Les Paul Black Beauty review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.4 (428 votes)
Epiphone: Les Paul Black Beauty

Price paid: A$ 500

Purchased from: eBay

Sound — 6
The distortion on this guitar is pretty ordinary but on clean this guitar sounds amazing. Right now the amps I'm using are a Crate G80 XL and an Ashton viper 50 valve amp. I don't recommend the Crate for this guitar the Ashton kicks ass. There is a lot of variety in this guitar which was what I was looking for but unfortunately that didn't include heavy metal.

Overall Impression — 6
I play rock and heavy metal and this guitar didn't exactly suit me but the look did. I've been playing for 3 years now and this guitar doesn't even compete with my bros guitars which I also play which is a Gibson Explorer pro and an EXP LTD Explorer EX-500BD. I compared this guitar with an Epiphone Goth Flying V but the Flying V just looked like a cock rocker guitar. If this guitar were to be stolen I wouldn't really mind, I've got insurance on it. What I love about this guitar is that it looks awesome but one thing I hate is the humbucks.

Reliability & Durability — 6
This guitar would definatly withstand a gig, this guitar was built to last. One thing you should do if you're ever thinking about using this guitar in a gig you should defiantly change the strap locks. When I stood up with this guitar and started playing within 5 minuets the top strap lock came undone. I took my guitar to Billy Hyde to get the strap lock fitted in but the same thing happened again. You should also change all the hard wear like the Tune-O-Matic bridge and the machine heads to nickel.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The guitar wasn't set up that well the action on this guitar was way too high and the strings it came with looked like they were 10 years old. After about 3 months the gold paint on this guitar started now come off especially on the machine heads and the humbuck which made the guitar look cheap, But every thing else looked ok.

Features — 6
This guitar has many features like 22 frets, 3 way selector, 3 humbucks, alder body, rosewood fretbord and Tune-O-Matic bridge. This guitar came straight from a factory from china even no I bought it of eBay. This guitar only came with one accessory which was a lead. The humbucks on this guitar were the worst I've ever seen and I wasn't really impressed with the distortion channel. I recommend swapping all 3 humbucks for Gibson burst bucker pros ever since I got them fitted in I've loved this guitar and I would NEVER sell it.

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    This model is not reknown for its versatility like its oppisition the Fender Stratocastic
    ...now that's a good typo (i hope!) looks pretty cool, i reckon les pauls look particularly good in black...
    3 humbuckers are a bad idea. more magnetic pull on the strings equals less sustain. and that top review, $1464 (700)!?? are you mad? so how did all the other reviewers get that same guitar for half that price? i wouldnt even bother to pay over 300 ($600) for an epiphone, i dont reckon much to the quality or the sound. or the money-grabbing company that owns them (gibson).
    zapatista89 wrote: oh yeah so bougt mine in mint condition from ebay for 250
    I can't believe how expensive these things are going for on ebay, Mines cost me 210 I will never get rid of it, May upgrade the wiring myself but the 'buckers sound phenominal for the price you pay. Allthough if i had the money currently maybe a Classic 57 and a couple of Bare Knuckles on it with split wiring and more switching options. (would it be possible to stick a chicken head knob on it for 10 way switching - Watch this space )
    I have one..Its a really cool guitar...Incredible guitar i love it... Saludos de argentina!!!
    maverick_137 : does it have a bolt on cuz i like bolt ons ive played it but forgot to look at the back (whooops) and i love it but i relly want a bolt on neck
    dude no lp's have bolt on necks i have a epiphone lp standard plus and the neck cracked and i had to get a new guitar cos u cant replace them
    The biggest problem with Epiphone guitars, asside from them taking jobs from north america, is that you need to immediately switch the pickups out on purchase.
    By the way I meant to say mine 'ONLY' cost 210, my god by todays standards thats almost $210.... Lousy 1 exchange rate, making me buy from my own country.
    MAT_ALLICADIME who reviewed this guitar is an idiot!!! I own one of these guitars , I work in a music store and have been playing for ten years. The humbuckers sound good with the low end you would expect from a les paul, if he knew how to tweak his amp properly he probably wouldn't have any problem. he obviously bought this guitar because it "looked metal" and not because he wanted a LP sound. This guitar dosn't come form china. there is a BIG difference in which asian country guitars are made. china handles most of the cheapest guitars, look at a Epiphone LP special and you'll see it was made there. The black beauty was made in Korea. this means it was made using better material (nicer pieces of wood etc..) and to higher specs and standards. this is actually one of Epiphones best asian guitars, there are a couple that beat it but its up there (In fact it would probably sound as good or better than a Gibson studio or one of there other bad guitars.) Get your facts straight before reviewing a guitar you idiot!
    Would this guitar be ideal for Jimmy Page solos,and riffs? And I heard that the third pickup sometimes gets in the way of picking and may scratch the pickup?
    My dad had one of these, but traded it and $20 for a '71 Les Paul Custom that was only manufactured for one year. But man I wish I could play one of these, they're gorgeous.
    munkyRobb wrote: maverick_137 : does it have a bolt on cuz i like bolt ons ive played it but forgot to look at the back (whooops) and i love it but i relly want a bolt on neck dude no lp's have bolt on necks i have a epiphone lp standard plus and the neck cracked and i had to get a new guitar cos u cant replace them
    There are Epiphone LPs with bolt on necks you know... The cheapest ones have bolt ons.
    And who hates Line 6 Spiders? I don't own one but I think they're sweet.
    Have you seen the forums?
    How do you pay $789.9921? That's just a weird amount right there. Oh that's just terrible. This looks like a sweet guitar. And who hates Line 6 Spiders? I don't own one but I think they're sweet.
    Crazytrain_8201 wrote: A Line 6 Spider...depends on what ur looking for too, If you just want a practice amp, get the line 6 spider 30w and the footpedal.
    i applaud u. someone who also like the spiders
    Set/Neck Through guitars usually have a higher reach and longer sustain than bolt-ons. The only flaw, however, is that for set-ins you have to manufacture a whole new neck which would fit exactly in the guitar, and for neck-throughs you'd have to either make the guitar a bolt-on or set-in. Ibanez is kind of an exception on the higher reach thing, though. I've got an RG and I feel I can reach higher and more comfortably on it than in my Explorer. The thing is I get almost nil sustain on the Ibanez, while on my Explorer I can go for days
    Three humbuckers are you mad? Super pointless + the extra one means less quality on all three.