Airline 3P DLX Review

manufacturer: Eastwood date: 09/20/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Eastwood: Airline 3P DLX
It suits all music styles, I mostly play slide blues, blues, classic rock, it can pull those all off. It's got a great sound, comparable to a Gibson Les Paul (it has been compared). The guitar is great, the pickups are great, everything's set up greatly.
 Sound: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 10
 Features: 8.5
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overall: 10
Airline 3P DLX Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 06, 2012
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Price paid: C$ 615.99

Purchased from: Moog Audio

Features: It was made in 2012, in Korea, it was on special order at Moog and they called Eastwood who then called their factory in Korea, and my guitar was freshly made. There are only 20 frets which is a little too little frets, but its a livable amount, nothing some crazy-a-s bends can't solve. It's a solid top guitar. The body's made out of Tone Chambered Mahogany, the neck is bound maple, it's a bolt-on. As for the finish it's just a solid colour I don't know what you'd necessarily call that as a finish other than a solid colour. What's really cool is you can get in the most odd colours, I got red, I'm a fan of Jack White/The White Stripes. His other bands are alright too. Not important. - Body style: Airline, obviously, abnormal shape. - Bridge style: Bigsby, great one by the way. - Active electronics: 5-way selector (3 pickups), 6 knobs (3 Volume, 3 Tone, 1 Master Volume) - Pickups: 3, as mentioned many times before, Alnico Hot-10 pickups, surprisingly great pickups. - Tuners: Wilkinson Deluxe - No accessories included, but the DLX case and strap, are both fantastic. // 10

Sound: Is suits all music styles, I mostly play slide blues, blues, classic rock, it can pull those all off. I have a band that's strictly-metal, though I hate it, I've still to play it, and it pulls that off too. It's got a great sound, comparable to a Gibson Les Paul (it has been compared). I use a Fender 25R and a DigiTech RP350. Not noisy, its got a rick/full sound. Then again the strings I use are very good 11's. It can go from a seriously treble more overdriven sound, to just a pure rich rhythm sound. In other words, mucho variety. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar is great, the pickups are great, everything's set up greatly. I can honestly pick it up never have to fix/adjust anything, the first day I had it I didn't have to either. Everything is properly done and congratulations are in order for that. Mine has no flaws whatsoever. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar can play live, the hardware will last it's all bolted in there pretty tightly, the Bigsby is amazing. The strap buttons are the best I've ever seen, better than the Gibson ones, trust me, you can probably strap it on to a wall, sit on the guitar it won't come down. I do use it at gigs, no backups per se, just my 12-string aside and Open A guitars in back. The finish looks like it'll last 10 seconds at first, but here I am and it's still amazing, and I live in Quebec where the weather changes constantly from -30 outside to 20 inside (Celsius of course), the finish hasn't cracked. // 10

Overall Impression: I play pretty much anything with a guitar in it, even metal for a metal band of mine, and it honestly surprises everyone, how the hell does a guitar like this play metal, it just does, it's the coolest guitar, it's so cheap because it's Eastwood, give it a Gibson name on it it would sell for a couple thousand or so. I've been playing for about 4 years, I own a Les Paul, and a few Vintage guitars. The only thing I wish I had asked before I bought it was, "Seriously is there anything better, especially at a price like this". I'd buy it again if it were lost or stolen, I love everything about it especially the Bigsby. I've compared it to a Gibson Les Paul, and this one is just as great as it. // 10

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overall: 8.6
Airline 3P DLX Reviewed by: JoeFlips, on september 20, 2012
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Price paid: $ 560

Purchased from: eBay

Features: - Made in Korea, 2006 by the serial number - 20 frets, rosewood fretboard, 25.5 in. Scale Length - Bound Maple neck, Chambered Mahogany body - Gloss Nitrocellulose Finish (white) - Tune-O-Matic Roller bridge with Licensed Bigsby Tremolo - 3 Passive Humbucker Pickups - 5-way selector switch, One volume and tone knob for each pickup, one master volume - Vintage Kluson Style Tuners - Came with Hard Case The hard case, 3 pickups, Bigsby and cosmetics, etc. Are some very nice features, but only 20 frets and mediocre tuners take away points. The craftsmanship is very good, all parts are snug, everything fits together well. // 7

Sound: I play Classic Rock, Punk, Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, etc. This is absolutely perfect. Led Zeppelin, Black Keys, ZZ Top, The Doors, you name it. I am running it through a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18, and a Marshall 1960A cab. As for effects, mostly just a Dinosaur Chorus, Big Muff Pi, and an MXR Custom Badass Overdrive. It isn't very noisy. It has a very unique sound. It's a warm, smooth sound, but with a little bite. Kind of like a Les Paul, kind of like a Strat. Has a very nice balance of bass and bite. With three pickups, you obviously have a lot of variety. You have the middle, middle/bridge and bridge positions for low/mid-gain, and the neck, neck/middle, middle, and middle/bridge for smooth cleans. It sounds very nice for almost any genre. It sounds great on a light, smooth overdrive, and just as good with some cranked-up heavy fuzz, or distortion. Fantastic for Punk, Garage Rock, Hard Rock, etc. It has beautiful cleans as well. They sound beautiful through a chorus pedal. Perfect for some good ole' blues. You can really get into this kind of guitar, it has a lot of personality. It just feels right to me tonally. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I expected this guitar to play pretty well, but not outstanding. I could not have been more wrong. Minimal buzz, plays like a dream. Perfect low action, plays better than my Gibson SG, and I did not expect that! Pickups were adjusted well. The middle pickup does not get in the way of your picking, because the longer scale length makes room for your pick in between pickups. No flaws, other than a slight crack at the base of the selector tip. I bought it used (almost new), so this is no big deal. I don't know if this was how came out of the factory or not. Very well set up, plays great. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Definitely ready for live playing. The hardware is solid, everything is tight, strap buttons are good. I can definitely depend on it. I would not worry too much if I didn't bring a backup guitar, but I always would anyway because you never know. The finish seems pretty tough. I've knocked her around a little, not so much as a scratch. Only problem here is the tuners. They really aren't reliable, and I plan on swapping them out. They go out of tune relatively quickly, so I'm not a fan of them. Other than that, solid guitar. // 8

Overall Impression: I play Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Taking Back Sunday, The Black Keys, The Doors, etc. Mainly garage rock, hard rock, blues rock and psychedelic rock. This works wonderfully for all of my styles. I wouldn't recommend it for metal, due to the amount of frets, but if you don't mind that, I'm sure you could definitely pull it off. I've been playing for three years, and I own a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18, a Gibson SG Special Faded, some pedals, etc. I sure as hell would buy another one if this was stolen. I love the sound, the versatility, the playability, the aesthetics, everything! I hate the tuners, and that's it. I wish it had some nice chrome locking tuners instead, but you can't ask for everything. I love the personality, the character it holds. Overall, this guitar sounds perfect for garage rock, hard rock, blues rock, psychedelic rock, and probably anything else you throw at it. It's built to last, and it has looks to kill. // 9

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