G-400 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (622 votes)
Epiphone: G-400

Price paid: $ 588

Purchased from: Kley-Zemer

Sound — 10
The Epiphone G-400, like it's counterpart, the Gibson SG, fits every music style, becoming a widely used guitar, like the Strat and it's imitations. I'm currently using it with a Zoom G7.1 UT effects panel and a 15w Ibanez amp, and the sound is really good. I prefer using Rhythm on 10 volume and 0 tone, and the Treble on 7 volume and 10 Tone, but it can be used in many different ways (you can have a fake killswitch using 10 volume on one one pickup and 0 on the other and Switch them constantly).

Overall Impression — 10
This guitar rocks! It's perfect almost to the last detail, making me wonder what the Gibson will sound like! If it were stolen I would go after the man (or woman) and split their belly open with a chainsaw and then strangle them with their own intestines.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar, as well a fit for any style, is also fit for many circumstances. I've played it Live, and except the problem with the sound-man (I was really low volume), it sounded excellent. It's supposed to last 10 years at least, but I think it can survive more than that, as it's still in perfect conditions, and highly dependable. The finish is good and lasting, and it only scratched off in the back of my guitar because of my brother, and only at the top layer.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
My guitar came flawless, and now, after a year and a half of usage it's still so, except a few minor scratches. It was properly set up and built.

Features — 10
I didn't buy my guitar with dollars, but the money I bought it was not available here so I gave an estimate in dollars. Make: My guitar is Korean made, but still very good (as opposed to the Mexican Strat). It has 22 frets (and a half) all of which are smaller than most guitar frets I've seen, so some people have trouble playing it, as their fingers are much too big, but it's perfect for me (as I have long and thin fingers). Neck and body: my SG has a rosewood fretboard (with mother of pearl inlay) and a thin neck (also a problem with some people). The body is solid and made of mahogany, same as the neck, and features the "Devil's Horns" cutaway, the Standard and nice cherry finish and a Tune-O-Matic bridge with stopbar. Pickups: I've got two Alnico classic humbuckers with chrome covers and Alnico V magnets (which are passive, but still provide a high output) which are controlled by two volume and two tone knobs and a three way selector (rhythm pickup, both pickups and treble pickup). Head: the tuners are Grover made and don't lock and tune very easily and quickly. The head is back (as is the pickguard) and has a panel saying SG on it, and Epiphone and the symbol in mother of pearl.

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    Right now i have a Ibanez GAX30 and im looking to buy a new electric. But i cant decide between the G-400 and the Epiphone worn Firebird studio. Which do you think is better?
    I've ordered this guitar and i seem impressed with it. Im thinking of pushing this guitar cause i play a lot of indie but i will try with this guitar. The only problem i am seeming to see is the tuning side heavy. Is this a major problem people?
    All you people that really care about having a name brand guitar, care so much about spelling and grammer that if one person makes amistake they'll never here the end of it. Who F***** cares if they spelled some thing rong. Im just getting into this hobby and am almost about ready to get out of it just because of this. Its the same resson I stopped skating. Just because some one makes a mistake or doesnt have $1000 bucks for a guitar. You idiots dont need to just drag people out of everything. Nobody is perfect. And who cares if your American, Austrailian, Chinees, Japanees, African American or Mexican. Who F***** cares. Were all the same and were all Gods children so what does it matter if there are people that dont have the money for an amazing giutar(Even though the only difference in the country its made in.) So many people care so much about money that they would do so many stupid things just for money. Believe me I know, I live in California. All you dumb assess fighting over what guitar is the best even though they sound the same and feel the same. I got a cheep Washburn Lyon Pack from Target for $100 US as my firt guitar and one of my friens thats been playing for like 15 yaers says if he had his good strings and it was adjusted he would like it just as much as his brand new Fender Srat Custom Special Edition crazy expensive guitar with all this extra stuff. That proves that it doesnt really matter. And who really cares if people from different states and countrys say different things like,Cool, awsome, mate, sweet, dude, rad. Who cares thats whats in wherever they live. We all have fredom of speach but dont be a d**k just to make people think your the best and you know everything. F***** Dumb Asses. Thank you, Tat'll be all.....
    I agree with epig-400. who cares what make a guitar is? O.K it makes the guitar cooler and helps if you have some d**k boasting about his guitar, but when you then go and play the guitar, there are only 4 things that matter: 1. The guitar sounds nice 2. The is comfortable to play standing up (if you want to play it standing up (duh )) 3. the guitar isn't going to fall apart straight away 4. and this is the most important one- you enjoy playing it. if you like playing a particular guitar it doesn't matter how much it costs, what make it is or how nice it looks, because all those things are down to your own personal opinion. but while we're on this subject, this guitar is really good for its price range. It sounds reasonably nice (sounds a bit like a real Gibson version). Like probably a lot of guitarists in this website, i play at gigs and feel safe in the knowledge that it wont just randomly break. Admittedly some things need to be adjusted but this down to choice and even if you don't do that its still a good guitar. I know Epiphone kicking is in fashion but forget about the name.
    Oh yeah, and to people who says that this guitar goes out of tune, i think that this varies from model to model. mine takes ages to go out of tune but i don't know about anyone else's. Put it this way, i have owned both a fender strat standard and a Gibson SG special and although i would say yes both of these guitars are better sound quality, it isn't by how much the price tags would suggest. Also i prefer the look of the g-400 to the Gibson SG special as i have always preferred the smaller pick guard that was on the 61 SG (or whatever year it was originally released)
    i need help i have a epiphone lp and im getting either this guitar (epiphone sg g400) or the epiphone vintage g400 they both look hot and and apparently they both play well plus they are almost the same price but i cant choose can some one help
    orangeafro2 i think u probably got a g-310. they usually dont sell the 400s 4 $200, and if it has a full pickguard, its either a 66 re-issue or not a g-400. make shure u no wat guiatar u have before u review it