Les Paul Plustop Pro FX review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.4 (35 votes)
Epiphone: Les Paul Plustop Pro FX

Sound — 8
I use this mainly with a Fender HRD, a Fender 75, a 69 Champ with pedals and modeling software (Guitar Rig 5 etc... ). I play Blues, Classic Rock and Hard Rock in a cover band. Most people will be happy with the sound out of the box. It sounds like a Paul, but the pickups just don't hit that sweet spot for nice crunch and smooth highs on the bridge. With some tweaking on your preamp chain, you can get it much better though. Neck pickup is muddy, I dropped the neck spacing quite a bit and raised the bridge, a little better sounding. I compare this to my Strat with SD 59's and it is probably 75% close, but the 59's are more open, defined and better crunch. Clean this guitar sounds pretty nice, especially with the coil tap, it doesn't go as thin as most I have heard.

Overall Impression — 8
I wanted a different backup guitar for my Strats with Trem's that fit classic rock sounds better. At the price ($400) you can't go wrong with this, however after purchase I didn't realize how damn heavy these things are, so I modded my Strats with PAF's and use the Paul as backup. Having owned Vintage and modern Gibsons, this guitar is on par in many ways, although the wood quality and electronics are probably the bigggest limiting factors. The mahogany weighs a ton... Electronics are average sound/quality. Excellent student/starter guitar, with a few mods it can be heaven for a low budget weekend warrior (with a strong back).

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have used this on 4 gigs and played it regularly for 5 months, having owned several other Epiphones (and Gibsons) this guitar feels very solid all around. I agree the electronics were skimped, but that's not a big deal, I usually swap out most stuff on my expensive guitars also. I suspect the PU selector will need to go within a year. I think the Gotoh tuners and trem will last a lifetime, although looking at the pots... They are smooth, but are the mini cheapo's that start scratching in about a year... $15 part(s). As mentioned I swapped the tophat knobs out, my fingers would slip after getting hands wet on a heineken... Coil tap select easy now.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Again finish was impeccable at this price... Wife took notice how pretty it was. It wasn't horrible out of the box, I mean you could play it, but I drastically had to modify the string height, spring tension on the trem and polish a few frets that were funky. Intonation was good, and it is almost impossible to get out of tune once your bridge is flat. This guitar weighs a ton!, which most Pauls do... But this one seems like a pound heavier. I always end up going back to my strats as primary and use this as backup... Being a Strat guy I must admit its fun to play a paul once and awhile, the trem and price was always the limiting factor until now.

Features — 8
Les Paul with Floyd Rose "Special" trem, coil tap, Epi Strap Locks, Alnico Plus and Std Alnico pickups, Honeyburst Finish, Allen keys mounted under headstock, Std Les Paul Tone/volume tophats, Grover Tuners, strings are 10's. - Finish = 10, gorgeous at this price, satin neck is ok. - Trem = 9, Works great, stays in tune, but gets loose over time. - Pickups = 8, Average sounding, muddy neck, although you can tweak your pedals and get some decet classic rock tone... Raise bridge pu. - Coil Tap = 9, Not bad actually, although tophats are hard to pull, replaced with standard Gibson knobs - much better. - Strap Locks = 3, Cheap and they bind, tossed them - Pickup Selector = 5, over 4-5 months it start getting sloppy, neck side wouldn't select well without wiggle. - Body Wood = 7, This is obviously some cheaper mahogany, weighs a ton, headstock has two part seem showing.

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    Haven't read all the posts yet, but if it hasn't been said, change the pots and caps first, you'll be surprised at how the pups kick in! Try tubesandmore.com, great prices on CTS pots ($3.25) and Orange drop caps (60 cents up to $2.00 depending on maker). And no, I don't work there. ;
    Pickup Selector = 5, over 4-5 months it start getting sloppy, neck side wouldn't select well without wiggle.
    This also happened with my Epi LP STD. Is it a common problem with Epis?
    MaggaraMarine wrote: Pickup Selector = 5, over 4-5 months it start getting sloppy, neck side wouldn't select well without wiggle. This also happened with my Epi LP STD. Is it a common problem with Epis?
    I don't think so, I've been playing Epiphones almost exclusively for years and I've never run into this problem.
    billy hell
    I have had the Epiphone Plus Top Pro FX for around a year now and I love it. I have a Gretch 5120, Japan Tele 60's Reissue with Bigsby, 50's Reissue Strat and more but I am always on the Epi Pro FX. I put a P90 in the neck and a GFS VEH in the bridge. This thing stays in tune, the Floyd Rose is just about perfect for my needs. I also added a brass block to the Floyd Rose and that really improved the tone. So you may need to mod this guitar a little but man it plays so nice, looks so great and does so much. Now these things are pretty cheap. Not everyone wants an LP with a Floyd but if you are open and tweak a little this guitar will reward. I would get a new one if I ever lost and have actually been thinking about a second. The quality is just soooo nice! Love it!
    I have had mine since May 2011 and I love it! As most others have said, the Floyd stays in tune just fine. I like the sound of the stock pups, they work great with my rig and effects. I learned from Google how to set it up myself. I bought a first one, took it to a store for setup and they broke it. Sent it back for my present one, set it up myself and it's fine. I use 8 gauge strings and left all 3 springs on the trem, which everyone says you can't do. They are wrong, it just takes a little patience. I play mostly 70's hard rock lead and it fills the bill for everything I throw at it!