EC review by Emperador

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (5 votes)

Price paid: $ 71.1

Purchased from: Private

Sound — 10
They came with single coil type pickups that were garbage but swaped out with a set of EMG's they sound as good as a Les Paul. Yes I did say as good! This guitar rips now I can't say that all Emperadors play nice since I've only ever seen just the one. But with the right custom set up for under 500 bucks and the price of the guitar 100 bucks you have an instrument that can go toe to toe with anything out there new or old.

Overall Impression — 10
If this guitar was ever stolen I would be screwed because there might be like 30 others in the whole world. And I hope I have shed some light into this mystery guitar for the 5 people on this site that might play one. The guitar is a cheapo but with a little money and some new parts you could be playing a guitar nobody else plays thats sounds better then everybody else.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar was made for live playing, people always stop when they see it and ask "what the hell is that, is that a Les Paul?" The question of reliability and durablility are not relevent seeing how I've had it customized and the pickups were dead before hand but this thing is 30 years old.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
For a guitar that is over 30 years old it stays in tune better than my friends Ibanez, which is only a year old. They came with a faded sunbust woodgrain type finish that stands up to the test of time.

Features — 4
Well here we have probably the most hard-to-find guitar around, the "Les Paul" style guitar from Emperador. I figured I would post this info up here as there is none on the internet. These guitars were made in the late '70s and were made in Japan by somekind of secret company. They have 22 frets and rosewood neck. Most of all the hardware on and in this guitar would now by over 30 years old but if your lucky they still work.

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    I have an Emperador classical guitar serial no. has a mesmerising tonal quality and is a delight to play...I feel lucky to have come across it I bought from a junk shop for 30 pounds...everything is just right with this guitar! If u can find one buy it!
    I have an Emperador acoustic, and I can honestly say I have never seen another Emperador anywhere. I like the guitar a lot. Never seen the Les Paul model though, but I would love to get a hold of one if I could. Good Review
    Purchased a Emperador 12 string acoustic in 1967. s/n peeled off years ago. Hard to any info re these guitar. Can any help?
    I have an emperador acoustic, apparently from the 50's... my mom got it from her dad in like '57 and she passed it on to me a few years back. there isnt a serial number, just a gold sticker saying Emperador handmade and nobody at guitar center has ever heard of an emperador guitar before. I want to try to fix it up a bit because the finish is worn a bit thin in some places and the strings have never been changed... surprisingly the strings still play and stay in tune, probably dangerous but i got curious. Any ideas of places to go that would know something about my guitar and the best ways to fix it up? thanks.
    I have got one too, emperador les paul custom black and white. It is very old ,the white has gon yellow
    It is playable and stays in tune, but I want to fix it up chaning pickups. I dont know what pickups are best. Mite try EMGs as well.Can any body help?
    I own own a Emperador SG copy from the 70's Came with tremolo piece, humbuckers, regular stopbar tail piece, pearl copy tunners Looked basically identical to a Gibson, mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard, one of the smallest, best necks i've ever played. I took out the original pickups, put in some open coil humbuckers, new bridge, drilled through so its strung through body now with a custom rosewood with abalone dot inlaid tail piece; new knobs on it (it had the orignal SG withches hats ones) new toggle switch new electrics, set of Grover tuners. If i didn't have a compulsion to own as many guitars as possible i would never need another it feels fantastic and plays great.
    Hello, I have an Emperador LP copy?, it says on a silver plate at the rear neck "Japan", and it has 22 frets, rosewood neck. It was purchased new by my parents for me around 1974, but I was not much of a guitar player unfortunately, as much as my parents hoped that I would become...Outside of the volume controllers togle button and input jack being a bit loose (someone needs to get into the guitar frame to re-fasten)...its in pretty good shape, I've read on here that there are not many left around..any idea the value?...I would consider selling it
    marcl....give me an friend had one that was stolen about 20 years love to find a replacement for him thanks
    Yesterday I bought an LP Emperador. It may be that it fits your description, one contact of the screw was replaced, the color of the guitar is a sunburst. Robert
    I have a black Emperador acoustic with bluejays on it, serial 26777 from 89 i believe. Anyone know where exactly there from, what their made of, if their worth holding on to, and if rare how rare?
    I have a cherry red sunburst one that I bought in 1971 it has a metal plate on the back over trusss rod access that has a serial number; 0051856
    I have an Emperador classical guitar , my very first guitar my dad bought for me in 1974 serial number 963 made in Japan. Sounds phenomenal. I still play it all the time. I have now owned it for 40 years. Anyone know the value of this excellent tonal workhorse? - I put a picture of it on the internet just google 1974 emperador classical #963