Debeo Octanis review by Douglas

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (5 votes)
Douglas: Debeo Octanis

Price paid: $ 119.95

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Sound — 9
I play a very Rock/Metal style in my group. (Godsmack, A7X, Skillet, Saving Able, Drowning Pool). My rig is a Randall RH100 full stack, with mainly a Dunlop Wah, Boss Super-Overdrive, and Noise gate. The stock pickups aren't as bad as people say they are. I compare them to my other guitars that have EMGs and Duncans, and They REALLY hold up to them and stand its ground. I can get a real "umf" that cuts through the mix perfectly and nails you right in the chest. I also get a really surprisingly good sustain all over the neck. Squeeling is as easy as breathing on the lower and higher strings.

Overall Impression — 10
As i said... I Got this guitar in the mail and played it on stage just a few hours later. If thats not enough for you to understand how this guitar is, then ya just gotta pick one up yourself. I promise you it's well worth the $120 ya got in your wallet. I am obsessed with Randy Rhaods, I live and breath him in my playing every single day. I've been playing since the age of 8 years old and I'm 22 today. And as I've said, I've owned nothing but Deans, Epiphones, ESPs, and an Agile all my life. Very expensive guitars, And this $120 Douglas outstands them ALL. I bonded an email friendship with Kurt from Rondo Music, who sold me the guitar. And he's very honest and loyal to his customers and He's the guy to get a job done easy when ya want it. I knew everything about this guitar way before it came in the mail. I was just surprised by the quality and overall shock value in the guitar when i held it in my hands. If it was stolen or anythign to happen to it, Id buy another one exactly like it that very same day or night!! I LOVE this guitar!! it hasn't even left me since it got here. It even lays against my night stand in bed so i play it the moment i wake up (the girlfriend don't like that). The one and only thing i hate about the guitar, is the rep it has as a terrible bad guitar. Everyone here online says its a piece of sh** and how they sent it back moments after they got it. I have no idea whats wrong with them all because i fell in love before I even plugged it in. Don't ever listen to haters, Play it for yourself and see how YOU like it!! I had ALOT of doubts and bad thoughts about the guitar from reading other peoples reviews, and i thought it was taking a HUGE risk ordering one. But they were gone in a blink of an eye when this thing came in the mail. Id honestly compare this guitar to a Les Paul custom... Your probably laughing right now reading this, but seriosuly. Its no were near how heavy an LP is in physical weight, but it surely plays like one and feels like one. This guitar is 100,000,000,000,000 TIMES better then I'd ever thought it would be. I'd take this thing to the grave with me if I died tomorrow. To hell with everyones bad talk, I'll stand next to this guitar till the day I retire, If made a million dollars tomorrow on a record, I'd still play this guitar in arenas and festivals. I hope I'm the first to be on the cover of Guitar World holding a $120 guitar and smiling as big as I can... As I play it more and more, I'm debating in ordering another of the same guitar in Black. Cause its worth having a back up of an AMAZING guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Ya know, ALOT of people talk down about Douglas, and this model guitar mainly... To sum it all up for me, I've only owned this guitar for 3 days now. The day it came in, i had to play a major show within hours after it knocked at my door. I adjusted the Bridge and tuned it... and it was my main guitar all night. and it couldn't have done a better job I switched to my Les Paul to play our most popular song, but I ended up picking up the Douglas again right after it. EVERYONE loved the guitar and thought it was a Jackson, The Headlining band's frontman/Lead Guitarist fell in love with it and asked where I got it, and he didn't believe me when I said I just got the guitar that day. This guitar is absolutely strong and can withstand a live playing of ALL genres of music from Rock to Blues to Classical to Punk. What shocks me the most is how amazing it stays in tune. Even after the show and thrown into a soft case for an hour truck ride home. It was perfectly in tune when I got home. I will depend on this guitar soo much more than my Deans, and my ESPs I used to play mainly before this guitar. This is by far the most reliable $100 guitar you could ever ever EVER buy!! This is the type of guitar to always stand its ground and to be handed down to sons or daughters even. The Finish is white as the website says, but its more of an antic-white. ALmost yellowish. (Think of the epi Zakk Wylde Bullseye white). But I LOVE it! it makes it look like a Vintage Randy Rhoads. The EXACT same color just how his "Concorde" looks today.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The guitar right out of the box was flawless. It only needed a slight adjustment on the Bridge and the action was perfect for me. I don't have ANY buzz or lack of sustain in the action up and down the neck. The pickups height were perfect from the factory. I own 13 guitars from Deans, Epiphones, and to ESP's and this guitar feels MORE comfortable, and stronger then all. Douglas guitars are designed for students and gigging musicians, much like epiphones. So they are built to take a beating from kids learning, and live-show settings. But the main thing about this guitar that makes it just AMAZING, is that its soooo very solid. Its like holding a baseball bat in your hands. Its built like a tank and nothing feels loose, flimsy, or breakable at all. I feel like I can swing this guitar around and smack a few cymbals with it and still finish the show. But the one thing that everyone seemed to miss on their reviews for this guitar is the neck. It's SO thick! like a Les Paul Custom. The only issue i have is were the input jack is, and its mainly where my leg would go hold it or standing with it. So Ya might wanna invest in an Angled cable. Out of the box, there was zero problems with the wood or finish. There was a tiny nick maybe about a 1/4 inch big on the corner of the body. The boxing from shipping was sturdy and strong and reliable.

Features — 8
-Made in 2011 -22 Frets -Lightweight Basswood Body and Neck (6.5 pounds) -White finish -Modern "Randy Rhoads" Shape with set-neck -Chrome Tune-O-Matic Bridge -1 Volume, 1 Tone, and 3-way toggle -Factory Stock Pickups -Chrome Die cast Tuners with 12-1 ratio -5 Foot Angled Cable, No Case

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