G-310 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.8 (525 votes)
Epiphone: G-310

Purchased from: Guitar Factory

Sound — 10
This guitar suits my sound very well because it is very versatile and I can get an array of sounds from it. It can be used for a variety of genres including rock, metal, blues and funk, it can handle all these tones very well if you get your settings right. Although it has a great clean sound the main one here is the distortion and overdrives really well. Sometimes though it's hard to get a lighter distortion since this guitar is quite heavy but then I just plug my effects pedal in and play with the settings. I'm surprised though how good the clean is for Humbucker pickups. Changing between pickups is obvious as the rhythm pickup gives a darker chord bashing sound while the treble pickup is excellent for lead and individual notes giving a brighter sound. There is a reasonable amount of variety here as having the pickup selctor on neutral balances the sound out. I especially like the rich tone on the treble setting. The guitar when on higher volume such as 10 gives a natural crunchy sort of feel and is not really noisy. I am playing all this through a small Marshall practice amp.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall this guitar suits me very well. I originally wanted to get a Gothic series guitar because I love the matt black finish, preferably an SG and I found one but the price on the Gothic version was not in my range. This guitar was, and for it's price is excellent. I had a choice of a Squier or this and a few others. This guitar had the best look and features out of the lot. The main reason I picked this guitar was due to the beautiful black shiny finish and wicked horns that make it a looker as well as a playable guitar. I picked it up and didn't change my mind at all. If it was stolen etc. then I would be very angry and would have to replace it maybe with a Goth G-400 or a regular SG. I have been playing for a year now and am starting to focus more and learn properly and this guitar will help me along the way. I reccommend this model for someone who wants to rock out or play a bit of metal here and there like me as it is excellent for beginner intermediate or advanced. It's my first electric guitar and I prefer it over my mate's other guitars any day. All in all a great buy.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar so far has been taken to friend's places and travelled and is holding up well. Though somehow there is a ding in the fretboard behind the first fret, this must have happened when I bumped it one time majorly. It doesn't affect the playability though and is only noticable at certain angles, the guitar was perfect when I bought it. he other components of the guitar so far have not decreased in quality and are maintianing themselves no problems as such yet. This includes the strap buttons they are reliable and sturdy, the strap stays on firm. Although I have accidentally knocked it a few times the finish has taken no damage and seems to be strong. This guitar although it seems reliable I would always try and carry a backup even though I probably wouldn't need one. Durable and reliable, sturdy and comfortable.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action on this guitar is just about absolutely perfect and the bridge setup is perfect. The rhythm pickup is a little loose but it's not going anywhere it just wiggles if you move it which you shouldn't anyway. The treble pickup though is reasonably close to the strings and when playing if you are not picking right you can hit it but I usually have my pick only go down a little bit between the strings when I am playing. Once you are used to the height of the pickup there is nothing wrong at all. All components were in place and there were only a slight few scratches which aren't really noticable. The one flaw was the input jack where the lead is plugged in. The nut on top came undone and the jack fell inside the body but it was easily fixed. When the guitar was assembled the unit who did it used the wrong washer but I fixed that up now it is firmly in place.

Features — 10
The guitar I am reviewing is the Epiphone G-310 a remake of one of the all time classic models the Gibson SG. I am not sure what year it was manufactured but it was made in Indonesia. I got this guitar with a padded gig bag, guitar strap, 6m or so lead, a few picks, and cloth to clean it. It is a solid body electric and it has a glossy black finish. The guitar's body is made of alder and the neck a bolt-on type made of mahogany. There are 22 medium-jumbo frets on a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays. Chrome hardware and a Tune-O-Matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece to match. The guitar was already stringed and I they are a light gauge. The pickups are open coil humbuckers and this guitar also has 2 tone and 2 volume knobs, a 3-way pickup selector, one for rhythm (front pickup) the other for treble (back pickup). And the best part about it the classic SG shape. Because of the horns the second strap button the one at the higher point of the body is located on the back of the guitar but no problems there. I absolutely love the look mainly because the SG shape is my favourite and it has a nice black finish to match.

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    Shankle[/b] wrote: mr crowley wrote:im in a band called amplified enslavement and we are getting up pretty quick and this guitar makes it a hell of alot cooler! I don't think anyone actually wants to hear about your band. Almost everyone on here probably has a band. I have a band. No one cares.[/quote] Seriously, no one cares about your band.
    The epiphone G-310 SG is f***in awesome i have been playing guitar for 6 years im in a tribute band to AC/DC called T.N.T. and this guitar really delivers the angus young sound its a great guitar i would suggest it for anyone bigginner or pro.
    mr crowley
    I am an SG person but I hate the look of this guitar. It is an ugly SG!
    Screw you! im in a band called amplified enslavement and we are getting up pretty quick and this guitar makes it a hell of alot cooler!
    One of The best Guitars for Downtuned metal and I love It Sounds Frickin Heavy throw Some 54's on it and oh yeah! and Mines a left Handed Model
    So what's the difference between the G310 and the G400? I've been searching for a new guitar to buy (I'm a beginner with a Squier Strat), and Epiphone SGs have caught my eye. It's gonna be hard as hell trying to find a left handed one though
    Rock Damnation
    I love this guitar, the only real problems I've had is that it regularly needs to be tuned and the strings are a little weak (which is no real problem). Asides from that, its great, really light too.
    mr crowley wrote:im in a band called amplified enslavement and we are getting up pretty quick and this guitar makes it a hell of alot cooler!
    I don't think anyone actually wants to hear about your band. Almost everyone on here probably has a band. I have a band. No one cares.
    Guna be buying this one soon. In the white which not many people have and dealers sell them cheaper then the red and black onse cause I think nobody likes that colour lol. But I think they look great!!
    Althought this is my first guitar with nothing to compare it to, it feels absolutely solid adn sounds great.
    This guitar ain't bad. Not much eye candy on it. Its not that nice, but its a good first or second guitar. If you love your kid, you will buy this instead of one of those horrid Squier abortions. It works fine if you are just going to romp power chords on it, which thats about all you need to do to get a record contract now days.
    my guitar is a piece of crap, i'll buy this one asap! sounds like a super-cool guitar, consider it bought
    yes it is..read the comments..im also going to buy this guitar soon i think.. i play my chem, greenday, blink etc
    im interested in buying this I lay music like dashboard confessional, green day, fallout boy, is this guitar suitable?
    i have this guitar and it rocks, i play classic rock and it fits in perfectly
    mr crowley
    I don't think anyone actually wants to hear about your band. Almost everyone on here probably has a band. I have a band. No one cares.
    your right, noone does care (b^tch)