Zenyatta Custom review by Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (18 votes)
Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars: Zenyatta Custom

Price paid: € 420

Purchased from: Caliber22

Features — 9
Dean Zelinsky Private Label Zenyatta Custom. Made in 2013 in South Korea in the same factory as PRS are made - World Musical Instrument. Wide guitar with a wide fat neck. Its unusual shape stroke me. I was in love. Thin body much like S-series Ibanez mahogany body, flamed maple top, wide fat mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, MOP diamond inlays, amazing DZPLG signature humbuckers split coil tapping, 3-way pickups selector, locking tuners, nickel hardware, lovely DZPLG stop-tail bridge. Passive electronics.

Sound — 9
I play all kinds of music from '70s to today indie rhythmic melodic songs. The tones on the Zenyatta were quite good; exceptionally good when compared to any guitar in its price range. As you'll hear from the audio clips, this guitar is an extremely versatile tone machine. It is very percussive and rhythmic when playing open chord progressions and funky clean riffs. Both DZPLG signature humbuckers out of ordinary sounded great, clean or distorted, even for blues and jazz. The distorted riffs blew me away. Sounds amazing for a 420 euros axe.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Visually, the guitar is a perfect 10. The design of the body is a piece of marvel. Low action enough to my fat fingers out of the factory. The guitar I tested had a dark tobacco burnt finish. The guitar profile is unique. Slender and sexy as hell. Like a dish. Perfect design and feel. Very smooth to the touch and attaches to your body perfectly. The beautifully nickel hardware stands out to your eyes. Didn't see anything I didn't like on it. I found this guitar to be medium light, maybe 6 lbs and extremely comfortable to play sitting or standing. Zenyatta it's like a hot girl teasing you and saying: play me, please.

Reliability & Durability — 9
The Zenyatta is a wonderfully crafted guitar, and a perfect compliment to the outstanding sustain this guitar brings to the table is the way it manages to effortlessly stay in tune for hours of non-stop play. The DZPLG bridge is outstanding. Longing sustains result from this type of bridge. The buttons are 100% solid. The chrome hardware bangs, bangs forever. It slick body maybe its more suited to studio. It's my opinion. Out of the ordinary features placed in this guitar, makes me wonder how Dean Zelinsky makes it costs only 400. I never played it live, but played it for hours in studio. Never got untuned even with crunch riffs and hardrock powerchords. Incredible. Amazing price/quality ratio on this baby.

Overall Impression — 9
All in all, this guitar gets a 9 in my book. Not a 10 because that's perfection and it's only my humble opinion. I never played a perfect guitar. Maybe it doesn't exist, like there's no perfect car or plane. But for the several guitars I've played all over the years, this Zenyatta blows me away. If someone tell me it costed 1500 euros I would believe based on the guitar profile, feeling, tone and craftmanship. If you're a novice or professional player looking for a well-crafted guitar that's versatile, attractive and downright affordable, then do yourself a favor and try out one of these babies. They simply look, sound and play amazing and you won't have to miss next months rent payment to own one. Best looking guitar I ever saw. Dean Zelinsky nail it 100% on this one.

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    Hey, i did not got paid to write the review.I really love the guitar.All i said is my humble opinion.My natural language is not english so my vocabulary is limited.But i did not found any review on Zenyatta and start writing from what is my opinion.Sorry if i offended someone.Not intended to. My favourite guitar in years, though. By the way: where i do collect my money?
    I bought a StrettaVita "Private Label" with the Z-glide neck a couple of months ago. I love everything about it. Fit, finish, weight/balance, parts, playability, tones -- everything. I am really surprised that others have had different experiences. I've got a few "marquee" electric guitars to compare it to: a Rik 330, a 62 Gretsch Country Gentleman, a late 60s Gibson Les Paul Custom, an 87 Fender American Strat, and a nice newer Hagstrom Viking. [I mention that only to illustrate the variety of fretboard surfaces, pickups, tone combinations, construction, etc. that I'm used to.] My StrettaVita plays as well as those, and has flawless fit and finish.
    I've owned a Zenyatta for about a week now. This reviewer describes things pretty well. Excellent guitar with a beautiful finish and feel. The Z-glide neck is different and takes a little getting used to but has become a feature I like. I also own a DBZ Imperial designed by Dean Zelinsky and it is equally a great instrument. I played a 1978 LP Custom for 20+ years and these two guitars stack up to it -- if not exceed it --in tone and quality, and both are a lot more comfortable to play. The LP is quite a chunk of lumber while the thin-line contours of my DZPL and DBZ snug nice against the body. Don't listen to the negative reviews. DZPL guitars are a great buy. The only negative comment i have is that it took half a month to get the damn thing once placing my order. For now, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the Xmas rush.
    Beautifully shaped guitar.Amazing craftmanship Potent as hell pickups for long lasting sustains.You put the guitar down, go open a beer can and when you return the sustain remains.It blews me away.For around 400 euros it´s a bargain. 10/10
    I have tried this Zenyatta a few months ago and it feels very classy, robust and very beautiful. The sounding is really great.A piece of lust. The store was selling for 420 euros.I ask if it was a mistake.It really feels a much expensive guitar.I was told Dean Zelinsky is the same guy behind Dean guitars who started his own company with his full name Dean Zelinsky.Great quality guitar i must say
    Oh awesome. A totally unbiased review posted to the UG facebook page from a week old account. Not like they got paid to write this one.
    I agree, this does read a bit like an ad...
    So do you think they paid extra for the broken english so it would seem more authentic? That is kind of weird for a planted advertisement. I think it is a guy that loves his new guitar!
    I think it's very suspicious considering anyone posting positive reviews in this comment section just signed up to UG this month. There are a few companies that pay people for bogus reviews. Not saying this is a bogus review but I'd take what is said with a grain of salt. Also, some companies have wised up and purposely write reviews in broken English so that it doesn't look "fake"
    I really hope it goes without saying that one should read several reviews before buying, if trying the guitar in person is not an option . Of course, 'they' could just fake about all reviews, in which case a tin-foil hat always comes in handy...
    I'm now playing my Zenyatta Custom for about three months and can't keep my hands off. Great sound and a real beauty. I also own a Strettavita Costum and she's great too. DZPL.....fabulous instruments!
    @joek1090: "Don't listen to the negative reviews. DZPL guitars are a great buy." Well said People often get upset by a more entusiastic reviewer and start downgrading the guitar itself wich is a marvelous piece of instrument,offering bad service to someone trying to know something about the guitar model that don´t find anywhere else.
    I had the misfortune of buying one of the dean tagliare's earlier this year. Not only was it no where near the quality of a prs se guitar but I think a $100 strat copy had better workmanship than it. The bridge pickup was horribly microphonic (which they tried to blame on my amp, even though my other guitars didn't squeal like it) the electronic covers looked like a 5 year old carved them out with a knife. Also the scarf joint on the neck was not sanded down all the way at the factory and they just painted over it. They are supposed to have a 30 day money back guarantee but they did not want to refund my money they insisted that I pay the return shipping and that I could get a scratch n dent of the same model even though I had bought a new one that was unplayable. I finally had my credit card company reverse the charges and they were falling all over themselves to send me a prepaid return label. I might have just exchanged it if they would have acted more professional. I decided then to research on the net and found out I wasn't the only one who had quality problems on Dean Zelinsky guitars. Buyer beware.
    There is no scarf joint on the necks of these guitars. They are a single piece of wood. Secondly the necks of the tagliare is not painted -- they are glossed maple. Thirdly, by electronics covers you mean pickgard -- this is a strat-style guitar with no access holes on the back. BOGUS REVIEW... Thanks for trying, though.