Les Paul Junior review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 7 (466 votes)
Epiphone: Les Paul Junior

Price paid: £ 89.99

Purchased from: Ebay

Sound — 7
Personally I play a lot of punk and Indie rock style music, and the junior carries it well, not just in image terms, but I use a Line 6 POD XT and a Zoom GFX 707 simultaeneously, and often a few Behringer stomps, through a Carlsbro stack and the sound could not be much better. Small admission though, I have replaced the Standard humbucker for a custom wound P90. the humbucker gave too cleaner sound for a guitar that was re-released to be a punky, crunchy guitar. I would advise modification to access the full distortion available, but if you're seeking a cleaner chord based sound then leave the humbucker in! but aesthetically, don't cover the humbucker or leave a P90 bare! dog ear best bet!

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, the guitar was a worthwhile investment but I have put in several man hours making it the guitar I want it to be, whereas others may not be inclined to, but this is the perfect guitar to modify, there's so little that can go wrong and if you do end up frying the pants off it, they're so cheap to replace. However I'm still on my original and proud, I'd choose to play this over any of my others. and if it got lost I'd buy another, put the hours in and ignore my other guitars still. I do wish it had a few internal circuits, but only mansons come with those these days! so I'll install my own! Well worth your time this axe, buy buy buy buy now!

Reliability & Durability — 8
I've used this guitar so often for Live gigs and studio, and it's sound hasn't faded in the slightest. Everything stil works, dials are a little loose after my ambitious throw to my tech who dropped the guitar on it's front but otherwise sound as a dollarpound. Strap never falls away, but I may invest in straplocks before long and the finish has chipped in places, so I would advise learning to respray guitars if you are going to buy one for the tempting price.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
I bought this guitar from an ebay store so I'm not aware Who was responsible for the original set up, but it was highly unsuitable for my style, I play very low on my body and have a high action, the guitar arrived with the strings practically embracing the fret wires, however the rest of the guitar was flawless, even down to the polished neck plate. Overall, pretty sound but a few labourious minutes needed to alter the action.

Features — 8
This must be the simplest guitar ever made, but probably my favourite and most used. I have an ample collection now, but I still choose my junior over the others, 1 pickup, 1 vol, 1 tone couldnt be easier. It's lighter than anything I've ever played, even some acoustics, I can play for hours and never feel strained. I do have a few problems with my own, I wouldn't advise the sunburst finish, les pauls look foul in sunburst, it's a Fender colour, I should've waited for the white or black finishes to become available. The tuners are presumably epiphones own Standard and one turn can drop or tighten by two steps at least, a bit risky when re tuning live.

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    k.i.k.e. wrote: Is this a good travel guitar?
    Yeah, when it's traveling at 100mph heading for a wall.
    " I use it through a 15 watt Fender Frontman amp which does bring out it's heavy sound" omg I just pissed my self XD
    Instant Mash wrote: andrew1992 wrote: some under you are f*cking gay THIS ISN'T A p-90 IT'S A REGULAR HUMBUCKER THEY NOT GONNA PUT A P-90 IN SUCH A CHEAP GUITAR WHAT THE HELL And this children, is why inbreeding is wrong.
    I beleive the word is OWNED. hehe
    ur right these guitars are not the best for long term playing a.k.a they kinda suck. but ive played my dads friends 1958 les paul junior all original hardware and everything and its in perfect condition so its about a 9,000 dollar guitar and it was almost as amazing sounding as the time i played his 1968 gibson firebird with reversed head stock and thats about 12,000 dollar guitar. But the best ive played is one of the first 100 JEMs to come out im 14 so i didnt play it when they came out but the same guy has one of the originals signed by steve vai which only the first 100 were and those are the only 2 that beat an older model of the les paul jr. for reliability and sound
    these guitars are very cheep. in every meaning of the word. great for begginers who arent sure if they will stick with it. other wise. these guitars are acutally terrible.
    Z32F wrote: k.i.k.e. wrote: Is this a good travel guitar? Yeah, when it's traveling at 100mph heading for a wall.
    lol +1
    I must say I dont exactly see a reason to buy such a guitar, seems like just a way to throw away 90 bucks, when if you saved up another 200 you could get a nice ESP or Ibanez.
    This guitar was a complete waste of money for me. I needed a spare and it was all I could afford. Plays comfortably enough but that's all I can say positively really.
    AU josh
    yes i guess it looks like a great guitar. lol not to be a KJ but i just could never see myself buying a copy of a guitar. Epiphone LP Junior would be great for new players at only 100 bucks
    Kastm wrote: I must say I dont exactly see a reason to buy such a guitar, seems like just a way to throw away 90 bucks, when if you saved up another 200 you could get a nice ESP or Ibanez.
    VERY TRUE must agree esp or Ibanez \/out
    unless you get the p-90 version... (the 57 reissue i believe...) then really youve just bought a $90 "project". The variable quality is alarming. One older model was constructed of heavy mahogony... and lately the models given with the starter packs feel as if theyre made of particle board or some cheap composite. :::sigh::: what happened to quality control?