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manufacturer: Encore date: 11/09/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Encore: E6
This is one of those guitar you should hate cos it's cheap and seems terrible in every way, but it's one of those guitars you just love and don't know why.
 Sound: 5
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 6
 Action, Fit & Finish: 3
 Features: 6
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overall: 5.6
E6 Reviewed by: CurtR95, on november 09, 2011
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Price paid: £ 35

Purchased from: Boot Fair in Kent

Features: Due to a lack of serial number etc... I can only estimate the year of it being made as around 2005-2006 I should think. It is obviously Chinese as it is an extremely cheap guitar, including a starter pack (around 120). It is a standard Strat-Copy like all others 21 frets etc... The wood of the body is very light and I would take a guess at a Solid Wutong or Basswood body. The neck is most likely maple with a rosewood fingerboard. The finish is a very basic and cheap glossy top which can be provided in many colours: Black, Sunburst, Red, Vintage White, light blue, and a nasty pink with pink headstock. The blue has had a lot of debate of what colour it actually is. Some people often been describe it as Baby blue as well as others saying blue with a greenish tint. The pink is the only one with a coloured headstock, also strangely many places will offer the 'Cherry Red' for a higher price with not extras. The bridge is a extremely cheap standard Tremolo bridge, aslo cutting back on money are at the pickups. There are 3 passive singles which also contain a 5 way selector with 1 volume and 2 tone dials. Typical cheap tuners and a typical cheap nut. The most important part of this pack (being a starter pack) is the extras. Considering its 120 asking price it contains the guitar, stand, gig bag, strap, teaching disc, tuner, jack to jack input and finally a small 10W amp. Considering this is a starter pack which won't see anyone much further then their first band. As soon as the beginner finds a job they should definitely look at finding a better amp... Quickly followed by a better Guitar. // 6

Sound: I have a very Indie style with guitar and overly doesn't make particularly beautiful sounds. Power chords on this guitar seem quite broken, and grinding riffs into the thing seems chorish and definitely avoid complicated solos on the thing. I've used the guitar with various amps and effects, it doesn't have a bad sound but not overly beautiful either. The amps I mainly use with this guitar are the Roland Micro Cube and the ESP 10W amp (comes with Viper-10 starter kit). Avoid using extreme distortion on this guitar. If you plan on playing Metalcore, Deathcore or Death Metal (etc. Etc.), avoid this guitar like the plague. It is noisy and sounds don't seem to range at all. In lighter distortion settings it picks up everything (in fact I once used it to diagnose my broken laptop because it was picking up the hard-disk). If you like natural feedback the guitar I have (might be down to it being older) is the one to have for the price range. It isn't an overally amazing guitar but good for a beginner. It suits most rock genres as long as you avoid solos that are overly complicated. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: As I will be mainly biased on this because I bought this guitar second-hand, I will review it similarly to a previous guitar I bought from encore. The E99. The E99 when bought from the factory had many flaws. The action was high, the pickups didn't seem adjusted, it just didn't seem adjusted and rather put together with no care for the player. The guitar didn't contain any initial visual flaws minus a few bad painted areas. The neck; however, was quickly discovered to be extremely bad wood as the fretboard even begun lifting off the neck. The E6; however, which was bought from a previous owner was set up correctly (except a few flaws in the pickups) and contained some user flaws (scratches and dents etc.). E99 (used for vote): 3/10 E6 (not used): 7/10 // 3

Reliability & Durability: It will withstand live playing; however, I did buy this as a backup for another guitar (Ironic huh?). But yes this does need a backup if you do go live; however, I would depend on this. The Hardware has lasted except the tremolo which has become too loose and I have taken it off and left it off. The strap buttons seem solid (they have required tightening a few times though). The finish is quite good as it was cared for and played a lot before myself and then played myself for a long duration and the finish hasn't worn off. // 6

Overall Impression: I play alot of Indie and it matches... But there are far better guitars. However, I have taken a secret love of this guitar. This is my main guitar and yet by far my cheapest (including the E99). I feel comforted when playing it as it find ease in playing and yet realise it is extremely cheap. I have been playing 2 years now (not long I know!), and have a ESP LTD Viper-10 at home. I use various guitars often but these two are my home equipment. I'm going to be honest, when I bought this guitar I was even wary that it worked or not. I was by far suprised to find it worked this well. If it was lost/stolen I would find it. If that was impossible I would buy a better guitar in a similar style. I love the comfort of it. You can just pick-up and play with this guitar unlike others I try. I hate the lack of good hardware... But 35... I really can't complain. My favourite feature? Don't really have one. I'd compare it definitely to it's 'bigger' sister... Which should definitely be quaking in its boots: the E99. The E6 definitely is more comfortable then the E99 and seems to be made better. For 10 more in the E99 you seem to get less in quality. With a guitar like this, you wish it had a lot more but for the price I bought it for I expected a lot less. Overall I love this guitar. However, I realise this is one of those guitar you should hate cos its cheap and seems terrible in every way, but its one of those guitars you just love and don't know why. // 8

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