G-400 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (622 votes)
Epiphone: G-400

Purchased from: seller on ebay

Sound — 9
It suits my taste just fine. I play many styles ranging from general rock to blues and maybe a little funk and it does very well. Johnny Bastard goes well with the DigiTech RP350 I use. It handles nice with Whammy effects and mixes of delay reverb and distortion which I use regularly. This guitar is not really noisy at all I guess those humbuckers are actually bucking hum. I use my brothers' Johnson keyboard amp, Behringer Gx212 and Zoom Fire-30 with this guitar and it seems to sound delicious. The guitar can make a very full sound when using the treble pickup but that might depend on your other equipment.

Overall Impression — 10
Again I play mostly rock and blues or a mix of that and this guitar proves to be a great match. I've been playing for a couple of years and I also have a Dillion dmg75t, a Squier Bullet covered with stickers, a 1958 Kay hollowbody acoustic-electric, a 60s Harmony classical, and a guitar I made from scratch The Dragon Flapjack as I call it. I use mostly my bros equipment a Behringer gx212 amp and DigiTech RP350 mainly but also a crybaby mister and a Zoom fire-30 amp. I am pretty much satisfied with this guitar I haven't had hardly any problems with Johnny Bastard. I like just about everything about it besides the neck falling down when on a strap around my shoulders but other than that it's great. If you're looking for one to buy then shop around especially on ebay, even if it's used you'll prob. get a good deal. I also recommend the older ones, I think the newer ones made in China aren't set-up in the US like the koreans but I'm not 100% on those issues. My bro-in-law has a 2004-05 one made in Korea and it seems to be the same as mine besides the grover tuners on his. This guitar is prob. one of the best quality guitars in my fleet at least out of the electrics but it makes a hell of a guitar. I don't think I could ask for anything more.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I've played this guitar only once Live but I guess it could withstand more than that one performance. The hardware seems robust, the only thing I can say about it is that the nut broke off at the low E but that might've had something to do with the strings (.10s) I installed. The finish on this particular guitar seems to last but I wouldn't recommend throwing it around, Johnny Bastard has plenty of bruises from minor hits but again that might be in the black finish. The actual finish isnt bad at all it's the body that gets dents pretty easy. I could definitely use this guitar on a gig without a backup and feel confident.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
This guitar was set-up in the U.S. by Epiphone I guess. The action was pretty good when I got it but after I switched out the bridge it sat kinda high but adjustment isn't difficult. The pickups were at a superb position and there was no real problem in that area. The only flaws on the guitar was it's finish but since Johnny Bastard is gloss black this is understandable that flaws are easily recognized. Also considering this guitar is almost seven years old it seem to be in great condition.

Features — 9
I named mine "Johnny Bastard". This is because when I won the auction I wasn't sure when it was made or if it was made in China or Korea and since I don't normally buy Chinese goods I decided before it was shipped that it would have the aforementioned title. This G-400 was made in 2001 I believe. A factory in Korea is where it was made not sure of the name I've looked it up before but can't remember now. 22 frets I guess you could consider this a fat neck. Mine's a gloss black finish and the body is badass, Looks like something Batman himself would play if a guitar player. It's a pretty light guitar I must say but not so light as to make you think it's crappy. The stock bridge was a Tune-O-Matic but I switched it out with a Vintage style tremolo roller bridge from a Dillion dmg75t. everything else is pretty much stock. The pickups are epiphones. Tuners are epiphones. I just got the guitar and a soft Fender gig bag with the auction. I cut out a new pickguard out of a Strat-style green pearloid and it looks pretty cool. Maybe I'll make a truss-rod cover the same way.

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    Is it possible to use 12(1st)/52(6th) sized strings on this guitar? (i'm playing in B tuning )
    Hey Ozzy 104, I wasn't being racist when I said how bad this guitar sucked.A lot of these Epiphone,and Fender,Chinese made products are hastily put together,packed in a box,and shipped off.I play a Mexican Strat,and I also have a Mexican made,Fender Frontman 25R,which sounds great.Now,if I was being racist,would I bother with anything that was made in Mexico? Hell no! I also have a INDONESIAN made Squier Tele Custon,along with a Digitech RP 50,which is also made in China! If I was racist,I would use nothing but American made stuff.Think next time before you open your big mouth.
    my pots (knobs as the dumb poeple call it) are really weak they keep fallin off i put some blue tack on them and theyr good
    Just got this beauty ordered in to my local guitar shop $275 brand spankin' new (Cherry red) Can not wait to get my hands on it
    Crotty wrote: honestly, if you can get a gibson for $550, why not save a little longer and save yourself the trouble of looking like a weener toting around an epiphone. Because you idiot some people are beginners at guitar and this is a good guitar to learn on and is also a good guitar for experienced players as well, and not everyone can afford it
    the only Gibson that I feel is worthwhile would have to be the Zakk Wylde LP. aside from that, Gibsons are over-priced. Epiphone has been around longer, and were only bought out because of staggering costs during WWII. they make the same quality of guitars as Gibson, if not better. the ridiculous prices that you fools pay is for the brand name. your corporate loyality is a wasteful facade that isn't being repayed by your precious Gibson.