G-310 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (525 votes)
Epiphone: G-310

Price paid: $ 323

Purchased from: Pro Music

Sound — 8
I like to play a lot of Green Day's old punk songs they sound best on treble with tone at 10. I am also a huge Buckethead fan and rythem on the tone selector with the tone on 0 sounds great with his grunge style. The guitar isn't made of a very dense wood so it can't hold a note as long as others. The classic GNR type songs don't sound the best, but I think that's more my amp than anything. I have an old Peavey bravo 112, but it works pretty well with this guitar. The strings in their stock position are close to the fretboard so it works well with the tapping on EVH's Eruption. When I troggle between pickups it crackels a little (I think that's from trying to play Jordan too much.

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar can do most music styles. It works great for grunge and punk, a little shaky on classic rock, but overall it is sutible for almost anybody. I love the fact that it has more than one pickup so it can make different tones. My first single pickup guitar doesn't compare to this.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Like I said earlier, the pickup selector crackles some. Cables have some trouble comeing in and out of the input. Besides that it is a durible guitar. I got custom lock straps so I don't know how solid the strap buttons would be. It would definately get me through a gig. I the electronics inside definately wouldn't all of the sudden die on me. I don't know how well it would fare if I dropped it though.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The setup from the factory was perfect. I haven't adjusted anything. I did find a loose screw in between the body and a pickup. The nut on the imput does constantly have to be tightened, but it isn't much of a problem. Otherwise all the parts of the guitar were in pristine order when I bought it.

Features — 10
The Epiphone SG-310 was released in 2006. it's body is the clasic SG double cutaway. The body is alder and neck is mahogany with a cherry colored finish. It is topped off with a black pickguard (which is very helpful in keeping it looking good). It has 22 frets, 4 tone dials, a 3-way pickup selector, a Tune-O-Matic bridge, and 2 open coil pickups.

