Les Paul 100 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.6 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.9 (2,209 votes)
Epiphone: Les Paul 100

Price paid: C$ 500

Purchased from: Prom Music - Sudbury

Sound — 5
I play alot of metal and it plays it very well through my half stack and with my assortment of Boss pedals. It does exactly what I need it to and for me I find the guitar is very comfortable and allows me to play properly. The clean of the guitar is great and with a very classical distortion it shines. With my pedals I tend to get some feed back from my amp, I have adjusted my pedals and gain etc etc till no end and if I'm being loud (90% of the time) it was there, but I have a Boss sound compressor and that fixes everything for what I do at my house. I give it 5 / 10 because it needs some nice pickups and I think the guitar could go up to a 8 or even 9 / 10 But again this guitar is also no 1000$ guitar so you can't complain too much... Most guitar players would probably not experience my problem.

Overall Impression — 6
I personally love the guitar and I think many others would enjoy this epi, if you got the money for a better guitar I would suggest it but if you are a serious beginner looking for his first axe this is it... It has out shown all my other guitars and has been the guitar that has been the tool of my learning. if it were stolen or lost I would buy a better model of the Epiphone Les Paul series. Not because this guitar sucks but because I feel that a better guitar could fit my standards way better especially with the amount of skill I have gained in the past year. if you don't believe me I say go try one, if you are an experienced player this may be far from what you are looking for but if you are the guy who wants a decent priced axe this is it. 6/10 needs better pickups, needed bridge adjustments and the patch cord bolt came loose a few times... Other then that I have played some guitars that people payed way more for and they sounded a lot worse, but I have played alot of better guitars as well, just not at the price I picked this epi up for.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I take care of my equipment so I I'm not sure how it would survive some impacts but everything seems to be fine on it... The patch cord connection got loose a couple times untill I lock tighted it so I don't have that issue anymore and everything has been working flawless. This guitar would do a gig no problem and I would feel confident to bring it on stage. But idealy wouldent we all want to have a 3000$ guitar on stage with us? It gets a 9 / 10 because if its a 500$ guitar or a 5000$ guitar I expect it to be durable and it has proved to me that it is a great guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
Is was brand new cheery sunburst, I needed to adjust my bridge height a touch and clean up my action. Since then its been fine and I've had no problems. The strap pins are beefy enough to get away with a night or two of giging all tho I would say to get a locking strap for prolonged giging. For 500$ this guitar is very nice, if you are looking for your second guitar (mostly because your first one is a P.O.S.) or your starting to take guitar seriously and your becoming better, I would say get this guitar it is very comfortable and has been very generous to me and my playing. You can sit or stand with it and it is comfortable all around. If you feel comfortable with your guitar you will most likely play better. It gets 7 / 10 because after a couple slight adjustments this guitar has been rockin out for months straight with no problems.

Features — 6
this is a great guitar for someone who is looking for a guitar with a lot to give for a decent price. its got all the features of a Les Paul but not the greatest pick ups. when i first got it i had to adjust the action a bit but now it plays very well. I gave it a 6 out of 10 because as good as this guitar has been to me, there are greater models out there and in all honesty there is nothing very unique about this guitar.

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    ppl dont fool yourselves, this is a cheap ass starter guitar, no more than that, a change of pickups doesnt make a cheap guitar turn into a good pro guitar ibanez s series - best guitars in the word
    "The strap button on the top closest to the neck is a little bit high n it causes the strap to come off." Reliability = 10? Come on, these reviews (apart from three or four) are a complete fcuking joke!
    note * i have not seen the guitars and wont see them until im buying them but they both seem to be in good condition although the les paul is missing a scratchplate
    Can anyone help me ? I'm currently playing a lot of punk and I'v got a crappy begginer guitar which is a strat or tele knock off and i'm starting a new band where i will be playing lead guitar for blink 182 stuff and rhythm for other stuff and I'm considering buying a Epiphone les paul 100 for round 130 euro or a EPIPHONE SG G-310 for round 80 euro off people i know and i'm trying to decide which one i should get ?
    I want this guitar for Christmas but i still have to save up for it with a Marshall amp but people said that the Roland Micro-Cube is not bad and can produce a large sound. Before I was thinking of getting a Roland 15 x but then it's too expensive so I guess I stick with the Marshall. Its a good combination i think, Epi LP-100 + Marshall 15w.. Wei Jian
    Marley Tokunaga
    Masterofpirates wrote: I wish there was a good les paul out there with 24 frets and a tremolo
    http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/produ... t/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Nightfall-Electric-Guitar?sku=423560 I love this guitar. It's one of my personal favorites, no 24 frets, but it looks awesome, sounds awesome (if you like emg's) and has a floyd special trem.
    GuitaristMatt wrote: through my spider iv (75) it sounds great
    same here. i love mine, only problem is a minor pitch when i bend the b string on the 18th fret. great beginner guitar, i recommend to anyone. its definitely not a piece of shit guitar like some are saying, besides its a low end beginner guitar, it does exactly what it needs to.
    This is indeed a beginner guitar, but a pretty damn good one. Again, it is a beginner guitar, so don't go comparing it to those professional guitars and then talk down on this one. It's not the same animal.
    Sliptallica_333 wrote: PIECE OF SHIT
    not really it could use better pickups and a tweak here and there and itll shred - its not a 10 but its a 7
    well ... just another Les Paul review ... Comfy body , but they often look like crap with cheesy pickguard and wal-mart like finishes
    Cannibal Koala
    Cannibal Koala wrote: L2112Lif wrote: I owned one of these. I donated it to charity. Is that good or bad? My friend has one, and it's really not that good, he plays through a Peavey Viper 15, and it sounds like crap, imo.
    Sorry for the double post, but anything going through a Viper is going to sound bad, so sorry about that.
    Cannibal Koala
    L2112Lif wrote: I owned one of these. I donated it to charity.
    Is that good or bad? My friend has one, and it's really not that good, he plays through a Peavey Viper 15, and it sounds like crap, imo.