XMT Electric Guitar with Tremolo Made in China. Bought from Nesk position. Looks like bridge shifted to the right for about 2/8th" (about 3 deg) because the distance from 6th string to the edge of the neck @ 24th fret is less than the same distance from the first string. From my engineer's point of view it may be made by design (easy to bend first string in both ways and who will bend 6th string on the last frets anyway?) Looking at the picture on dean guitars site- position suppose to be symmetrical. So China engineers once again came up with the new solution or this is just sloppy worker? Trus rod has to be adjusted as well. Pickups- nothing to talk about it- basic staff, no humm,produce some sounds which are a little bit muddy. I will replace it to what I like anyway. Pickups rings are not parallel- about 2-3 deg difference- sloppy work. Can be fixed at no time. Black Plastic. Body- yes baby! this is wood. I ordered satin natural but received cherry color. I like this wood color even better because it matches to color of the furniture which I have : I like how it finished- no fingerprints left when touch it. Bridge- ok. Doesn't stay in tune if you push whammy bar down.This is not floating bridge how I understand it - you may just push it down, but not up. By design it has to stay in tune because tension of the strings has to be balanced by tension of the springs. BUT- out of box you can't push it at all, if you are not strongest man in the world : Adjusting of the screws which hold springs helps a lot but kicks guitar out of tune. I think the bridge itself is ok but tuners are the cause of the problem. tuning machines- pretend to be a la grover rotomatics but they are not. No self-locking for strings. If you do not touch tremolo bar- stays in tune. Neck- 24 frets, yes- perl dots. Finish looks like zebra wood. I do not know if it is by design or again some improvements from China manufacture- but I like how it looks. On manufacture strings setted up in highest position to cover up un-leveled frets. I found that frets #6-10 and 20-24 unlevelled. Pickup selector- was surprised - on Epiphone SG it flips vertically- here - 45 deg. Unscrewed back cover and found that switch is not tided up. Intonation- how I understand it- when sound on 12 fret has to be one octave higher than open string- out of box it was not natural but sharp on all strings. Has to be adjusted on the bridge. Weight- compare to epiphone SG special- about the same. Compare to another guitars- much lighter. Bottom line. Lets compare apples with apples- I will compare Epiphone SG special with this guitar. SG was setted up properly at the beginning and you may play it out of box with minimum setup- just tune it and adjust bridge height as you like it. Quality of pickups about the same. Wiring, knobs. electronic etc about the same. frets on EPI-22 on Dean-24. Weight- about the same, body design for Dean is WAY BETTER- accessing of the frets below 19 is very natural compare to SG. Price of SG is about $60 more- this is what you pay for set-up Advice: If you need something which you can play out of box- consider to buy something else- not this model of dean. How I understand- this guitar is best DIY project which I found so far. I think Dean doesn't need to put all parts together but sale it as DIY set with the sticker- "assembly required". This is my todo list: 1)level/finish frets/ adjust truss rod 2)replace pickups 3)put pickup selector in the proper position 4)replace tuners 5)replace pots with "push-pull pots-dpdt switches combo" to allow flip coils (2 pots-tone-volume- 2 dpdt swithes- neck[single/hmbackr] bridge[sngl/hmbck]) see this:,... iometers/Push-pull_Pots.html 6) restring with strings which I like 7) adjust spring tension on the bridge to make it work without kicking out of tune 8)set up intonation After these jobs done I will have EXACTLY what I want for additional price about 200$ which makes total price of the project: 1)Guitar- $99 2)Pickups-$150 3)tuners-$50 4)push-pull pots 2x$9 + shipping 5)chrome metal hmbckr rings 2x$11=$22 (from guitar center) 6)fetwork- diy- free 7)pickup guard- optional ----- Total: about $350 Absolutely not so bad.
    update: problem with unstable tuning re-solved. the cause of the problem is that tuner's nuts are NOT tided.
    Heavy strings i buoght this from a friend really happy only 10 bucks
    I'm checking guitar for my brother (who's a beginer) and I dont know why some1 gave a 10 everywhere when no guitar deserve that. Even if you pay 25 granst for a PRS dragon,it won't be perfect. bad review for that