Les Paul Prophecy EX review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (143 votes)
Epiphone: Les Paul Prophecy EX

Sound — 9
As I play mostly metal/hard rock it's easy to see why I got this guitar I would've thought. The EMG's are loud n' clear and have nearly become Standard fittings to any metal players guitar. I practice on solid state Line6 at home but when I practice/gig with my band we borrow various Marshall valve amps and the EMG's easliy push them into overdrive. I have a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion pedal but I hardly ever use it, especially with the valve amps. The EMG's and amp give me all the crunch I need. Back off on the volume and a very usable clean tone is there. The neck 85 is warm and round without being muddy and the bridge similar but brighter. Purists will always argue that active pickups can't match the tone in passives and they have a point BUT it really depends on what style you play. Metal isn't about slow, "moving" solo's. It's about loud, abbrasive, crunch and this guitar delivers. So for what I bought it for and what it gives, a well earned 9.

Overall Impression — 9
My overall impression is that this is a guitar well worth it's price tag. It has features you won't find on a production Gibson LP, it is really well built and providing I had the money I would replace it the same day if it were lost or stolen. I've been playing seriously for 4 years now and even though I'm reaching a level of ability that justifies maybe investing in a more expensive guitar - maybe an ESP - this Epiphone is covering all the bases for now. I visit guitar stores all the time to test other models and in my opinion this guitar, in this price range and for what I bought it for, is unbeatable. I really am very happy with it and until I have the money to get a top end ESP or maybe a Gibson then I have nothing to complain about and nor will you if you're in the same boat as me, musically and financially speaking. Pass on this guitar and you've missed a gem.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar will stand Live playing, that I can guarantee. I've gigged it maybe 10 times plus loads of practice sessions and practice at home and have'nt had any problems. It's solid. As I said earlier I changed the strap buttons to Schaller so i can't comment on the stock ones but the Schaller's havn't budged an inch. I would never gig without a backup - Who does in a band? - but string breakage or faulty electrics haven't been a problem. The finish is holding up fine. I don't treat guitars with much reverence either but there's no problem so far with it's looks. The neck had a satin finish when new but through all my playing I've worn it down to a shiny gloss. If this is qualifies as a problem or durability problem for people I'd be surprised. 9 points.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
I went over most of this earlier so see the first section if you've got the memory of a goldfish. Just to underline: the only "problems" I've had are small. The action supplied was fine but I lowered it a little. The intonation as supplied wasn't perfect either and my lowering the action threw it a little more but these are hardly issues. Any store would or should set up a guitar as you require if you can't do it yourself. 9 months in and so far I've had no technical problems at all. As I said before the guitar was impecably built and put together and I've gone over every inch and found nothing I can mark it down on build wise.

Features — 8
Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX I purchased this guitar in Dec. '08 and noe I've had it a good while I feel I can give a fairly balanced review. By the way, the second so-called review for this guitar is full of mistakes. Whoever wrote it hasn't even played the guitar e.g. Stating it has 22 frets when it has 24. It seems the reviewer hates Epiphone and begs the question: why review or buy a guitar you obviously don't like? Anyway, on with the review. My guitar was bought in Dec. '08 and was made the same year in Korea. The main features of the guitar are: -Mahogany body with quilted maple cap -24 fret "speed taper" neck with blade inlays and satin finish -EMG 81/85 pickups -Grover Tuners -LockTone Tun-o-matic bridge -Three way toggle Switch -One volume and one tone pot -Double bound body and bound neck -Seperate "pop-up" compartment for the pickups 9V battery -Strap-locks The guitar is built to the long tried and tested LP format of mahogany body with maple cap and mahogany neck. As anyone Who has tried a LP knows this makes it a heavy guitar but the benefits are loads of sustain. It feels rock-solid in other words. The quilted maple cap looks great although the dark finish does hide it a bit. The body is flawlessly bound on both sides and only a philistine would call this guitar ugly. The neck is a bit of a departure for an LP. With 24 frets and what Epiphone call a "speed taper" size/radius it isn't like a traditional LP neck. It's fast! Not overly thin and not baseball bat thick, it really is so comfortable to play. Not having the biggest hands in the world it suits me perfectly. The neck and headstock are also bound, the frets are well dressed and polished with no sharp edges. The back of the neck has a satin finish which means sweaty hands don't stick. Playing