Les Paul Junior review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (466 votes)
Epiphone: Les Paul Junior

Sound — 9
When you talk about the sound of this guitar, the main thing to focus on is that little tone knob. when you set it down all the way to 0, you have a nice, warm tone that is pretty much perfect for playing stuff like Rise Against and Green Day. on the other hand, turn that little bugger all the way to 10, turn on a distortion pedal such as the DigiTech Death Metal Pedal (say that 10 times fast XD) or another heavy distortion pedal, and it sounds great for music spanning from Disturbed to Metallica to even some Pantera. But also, the package I bought has some downfalls. The analog distortion on the amplifier that comes with it sucks worse than a two dollar prostitute with gangrene in New York. the clean is great, but the distortion is just nasty. I highly recomend the use of a Zoom G1X effect pedal, which you can get at walmart.com for under a hundred bucks. I know, your thinkin "Wal-Mart???" trust me, It is deffinately worth your money no matter what guitar you have. but back to the Epi LP Jr.

Overall Impression — 9
I play mostly heavier alternative, things like Three Days Grace, Hinder, Disturbed, and others, and this guitar has the right tone for the occasion. I have been playing almost two years now, and it is still one of the best guitars I have ever played. Like I said, I play this with an Epiphone Studio 15R amplifier and a Zoom G1X effect pedal. I only wish I had asked it to be speed shipped, because two weeks wait was a long time. If it was stolen, I might get it again, but I would probably use my friends B\.C\. Rich Warlock until I saved up enough to get an Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX Custom. I have to say my favorite feature is how easy it is to palm mute, because I have to do that a lot as a rhythm guitarist. I did compare this to a Squire Strat, but I got this when I played them because it just felt right. The only thing I wish it had would have to be a neck pickup and a Switch, so I could have a couple of EMG burstbuckers or Dirty Finger single coil pickups put in for a more crisp sound.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is great for small Live shows if you have the proper distortion pedals or effect pedals. The hardware has all seemed fairly solid, except for the knobs, which fell off within weeks. But those are very cheap to replace. Ah, the strap buttons... well, I ended up having to buy strap locks, but only because I have a custom nylon strap that has a hole a little bit to big for my guitar's strap buttons. but once again, this is cheap to fix. I have gone the last three months doing local shows with this guitar with no backup other than my trusty Indiana Scout acoustic, but that wont help me if I am fixing to play Disturbed, so It doesn't really count. The finish has gone a year and a half without wearing out at all, and I am pretty sure it will last for a lot longer. I give this part a ten because for the couple of problems it does have, the remedies are very cheap, both together being under $20.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
For the action, mine is absolutely wonderful. The only problem with the action is the bridge. this bridge is a total pain in the ass when it comes to replacing strings, especially for putting strings in. The pickup is in a good position as long as you put the strings in correctly, and as I said, it sounds great. the bridge as I said is a little weird, but it is a great bridge for beginners to practice palm mutes and chugging with. the ebony fretboard and black finish is so pretty it is absolutely mind boggling. the only problem with the finish is that it is laminated all over, and it is black, so it attracts a lot of dirt and filth. but whn you walk into the shop and see it sitting there, it just absolutely blows your mind.

Features — 9
This guitar was made in China, it is a 2007 model, and It cost about $200 because I got a beginner pack including an Epiphone Studio 15R amplifier, a gig bag that fell apart within a month, a chromatic tuner, and two cables that I had to replace before I even had it a year. it has a single coil pickup that, the Standard Epiphone bridge pickup, that sounds good. the only problem with the pickup is it is the only one, and I like having double burst buckers, such as the combo that the ESP LTD Kirk Hammett sig series, which is an EMG-81 at the bridge and an EMG-82 at the neck. it has no Switch, seeing as there is only one pickup, and only a tone and volume knob. I still use the amp, but not the default distortion, since I now have a Zoom G1X effects pedal. I also recomend that if you buy this, replace the cabkes with a couple from LiveWire, this guitar sounds great with a LiveWire brand cable. Also replace the knobs, seeing as mine fell off within weeks of purchase.Still, I've been playing a year and a half and I haven't needed to replace the strings but once. Great for beginners!

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    megadeth45 wrote: ur right these guitars are not the best for long term playing a.k.a they kinda suck. but ive played my dads friends 1958 les paul junior all original hardware and everything and its in perfect condition so its about a 9,000 dollar guitar and it was almost as amazing sounding as the time i played his 1968 gibson firebird with reversed head stock and thats about 12,000 dollar guitar. But the best ive played is one of the first 100 JEMs to come out im 14 so i didnt play it when they came out but the same guy has one of the originals signed by steve vai which only the first 100 were and those are the only 2 that beat an older model of the les paul jr. for reliability and sound
    I'm sorry, what? Just because you're on a casual forum, doesn't mean you can forget about basic grammar, spelling, or punctuation. You're trying to convey a message just by typing; you want to broadcast your thoughts. You're already 90% of the way there. Why don't you take five minutes extra to think and write correctly, then the 90% won't be utterly wasted. Sorry if that's too harsh my friend, but I'm sincerely trying to help you.
    this could be the best choice if you are beggining playing, it is very confortable and its good in almost everything, i bought one 2 years ago andit still works perfectly, i have even used it on Gigs
    I bought one of these from a kid at my school for $50, including an amp! I still play it every once in a while.
    P-Town Anarchy
    save your money and get a schecter hellrasier FR. this guitar is alright for beginners but other than that it sucks.ive had the strap button things fallin out and one of the knobs broke off and i was like wtf this guitar is gay
    Does anyone know of which wood is this guitar exactly made? it says tonewood, but as far as I know that's not a specific wood. I'm planning on buying one of these, adding a Gibson P-94, some Sperzel trimlok tunners, stap locks, and re-finishing it. Any opinions?
    maybe the reason yours is so bad is because you bought it from a friend. dont you think that a used guitar no matter what guitar will have crappy quality?
    Instant Mash
    J.J.G. wrote: " I use it through a 15 watt Fender Frontman amp which does bring out it's heavy sound" omg I just pissed my self XD
    I meant as in Heavy Metal sound. I didn't mean that it sounded loud enough for my bowels to explode out of my face! That's what my friend's homemade 100 watter is for...
    I have to say, this sounds pretty shitty... I guess it's ok for home practice for beginners if it's your first guitar and you have like a really low budget, as long as you never use it outside your bedroom.
    Instant Mash
    This is my second guitar. As much of a simple guitar as it is, it's still probably the best $200 I've ever spent.
    Guitar_tischler wrote: Lol there are so many reviews...does everyone but me own one of those?
    They're so cheap and simple fun there's no reason not to get one.
    That is a very cool guitar for first timers. I wish that was my first electric guitar. Cheap(for its kind), and cool.
    this is an awesome guitar, i love the sound and the feel of it and 09phillt its pretty light