G-310 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (525 votes)
Epiphone: G-310

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
Got this guitar a while back and have played it through so many amps. Before I changed the pickups they had a real classic sound to them. Not so great for metal..but good for hard rock, if you have a very hi gain amp then just boost up the gain and problem solved. They werent very noisy which was great. The stock pickups can pretty much do any style depending on the amp and effects you are using. They are very Vintage voiced. So keep that in mind if you are buying this guitar. I'm currently playing this through a custom built head, very very Mesa Boogie triple recto sounding and it screams. I aboslutely adore the sound of this guitar. I do admit that its might be the seymore duncan sh5..so with the stock pickups I'd give this guitar about a 7, after my customizations 10 :P

Overall Impression — 9
I play everything from blues to death metal, and this guitar will do anything if you are willing to put some cash into it. New pickups and coiltapping will make this one of the most versitile guitars you can get. I have been playing since elementary school, I own other guitars from ESP, Charvel, Fender, an Epiphone Les Paul jr (modded up of course), and various effects (your basics, crybaby wah, tube screamer, all that stuff..) and this guitar has to be my personal favorite from them all. If this guitar was stolen I would without a doubt go get another one while I was hunting down whoever stole it. I love just everything about it, the neck is perfect, the layout of the knobs and pickup swtich are perfectly placed, and I almost forgot to mention that the bridge is placed way differently from Gibson sgs and Epiphone g400s. It is placed WAY better in my opinion and way more comfortable. I was going to get a Les Paul Studio originally but then fell in love with this guitar and completely forgot the studio. The only thing that I wish this guitar had were trapizoid inlays, but I'm having them put in soon so..wishes come true. Lol If you are considering this guitar BUY IT! You wont regret it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Trust me this guitar can withstand almost anything. Its been gigged with so many times, dropped, kicked, hit, and even survived being thrown without anything but a minor scratch. Its just a tough guitar, I always go for this guitar first when it comes to playing shows, I bring my Charvel for a back up! The only reason I even bring a backup is if a string breaks and I need something to play while our tech guy restrings that for me. The hardware will last unless your trying to break it. If your not smashing the tuners with a hammer they will last, I changed all the hardware, but that was just personal preference you know? The strap buttons are pretty good, never had them give out on me the entire time I've had this guitar. The finish is pretty good, but it will wear out after alot of playing, but its so rock and roll. I personally love the way this guitar has turned out. I got in in Vintage white, and the areas where i rest my arm while playing or hit alot with my pick the finish has worn off and you see the wood of the body..and I love it. I'd rather have a worn down SG than a brand new perfect looking one any day, I just think it looks cool.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
This guitar was set up very very well from the factory. The pickups were adjusted just right, no cosmetic problems, everything was wired great, every little detail was paid attention to and this guitar could run neck in neck with its big brothers over at Gibson (of course with a pickup change). The quality of this guitar is phenomenal. The finish is nice and even, very smooth. Also VERY attractive when worn down after years of playing.

Features — 8
I can't even remember when this was made, where this was made, how much I paid for it..even when I got it, but I do know that this guitar rocks. Has a stop/tuneomatic bridge, four 500k vol/tone pots, decent sounding passive Epiphone pickups..the neck pickup is great, so smooth just perfect for leads and perfect for clean as well. The bridge wasn't hot enough for my taste, but that was just me. It doesn't have locking tuners, it stays in tune decently. The neck is mahogany, very nice, smooth, fat, very playable and comfortable. I changed alot on this guitar, I put locking grover tuners and changed just the head part of it to a more Vintage gibson-ish looking one just for looks, put a custom made tailpiece tremelo, rolling tuneomatic style bridge, ivory hand carved string nut (like at the top of the neck..you know what I'm talking about), put a zebra seymore duncan sh5 in the bridge and a dragonfire zebra screamer in the neck, push/pull tone pots for coil tapping, and reversed the toggle Switch EVH style (up being the bridge and down being the neck, its just easier to play in my opinion)..this guitar shreds. A GREAT guitar to mod up and customize.

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    Can anyone help me ? I'm currently playing a lot of punk and I'v got a crappy begginer guitar which is a strat or tele knock off and i'm starting a new band where i will be playing lead guitar for blink 182 stuff and rhythm for other stuff and I'm considering buying a Epiphone les paul 100 for round 130 euro or a EPIPHONE SG G-310 for round 80 euro and i'm trying to decide which one i should get ?
    I HAVEN'T this guitar, but I've played it quite a few times. It's not bad. It's not nearly as bad as an SG Special, from the same revered Epi house. Although open coil stock humbuckers don't match the general design of an SG... The bolt-on neck dramatically diminishes guitar's sustain, already low, compared to a Les Paul, because of the body & neck being much thinner. Set-in neck is never prone to breaking (in 30 years of playing I've never heard of such an incident, except for some idiots who think a guitar is a club or a weapon), and the whole idea behind the SG was to maintain a fair amount of sustain, but decrease guitar's weight. Les Pauls, if true to the original design, tend to be VERY heavy, so guitar players, at the beginning of the rock'n'roll stuff, avoided them, favoring the Strats. So Gibson tried to replicate the Strat's concept, while preserving some of Les Pauls amazing features. They did, at least to a certain degree, but Les Paul himself didn't like the SG. Now imagine someone in the Gibson staff has thought of an SG without sustain! This is G 310, unfortunately: it's like a Porsche with the propellor of a Rabbit. If you don't want to scratch your pockets for the last dime and get a Gibson SG, go for the G 400, fellows. It's much closer to the original SG than G 310...