as much as I do I've already worn this to a Shine - especially between the 1st and 12th frets - but if anything it's just made the neck faster. It certainly hasn't hampered me. I think the nut is plastic although I'm not 100% sure but mine was well cut. If you play very heavy gauges you might have to re-cut it. The Grover tuners are finished in black, feel solid, and i havn't had any tuning problems whatsoever. The guitar came with a workable, fret-buzz free action which I lowered a touch. The intonation wasn't perfect either but these are hardly problems as most stores will set up a guitar to you're wishes when you buy and/or there's plenty of online help for beginners. The LockTone tun-o-matic bridge is also finsihed in black and has given me no problems. A three way Switch in the usual posistion has also given no headaches, the other controls being one volume and one tone pot, both with black metal knobs topped to match the guitar finish. Some people I'm sure would prefer a two volume/two tone set-up but for myself it's not something I've missed. The active EMG pickups (81 bridge, 85 neck) are without doubt one of the main selling points of the guitar. As far as I'm aware no Gibson production model LP comes fitted with EMG's and this was probably the main reason I got this guitar. I love LP's and I wanted EMG's. I had a limited budget and even buying a studio LP (which I didn't really want) and getting EMG's fitted would be way more expensive than this guitar. That plus the exceptional workmanship on the Epiphone and it was a no-brainer. Some people seem to think if it isn't US made it's no good. NOT true. At least not in the case of the Prophecy series. To finish off the guitar came with Epiphone strap-locks. As I already have Schaller strap-locks on my other guitar this is the only mod I've made and I'm looking at putting locking Grover machine heads on as well. There was - as usual with Epiphone - no bag or case which is a shame for a guitar this good. A little prioe increase for one or the other I could have lived with. There did follow a cable and tools but that's it. A little disapointing but when all is said and done this really is a good, solid and well built guitar. No, it isn't a '59 'burst LP but then playing metal and giging one of those is hardly likely either. ;) A very solid 8.

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    El_KINGG33 wrote: Idiot resurrected reviewed the wrong guitar
    read again, and again to be sure
    mark lappin wrote: srvkicks@$$ wrote: yes lps are good for playing everything but this isnt a real lp its ann epiphone. believe it or not epiphones have more manufacture problems and lower grade equipment and accesories than the cheapest of gibsons erm fail when less paul first approached gibson they turned down his design and from what iv read it was originally designed by les paul after hours in an EPIPHONE FACTORY!
    Just as a note, to those people hating on it because it's badly made, this guitar has very bad quality control.
    mark lappin
    srvkicks@$$ wrote: yes lps are good for playing everything but this isnt a real lp its ann epiphone. believe it or not epiphones have more manufacture problems and lower grade equipment and accesories than the cheapest of gibsons
    erm fail when less paul first approached gibson they turned down his design and from what iv read it was originally designed by les paul after hours in an EPIPHONE FACTORY!
    I've got pro alnico II:s in my current epiphone, just awesome. Great distorsion and really warm cleans. I've also got a split coil to further reduce output, which is great for more strumming styles. Great pickup that's all I have to say. P.S Any experiences with the SD Invader?
    i actually went to my nearest guitarcenter to play the GX one... well im just gonna say its a piece of crap.. i was extremely disapointed with the tone of the pickups.. they were extremely tinny but it does look beautiful in real life... I did run into a epiphone limited edition Slash apetite thou... i loved it... the pickups were Seymour Duncan Alnico-II Pro humbuckers.. beautiful sounding guitar... im gonna try to find a used one of them cuz they are expensive.... your thoughts on the subject?
    I'm actually angeling for a B.C Warbeast, which I plan to convert to actives. The guitar seems pretty good and the price is fair, any thoughts? I'm interested in the WMD version, which also looks pretty sick. Thanks for the pickup advice by the way. To your other question, passive pickups are known to have a more "natural" sound, which disappears a lot with hi gain, the tonal quality is often better in passives, for sweeping, moving solos and whatnot. The actives on the other hand are much more quiet in the white noice department. I'd say that gibson generally are lower in quality than EMG, but I can guess that the dirtyfingers are a bit more aggressive where the EMG:s are a bit more generic and smooth. Hope that helps, otherwise, I'll be here
    Well, in my opinion gibsons are pretty crappy. The guitar I'm using right now, an epiphone les paul elitist, came with gibson pickups, the first thing I did was replace them with SD:s. Although I've heard good thing about dirtyfingers, especially from GuitarWorld. So I say go for it, you can always replace them and the finish is pretty sick...
