Z 79 review by Dean

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (79 votes)
Dean: Z 79

Sound — 8
Sound is ****ing amazing when use of the bridge pickup, it has an amazing clear sound that is Perfect for Thrash metal (Megadeth and Metallica styles) or Glam metal (like old Pantera style glam metal) when used with the right amount of distortion, amp I use for this is a little Orange Crush 10, and the raw power that comes from it is amazing, the sound is so clear and rich from the Bridge, there was no limit to how much gain could be used, but when it came to the neck pichup, the sound was slightly less clearer when too much gain was put on, the sound still great, but best used on a clean state or semi clean state.

Overall Impression — 9
My overall impression is... Amazing, will not let you down, if something were to happen to this guitar like getting smashed or stolen, I would buy this exact model, because it sounds great and it hasn't let me down yet, is a great buy for a reasonable price for quality work.

Reliability & Durability — 10
i have had this guitar for 8 months, and it has proven to play quite amazingly live on a Fender 212R amp, i trust this guitar live because of its durability and for its finish never seeming to scrape away, it has accidentally scratched against the wall a few times, but it has been the wall and not the guitar that has taken the damage. the only problem id have is strings snapping all the time, but that is my own fault because i play fast and hard.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
I found that everything on this guitar was in the right order, except for one minor part at the base of the neck connecting to the body where it looks like the neck is slightly bigger that the body slot, but isnt that noticeable until you actually start looking for flaws.

Features — 9
The Dean Z'79 is an amazing guitar, not just for sound, but for looks, 2009 made in Korea, Neck through Laminated Top, a beautiful Tranz Brazilia Burst finish with burgundy back, made of Mahogany, Tune-O-Matic Bridge Rosewood fret board with Pearl inlays, and non-locking Grover Tuners, Dean Zebra Pickups. 2 Volume knobs 1 Tone knob with a 3-way selector, so it can act as a kill Switch if you want, a beautiful Explorer shape.

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    Devon Moulton
    BlueDaze wrote: Is this the "upgraded" version of the Dean ZX? I want a Dean explorer type but I don't want a beginner guitar, I want one thats for years, that is worth modding, etc.
    Dude, just go with the Z 79, you will not regret it, at all, and it would be worth modding it to your specifications, but in my opinion, the piece of art barely needs it