G-400 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (623 votes)
Epiphone: G-400

Price paid: $ 456

Purchased from: Cecere's Music

Sound — 10
I play mainly, punk, rock, alternative, some blues, a little bit of metal and the odd pop. This guitar can handle it all. I used to use it through a 10Watt Drive amp and it managed fine. I know use it through a Marshall MG50DFX and it kills. It can produce an amazing dirty sound perfect for playing songs ranging from Blink 182 to AC/DC to Metallica. The sound can vary from bright and crunchy, to dull and mellow. There is no unwanted noise either. It sounds incredible clean also, with a clean crisp tone. The dirty channel is better than the clean but with some fiddling, you can achieve a very nice clean tone also. I play mainly on the bridge pickup with my volume and tone at 10. For a very bluesy, creamy, thick solo sound I play on the neck pickup (which gives a ridiculously warm sound) with the Volume at 10 and the Tone at 0.

Overall Impression — 10
This guitar matches the types of music I play perfectly. I've been playing one year and I couldn't have asked for more in a first guitar. If it was stolen I'd definitely buy it again. The one and only drawback is the strap button behind the neck which causes the headstock to floor dive, but this is the case with most SGs. Although this is the "cheaper" model of a Gibson SG, I think it competes quite nicely and runs laps around other guitars in the same price range. This makes an amazing first guitar and unless you are playing in front of 1000+ people on a daily basis, this guitar will suffice Live just fine.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The guitar is extremely durable. I have gigged with it without a backup and it does just fine. The strap buttons are solid but I would advise getting some strap locks. I have knocked it around many times with no sign of damage. This guitar will last me a long time.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I could play this straight out of the box. The action was perfect. The pickups were setup beautifully. There were no flaws in the guitar what'soever, I did however replace the strings asap. All the hardware was fit perfectly and the finish is unbelievably durable.

Features — 10
It has two alnico humbucker pickups, chrome hardware, a 24.75" scale, a set (glued on, not bolt on (better)) neck, and trapezoid finer inlay. It's a solid body guitar, available in cherry or ebony finish. It has a Tune-O-Matic bridge with passive electronics. The pickups have an individual Volume and Tone knob each. Well, that's the "features". Boring I know, read on.

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    Korzack wrote: sggod01 wrote: adamshakermaker wrote: tasty licks wrote: Everything is too expensive in England. I'd expect to get raped and pay way more for a guitar, considering a meal at macdonalds costs you like 15 dollars. If I lived in england I'd still buy guitars on ebay from the US and beg to have them shipped. Still end up cheaper I'd say. No wait, if I lived in England I'd shoot myself because using the word 'wanker' would cease being funny.... and it rains too much. Its better than saying 'Awesome!' all the time and that 'rocks!' or that 'sucks!'. God no wonder everyone hates Americans, awesome! America dusn't suk, it fuken rox, and i'm australian, i have no association with america, u suk, have u ever watched euro vision, my friend sed he'd have a sip of beer every time a pommy whinged, and he fuken died be4 the first ad brake, lol, seriosly tho, no offence 2 any1. Haha the Eurovosion's hardly a way to compare British culture by itself. That's British CHAV culture, there is a subtle difference... or 500. The guitar's damn decent - could get hold of 1 for 178 now - GAK, you're a legend, even if it is based in brighton
    my sentiments exactly. fookin' chavs! yeah, GAK is a legend with things like this, i tend to get most of my things from there. This guitar looks very nice, not been privelidged enough to play one myself, but I have heard they sound great. I have an Indie SG, and i wouldn't swap that for ANYTHING, I will go as far as saying my Indie SG easily matches up to a gibson SG anyday, it does not have to have a big price tag and fancy label name in order to be an awesome guitar.
    I have one of these. It was my second guitar and first ''decent'' guitar...and I adore it. I know it's definitely not the best guitar but the value is awesome and I have so many memories with it. More attached to it than my first guitar. I'll never sell it and always look after it.
    england = hated by all usa = hated by all (except strange australian guys) get over it
    ok, im an experienced guitarist, 17, and i want a new guitar. not much cash, should it get it?im deciding between this and a bc rich Warlock NT.
    Eric 666 wrote: Who the hell pays 570 Dollars in this case, for an Epiphone SG....get a Les Paul FFS!
    Mine was 350, but it seems after 2004 the production moved to china so mine was one of the last korean made G-400s. they cost 200 here now.
    sggod01 wrote: Hey, fuk off, this guitar is a pro's 1, the guy that owned the store where i got mine from sed he'd prefere this over a gibson anyday
    Mate, never trust someone who's trying to sell you something. Most people would sell you shit for food if they could talk you into it.
    im 13 and i play alot of rock like AC/DC my chemical romance and others. im thinking about getting this guitar or another epiphone in this price range. i'm also worried about who heavy the neck is, does that change any thing????? Help
    im 13 and i play alot of rock like AC/DC my chemical romance and others. im thinking about getting this guitar or another epiphone in this price range. i'm also worried about who heavy the neck is, does that change any thing????? Help
    This is not a bad guitar at your age for that kinda music. The SG is a very light guitar, but if you wanna fatter sound then go for an Epiphone Les Paul because it's a more versatile guitar. However, it is heavier.