    actually man, now im stuck because i saw the Epiphone Les paul prophecy Gx in BLack Cherry.. well lets just say its pretty HOT ... well im wondering if the Gibson Dirty Fingers are as good as The EMGS... so far they sound to be pretty similar except the fact that the emgs are active pickups.. Can i have your oppinion
    well i did some research on the blackouts and in my oppinion just keep the emgs because the blackouts seem to be very picky with the type of wood it likes... people also say that there is almost no difference in sound pompaired to these emgs .. I HOPE THIS HELPS!!
    I was just wonderin', can you trust the wood enough in this guitar to use blackouts? I was just thinking, since the blackouts need pretty good wood to sound stellar.
    No problem, thinking of getting this badboy meself actually... Just pure awesomeness
    thank you very much Blargaha.... i didn't think anybody was gonna answere me its a done deal,, im gettin this guitar no matter what i just need some money haahhah
    does the epiphone les paul prophecy ex fit into a normal epiphone hardshell case..... please answere
    Does this guitar fit in a normal epiphone les paul hardshell case..... please answere
    @mechagod Yeah, he did review the wrong guitar. I've owned and played an epiphone lp elitist for the last five years. There has only been one thing wrong with it, the crappy Gibson USA pickups it came stocked with, sounded like crap. I'm getting this one as soon as I have the money. Reminds me of Rob Barrett, and who is more metal than the great Rob? Don't say Pat cause' that'll only piss me off.
    james 320
    hi i am about to buy either this guitar or an esp ltd ec-50, which one do yous think i should go for, this guitar has better spec but im not sure which i should go for, oh and im getting them for the same price, so.
    I wrote a review here so i like to come back once in a while to read other peoples thoughts on this guitar. My review gave it an overall score of 8.8 which - price etc taken into consideration - is a fair score. Some will beg to differ im sure as i will over other guitars but then opinions and tastes are like *****s: everyones got one.. And most stink, except mine of course. Nah, im just joking but i do love LP's and while i cant justify buying one with a Gibson name on it i still think this is a great new take on a classic design and im surprised that Gibson haved done something similar with a US produced model.
    i played this guitar and it seriously the best i ever played. everything about it was and felt absolutely perfect for me. your arguments are ****ing retarded. people have different tastes in guitars. and brands don't matter. its the guitar. and really brands themselves are just a label on the guitar maybe used to organize them. different brands do produce different guitars though. back to the guitar. i was REALLY impressed by this guitar. i thought it was going to play like any other les paul. i was so wrong. epiphone blew my mind with this line of guitars. every one of them is perfect. cept maybe the sg's ugly, and neck heavy. i dont like sg's. and i have no idea what you guys are talking about. this guitar looks ****ing sweet.
    Johanthevampire wrote: Johanthevampire wrote: gyzer_8970 wrote: its ugly as a poo... And what is a more beautiful guitar? This one has a flame maple top, a satin finish neck, EMGs look slick, What is, in your opinion better? I'd love to know... Probably somthing stupid like a USA Strat, I dont know why anyone would pay more than 50 dollars for a guitar that has a bolt on neck, bolt on necks are for children, or tone def old men who buy 4000 dollar combo amps and cant play, I've met alot of those, they have like 50 guitars, most of them are strats and gibson les pauls, and they just are terrible at guitar, but have tons and tons of gear, I love those guys, BTW I bairly post comments, and I bairly read them, so my posts are more meaty usually, I just rant and stuff, you can ban me if you want, I probably wouldnt find out about it for another 3 months or so. Bahahaha, Damn straight no one commented on my comment, I pwned that guy.
    Uh yeah... You're cool.. You're also an idiot. It boils down to preference if you find a guitar good looking or not. Bolt on necks aren't for children or tone deaf old men, that boils down to preference as well. Think about what you're going to say or you sound like a stupid little ten year - old.
    jimmy d'soul wrote: 7orch : How accessible are the 23rd and 24th frets? I have trouble reaching the 22nd on my Les Paul Standard, or did they change the cutaway? why wait for gibson to change the cutaway? go for an ESP eclipse. i own one and it is great!
    Because it's an ESP, no comparison! I'll sell you my VW, it's just like a Vette!