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    oneblackened wrote: Do not, I repeat do NOT buy this guitar. WAAAY too bright for an SG. I have one, it failed on me in about 6 months as well.
    that's because the person playing it IS a failure! I think Vintage SG's are better than Epiphones (coming from someone that has one but hey!) still sexy though.
    the.spine.surfs wrote: seth21 wrote: Losers!!! I have a gibson sg and a gibson zakk wylde signature les paul ha aha ha aha ha aha And some rich parents, and your virginity. Congrats. I've been underwhelmed by this guitar. There are better ones at the price point, and the G-400 is noticibly better. I'm just concerned. I doubt that anyone could make an educated judgement concerning a guitars tonality while playing through an MG series amp, like most of these reviewers.
    actually i have a gibson sg and my parents are not rich, my dad didnt pay any bills to get my a gibson sg, and sure as hell has paid off.
    these guitars are crap compared to gibson SGs... you people shouldnt rate it ten... its not good lol.
    I have the Cherry Red G-400 with the high gloss paint, the only problem I have had is basic string hang ups wich is common with SGs or any Gibsons for that matter, and the ground wire came loose, but that took 5 minutes to fix because it runs right underneath the input jack. I have had my G-400 for over a year and a half.
    these rewiews are so bullshit everyone rates this guitar 7-10 and its not even close that
    first of all, some of you are bashing the g-310, but for all it's worth, it kicks ass. i got an awesome deal on mine and it's 50x better than than harmony electric i had that was supposed to be so great. it's not a $1500 schechter but for its price it is one of the most versatile and quality guitars i could find. not everybody has that kind of money right now to blow on one guitar. but overall, I'd say it's a fun versatile guitar with good pickups- and i love the 3-way pickup selector switch. i play all sorts of rock and metal on mine and it is always in tune and always sounds great. don't bash something you haven't played and yes, admittedly, it isn't a $1500 guitar, which we already knew. go play one and then tell me it sucks. TRY ME.
    The G400's cost barely any more than a G-310, and are superior in every single way. Why does anyone ever bother to buy the 310?
    that's because the person playing it IS a failure!
    No, my guitar's neck is loose without having adjusted the bolts at all, so the action is half an inch or so above the fingerboard at the 12th fret. plus, it WON'T STOP BUZZING PLUGGED IN. also, I'm not gonna pay 150 to get it re-setup for a 200 dollar guitar. it's just not worth it. G-400's, or as you said red_hot_chili18, the vintage SG's, are much, much better than this.
    whats that guy talkin about? "my strat never atays in tune" if your strat goes out of tune it means you need new strings
    hey john anarachy....I listened closely to your sentence, and still dont know what you are telling me. How can every guitar be rated 8-10? If you dont compare it agaisnt other guitars.....I dont know what to tell you, except it is not a review. Im not saying you need to drop a grand on a guitar. SG's, whether Gibson, Epi, ESP, whatever, are thin, POS guitars....unless you drop some serious $$ (over $1k). In this price range you can get so much better. Why am I even replying to you? You however, do great reviews..."The guitar is what teh guitar is", epic. Im gonna write that one down. By the way, I know you own this thing, and probably love it. Good. In 10 years, when you turn 20, you will realize whats good. The truth is, this is a poorly made instument, with extremely cheap hardware. Teh neck feels like it will break (like all SGs), and the playability is not great. Please, can we all stop these BS reviews, and be honest about the gear? Next up, the review of my Sears Electic guitar. This thing will be putting up all 10s. I play it thru my 15w Crate amp, and it gets better tone than a PRS thru a Mesa. Trust me.
    picklepopcikle wrote: what humbuckers are used on the g-400? cos i mite get this but i want the g400 pickups...
    the g-400 pickups are just alnico pickups with covers. you can buy the covers for pickups.
    gibofan01 wrote: ok.. G400??... or, 310??.. well to start G400's lokk so so so much better e.g PICKUPS!! have crome covers which looks great!.. and im not sure weather all of them have it but the white binding on the neck is lush!! it gives it that gibson look!... another thing for that gibson look is the finish!... the 310's have just this boring fake firetruck red and this boring black. i know that obviously the g400's LOOK! better than 310's but the sound is rely different. basically the 310's have more of that cheep les paul copy sound, and the g400's have that brite crunchy angus young sound. belive me they sound different!!! AGREE ?? ?? ?? ??
    let me say this. don't compare epiphone to gibson in anything you talk about. gibson's are known for breaking ALL OF THE TIME. i don't mean like tuning knobs or bridges i mean like headstocks cracking and the like. even while in the case they break. so don't compare them to the Gibson model. they are a hell of a lot sturdier. trust me. mine has been through hell and back. and richgray5. listen closely. we don't compare the gear we review to other guitars. we base it on the guitar itself. and you can play anythng on this guitar it's very versatile. i play all types of music. and some people prefer the look of the g-310 and just want to put new pickups in. so seriously. drop your crap. shut up. and you're probably stupid too on some stuff so don't talk. all in all. the guitar is what the guitar is. don't compare it to sh^tty gibson models or overall. bash the thing in general.
    This guitar is great value guitar. Not everyone has a grand to drop on a guitar. If this is you... it is a great guitar.
    the problem i have with the SG is the body is to light and the heads to top heavy, SG's are poorly guilt guitars, save up and get a less paul only about $299 for a starter les paul on www.musiciansfriends.com
    ^+1ery. Read my post above this guy's. Why replace pups when you probably have an SS practice amp? just get a new amp!
    this guiar is a kid's toy, a real POS. I dont know why ppl buy this crap along with Gibson SG's. You need to spend way over $1000 to get a quality SG....that is any brand. You idiots talk about replacng pickups on a $200 guitar.....you should not be allowed to review gear. Overall rating; 9? Please stop this madness. Can I play Green Day on this? STFU!!!! You kids are stupid.
    Do not, I repeat do NOT buy this guitar. WAAAY too bright for an SG. I have one, it failed on me in about 6 months as well.
    G-400 sounds much better than the 310 And probably only costs 50 bucks more (I bought my G-400 at 275usd new) And seriously, for the people talking about Gibson SG's on here. (I quote from my post on the G-400 review.) Epiphone has been around longer, and were only bought out because of staggering costs during WWII. they make the same quality of guitars as Gibson, if not better. the ridiculous prices that you fools pay is for the brand name. your corporate loyality is a wasteful facade that isn't being repayed by your precious Gibson