G-400 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (623 votes)
Epiphone: G-400

Sound — 10
I play punk and grunge, and the SG is great. It also good for rock, or any type of music. The fret width is smaller, so you won't have to reach your fingers farther apart to get a good fret range. If you are playing stuff like chords, it will be a little harder to do that. The tone is great for anything, you control all the power with the pick-up selector. I use it with a Line 6 Spider III 15 Watt, which is probably the best 15 Watt amp there is. You can get whatever tone you want with it. The pick-ups are great for harmonics, I love playing natural harmonics with this thing.

Overall Impression — 9
Like I said, I play punk and grunge, and this is great for that. I have been playing since I was 11, and learned to play by myself. I used to have a Hohner Rockwood, which is basically a Strat that is not a Squier. The tone on the G-400 is way better than that. All I wish I have done before I got this was to get it in red. Although if I lost it, I wouldn't buy another. I would rather get an Epiphone Les Paul Standard instead, because I plan on using some Gibson SG's in the future. I love how this guitar looks and it's tone, I just slightly don't like the fret size. My favorite feature would probably be putting the pick-up selector on treble, and then rocking (if you consider that a feature.) I didn't compare this to any other product, but I just wish it had medium-large size frets like the Les Paul.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar can definately withstand however you play. This guitar probably is lined-up with the Epiphone Les Paul Standard as the best Epiphone guitar (others tend to get bad reviews.) The hardware will last, as long as you don't screw it up yourself. The strap buttons stay fine, and you can depend on it. I would still bring a backup anyway, because that is how I am. The finish is still good, and I had mine for 2 months already.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
There were no flaws in my guitar when I got it. Everything was fine except the strings that came with it, but almost every pair of strings that comes with an Epiphone or Gibson aren't good. I switched those out for some ernie ball regular slinkys.

Features — 9
The SG G-400 is a made-in-China guitar with 22 frets. It's got a solid body, double-cutaway, solid mahogany body, set mahogany neck. Slim-tapered neck profile, 24-3/4" scale length, 1.68" nut width. Dual Alnico V humbuckers, 2 volume and 2 tone controls, Rosewood fretboard, Pearloid trapezoid inlays, Chrome hardware, and a Stopbar tailpiece. All very nice. The pick-ups can scratch sound sa little sometimes though. I also wasn't a big fan of how big the frets were. It is easier for playing crazy stuff, but for othr things like chords and power chords it is a little harder, but all SG's have that. It doesn't make that big of a difference anyway.

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    samisabig1 wrote: england = hated by all usa = hated by all (except strange australian guys) I totally agree this is not about where you are from its about the guitar, speaking of such Epiphone is about VALUE-- GOOD QUALITY FOR A DECENT PRICE get over it
    the guitarr i got was a G-400 limited edition 1962 model and let me tell u it is kick ass seriosly it was 600$ but way better than the gibson standard i love that guitar and since this is the closetst thing ug has im reviewing it
    The Epi 62 G-400 was only about $400 around here. Now its discontinued, which stinks. I really like the big pickguard SGs, and a good Gibson one is around $7-800 or more.
    Sonic Blast
    i got mine for about 550 USD. i've hotrodded it with Dimarzio pickups, dimarzio cliplock strap, and a Bigsby tremolo. it didn't stay in the best tune for a while, but since i put the bigsby on, it hasn't gotten out of tune.
    bloody hell alot of people have this guitar! one guy said it weighs less than half a gibson sg, id find tht far too light , i like a heavy body
    The Only Watson
    meh, the G-400 isn't that great, but it was def worht the money I paid. I play my Ibanez AEG acoustic way more though, even for some of the hardcore stuff like RatM and buckethead. But I find the machine head to be WAY too heavy, and the body to be an alright weight. It buzzes as well, and has been ever since i bought it a yeaqr ago.
    i just took delivery of one of these a week ago and so far i am very happy with it! the only problem ios though that when i play standing up, the neck tends to tilt down so when i am playing i have to make an effort to hold it up at the same time. but apart from that its an exelent guitar and sounds amazing particularly with a digitech grunge pedal
    I got one with EMG pick-ups and it blew the Gibsons I played away by a mile. The feel was the same, but the pick-ups gave it the boost that no humbucker or alcino could ever put out. I think people would just rather pay $2000 and bitch saying that theirs is better cause it says Gibson. Get over yourselves.
    Just purchased one of those about a month ago and it's sweet. Great tone and playability for the $350 i payed for it.