Dot review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (641 votes)
Epiphone: Dot

Price paid: £ 300

Purchased from: eBay

Sound — 10
I bought this guitar because I didn't have enough money for the Sheraton II, because in my opinion its a better looking guitar, however sound wise I couldnt ask for a more versitile guitar, I've played it in blues bands and Indie rock bands and also done some Acoustic sets with it and have always been really happy with the tone. I use a Marshall MG100DFX I only have the reverb on and the gain turned up full on the clean channel, I also use a DigiTech digi delay to play music similar to U2 and the Editors and it handles it really well. I started off playing alot of Oasis stuff and I got a really similar tone with just adding distortion.

Overall Impression — 8
I love this guitar, I learned to play on an Acoustic guitar and never felt comfortable with electrics but this guitar was great for the change over. Shame about the poor action when I bought it but if I got it properly set up again I'm sure it would be fine, I love the sound this guitar to me is a jack of all trades, you can play it safe, buy one, and play many different genres. I love the way it looks and sounds but that pickup selector does my head in and is always in the back of my mind playing live. To me it sounds just as good as the sheraton, but having said that, if it was stolen I would save up the extra money and buy a Sheraton, only because I think it looks slightly nicer. You can't go wrong soundwise with this guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 7
Like I said I gig with it all the time and I love it, the strap buttons are safe, I thought when I got it and looked at it that I'd have problems keeping the finish intact but its been great the past 3 years. My only worry is, like a lot of the Epiphone archtops, the pickup selector somtimes just cuts out the sound when you change pickups, this can be embarrasing and I have to keeping flicking between the pickups untill it decides to come back to life, its only happened live twice but its still annoying.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
I'll be honest the action was pretty poor when I got it brand new from the factory, I had to get it set up again and I've had problems with some frets buzzing ever since, saying this though I gig with it literally twice a week and it is completely playable, its just still not right for me. Other than the action there really isnt much more to say the finish is imaculate, really simple looking but a really pretty guitar.

Features — 9
I believe my Dot was made in 2008 and was made in China. The guitar has a maple body and a mahogany neck, mine has the cherry red finish and everything about it is standard, including the Epiphone USA pickups, The Grover tuners are worth mentioning, I've done 3 gigs on seperate nights in the space of 2 weeks and didn't tune it for any of them, this guitar nearly always stays in tune. The Hard Case was included in 300 price.

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    Phoenix V
    Basically it comes down to people who paid 3+ grand for a Gibby have to think that every single Epi ever made has to be inferior in sound and quality justify the price they paid.
    I use it with a Line 6 Spider III 75 amp
    you can't make many different kinds of sound
    It's a Spider, what do you expect?
    Buddy Rider
    Vrstone87 wrote: There is no way this is a 10, it's a epiphone. Aside from that this review sounds like a manufacturer wrote the review.
    Why the hating on epiphone?
    To clear up a few queries: The Dot has never had trapezoid inlays its called the Dot because of wait for it. the dot inlays! Can it play punk/Beatles/balls-out classic rock? Yes. Joshua Homme has used a standard Dot for years. Its only since he toured with Them Crooked Vultures that he had a Mason pickup placed in the bridge its been one of his main live and recording guitars for around six-plus years. Tom DeLonge has used a custom 335 theyre pretty much the same guitar, although cheaper components are used in the Dot that the Gibson equivalent. Other notable 335 users have included Clapton (in the late 60s), Dave Grohl (a DG-335), Larry Carlton, Alex Lifeson, Alvin Lee, Slash (studio use), Dave Kushner, Rich Robinson Theres plenty across a variety of genres. Whats the action like? Ask for a set up if youre buying one new. Face it, if the store wants repeat custom from you then its in their best interest to sort out any potential problems. Once set up it plays very well indeed. Epiphone were building archtop hollow and semi-hollow bodies long before Gibson bought the company. Some of the 60s examples surpass the quality of Gibson electrics of the time (bear in mind that the Les Paul was discontinued for much of that time) and can command suitably high prices, not always as expensive as the equivalent Gibson models out there. Which is a bit of a bargain for any potential vintage guitar collectors. The main difference between the Gibson and Epiphone models now? Place of construction is a major factor to consider. Epiphone have a plant in China which means labour is considerably cheaper than the us. The woods used are not quite of the same quality (although Epiphone tend to use better wood than many companies at a similar price point), that said theres not much in it when it comes to the higher priced Epiphone models. Hardware and electrics are also of cheaper origins. In the case of the hardware, its still of a high quality just not the same calibre as Gibson use in the US. The pickups, pots, switch and wiring is a lower standard, too. Epiphone pickups tend to lack the clarity of Gibson versions and the pots dont allow enough roll off of frequencies or clean up your volume enough. A few simple upgrades to the Dot and you make a pretty decent guitar sound and feel amazing, quite frankly.
    I bought it new and would give it a 7.5 as delivered. The frets & fretboard were not very well finished and the sound was mushy in the low frequencies. I smoothed out the uneven frets below the 11th fret with a fine diamond sharpening stone. Then smoothed the rough fret edges with fine (600 & 1000) emery paper. Then I polished the fret edges, fret board and frets with 0000 steel wool, fine pumice and then rottenstone. I replaced all the electronics with Gibson 57 classic pups, CTS pots, Switchcraft switch and Mojotone oils filled caps. I adjusted the trus rod, action, pickup height and intonation and put on flat wound 10's. After all that, I would give it about a 9.2. It plays very well and has that mellow jazzy tone I was looking for. The Gibson (or other good pups) are a very big improvement tot he sound.
    I also replaced those puke coloured knobs with black Gibson knobs. Large improvement to the visual appeal. The Epiphone logo fell off the pick guard - another improvement.
    I have a dot , it's amazing! The sound is so clean and the tone is amazing. It's such a great guitar , I absolutly am in love with it
    I wanted something different but a classic guitar at the same time and I got a black one. Its a great guitar and with a wider neck and big body, its fantastic to play and they look brilliant. I was expecting a more mellow sound and maybe I'll look into changing pick ups but in general for 247 it good, very good.