635i review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (14 votes)
Epiphone: 635i

Price paid: £ 83.55

Purchased from: eBay UK site

Sound — 9
The sound is amazing on this guitar it's definitely a shredder guitar for rock but if you set the settings on you're amp you can get a very punk or bluesey tone I play a tad bit of punk and rock and I use a Peavey Vyper with back slap or I turn on overdrive and tube scream to really get the violent ferocious tone of the guitar (I like to use it to annoy people haha) I play Dead Kennedys and Calamine and I like to play Muse too! I have tried john butler on this mean boy but it didn't quite sound as well as I had hoped but it might just be me, I also play funk like RHCP and it's amazing what tones you can get for this genre (you'll get a bass guitar sound on humbucker if you put the slapback and low right up and other settings you could figure out!) It's 1'st position can get a very acoustic tone, 2n'd was more the same 3'rd was good for RHCP's "Can't Stop" and "All Around The World", 4th was good for Foo Fighters, number 5 is were all the magic happens hahaha this was amazing for Metallica and Strokes and Stone Roses and RATM the humbucker will blow you're mind as you're eyes ooze out and you're face will slide off as you're fingers go into overdrivezzzz! Hahaha I went to far as for the push pull it really did nothing mehh ON the bright side it would be great for modifications if you're a handy man/woman so it can be good for things later. I think I'll change the single coil pick ups) all together it's definitely for head banging and rock BUT I think it's fair to say that the single coils are a lot weaker than the humbucker! This rating is for what it was made for!

Overall Impression — 10
This is an amazing guitar for my style of playing though I feel restricted with a floyd though I've learned to love it! I've been playing for about 9 months And I own a chantry 6 string, a Yamaha FG 512, a Yamaha 420, a Yamaha FG312, a Danelectro u2 Korea (I think), a Kramer 80's Barreta, a Epiphone EA 250, a Gibson (my only) Melody Maker, a Fender HM Strat 1988 or 89, an Ibanez 240DX Custom, a Squier Standard Strat Affininty, a 1961 I think Fender Music Maker and a Fender XII. A Vox 99, a strange Vox lute thing (my dad forgot the name of it haha) and other Fenders, Danelectros, Epiphones, Vox's and so many others, the list goes on and on But I think top 10 It's the only metal guitar I have so it's number 7 for me. It has a killer sound! I do not regret buying this guitar It's an absolute beauty! It's the only guitar I have made from poplar (my dad hates it but loves it really haha) I hate nothing! My favourite feature of the guitar is the head because it's the same one used on the Explorer and the truss rod because it says Gibson (and I knoe Gibson owns Epiphone haha) I love it all! I don't know that much about other guitars but I have a few hahaha! I can't compare to other products because I have no other super strats. But this is good enough for me! I wish it fired lasers and rainbows and cured cancer and turned into a helicopter then into a massive robot then back into a guitar after having saved the citizens from Tokyo from Godzilla... Hmm. Is that too much too ask for... NAH! If it was stolen I would probably beat the man to death with my bare hands or if he got away I would cry very very HARD! I don't know how to put up a picture but imagine a Jackson solo body and a Epiphone Explorer head!

Reliability & Durability — 9
AHA this guitar has a very strong front for "reliability" especially since it's poplar and after I took it to the guitar store for a setup. I have a small band and we practice in school and this can definitely take a beating, I've dropped this on so many hard floors and Its slid on the wall crashing down on to laminated wood tons of times strap buttons aren't moving even after 22 years! I only had to adjust them as soon as I got it but it has stayed wonderfully this guitar will definitely with stand live playing, do you need a backup? OF COURSE NOT this is a good standalone guitar for the rock! If you bought this guitar for fast tuning on stage this has a floyd so it's meant for locked tuning and great whammy bar tricks like dive bombing and screams! But no guitar's is immortal.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
Sadly I never knew how this guitar was set up, but it must have been a "fresh off the wall shred". Pickups were very well adjusted but the humbucker was wobbly when I got it but that's to be expected from a guitar this age and was fixed by my local guitar store! Unfortunately as I said earlier the rail was 1mm short but it's completely fine. And I could probably get a longer one! Fretwires were perfectly filed and the finish had 1 minor flaw, it's that the paint at the head of it was slightly painted over but a luthier can sort this! The action is fantastic it's low but not low enough that its close to buzzing on frets, you can also sort this by the floyd which is good however the high E is quite low in line with the rest of the strings but this might just be my fault I was not used to floyd roses when I strung it. The tone and volume knobs were cracking when I received it but the guys down at the guitar store gave it a clean and it was fine! I put some 8's on it and it plays like an absolute beast haha! I'm in a JH phase learning "Voodoo Child". With this guitars I feel like I can chop mountains down with the edge of my hand! The finish to this guitar is solid! I also love how the Epiphone logo glimmers under stage lighting!

Features — 9
Made in Korea Samick factory 1989. Pretty sure this guitar had once came with a hex key (I got one later on) 24 jumbo frets with very thin neck, 25.5" scale, awesome Gibson Explorer style head stock and the locking nuts are 1.68" lovely Gotoh high ratio locking tuners and high quality poplar wood which is very good. Black hardware MBK or metallic black finish and the 635i's also came in metallic red and olympic white (unlike the 935i's which also came in STUNNING magenta). It's a bolt on neck (which unfortunately the 935i's had painted neck thru's) it's a super Strat design which is why I got this (and the fact that Epiphone don't make strats anymore) this has a Schaller-built Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo which you can't find anymore sadly, so if you have one treat the floyd well! I'm sure that this is an active guitar. 2 Barrel knobs (black) which control sound and tone, the tone is also push pull which came as a surprise when I thought it was broken haha, and a 5 way selector. Samick Vintage pickups and humbucker which have "I", logo covers which are unusual and nice! No accessories. I rate this a 9 though I personally love this guitar so so sooo much, I rate it this because I have no idea how the setup was, BUT at the cost it was at it had to have been set up (I received it badly set up), Oh and if you're hunting for this guitar expect to find it badly set up, sadly the locking nuts rail was 1 mm short but I can fix it buy buying a longer rail Even though I probably won't as it's fine as it is now! The input is one of the old ones on 80's sup' strats that were located at the bottom right of the side of the guitar and it can only be tightened from inside with bull nose pliers or other tools. Not by a washer ring. If you are a Epiphone collector or guitar hunter expect to find this in eBay (were I got it) OR if you're lucky a pawn shop! I hear so many stories of these guitar covered in dust in a basement bin or found in pawnshop needing love! (that last bit was exaggerated haha) if you find this guitar buy it straight away, being a young novice guitarist I was extremely lucky to stumble upon this baby a few months ago at such a price (and I won the bid by 55p) and got an email from the guy saying he was sad to give it away (it didn't even have a scratch or blemish on it and I feel bad for buying it at such a cheap price) lots of sellers don't even know the name of this guitar and lots of bidders are afraid it will be a fake, BUT I'm certain that if you get you're hands on a unique instrument like this it's bound to become very a very desirable and collectible possession and it would be a stunning unique piece of equipment if you got famous!

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    LeakyFlask:Epiphone superstrat - oh 80's, you so tacky.
    HAHA people have differant tastes but I like the carved poplar body! OH and @sonny bb ,thanks very much for the comment !!