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manufacturer: Epiphone date: 02/25/2013 category: Electric Guitars
Epiphone: Les Paul Prophecy EX
The Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom EX Electric Guitar has arrived! As everyone from Jimmy Page to Slash will tell you, there is nothing in this world to compare with the feeling of thrashing a genuine Les Paul through a wall of stacked amps. It's the sound of half a century of rock 'n' roll, distilled to its essence, and turned up to 10.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 8.7
 Reliability & Durability: 8.8
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.2
 Features: 8
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overall: 9.8
Les Paul Prophecy EX Reviewed by: Barnstable, on september 12, 2008
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Features: The body of the guitar is a Standard solid-top mahogany Les Paul, which means thich, rich, full tone and impressive weight. (That's a thing about me, I like my guitars to have some heft to them, none of this lightweight super-Strat nonsense! ) The mahogany neck is amazing. It's got the traditional Les Paul set-neck joint, but the finish, shape, and fretboard are anything but old school. An amazing ebony fretboard decked out with 24 jumbo frets gives me a full two octaves on each string to play with. The satin finish is slick and smooth as any other neck I've played. The neck shape is what really sold me on this guitar. It's fast and smooth as hell, but still meaty enough to really fill the hand. (I don't like Ibanez and Jackson necks, I know some people love them, but I just don't like them. I find them really uncomfortable to play on for any decent period of time.) As for the rest of the instrument, it's pretty solid. All the hardware is black, which I like, not only because it looks more badass than gold or silver, but it doesn't wear like those colors do. Tuners are great and hold tune for days, even when I drop to (or past) CGCFAD. One volume, one tone, and a three-way Switch keep things simple. Active electronics support the pair of active 'Made in the U.S.A.' EMG humbuckers; an 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck. I only gave 9 here, because nothing extra came with the guitar, no gig bag, case, or nothing. And when you buy a guitar this nice, you want something to protect it. // 9

Sound: The sound is excellent. Active EMG Humbuckers and mahogany solid-top never disappoint. The 81/85 combo is a dead set classic. I play metal and hardcore and stuff like that. Think Pantera/Hatebreed/Overcast. And this guitar kills. The 85 gives this amazing solid chuck that is great for riffage. The 81 screams and handles highs great. Between the 81 and the 85 this guitar can do pretty much anything. (Only problem, the active EMG's give almost too much output for my amp to handle. I've been reduced to my 15 watt Line 6 and the EMG's are too much for the little guy! // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Factory setup was excellent, but I had to adjust it a bit when I dropped it to CGCFAD. Other than that, setup was perfect. No problems with knobs, tuners, anything! Mind you, I've kept it like this and it didn't spend a lot of time on the shelf at GC before I bought it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have no reason to believe this guitar will not last me for years of use. I've only had it for three months, but nothing's gone wrong yet. My other Epi never failed me. (It's my kid brother's now.) I wouldn't be afraid to gig without a backup, except for the usual risks with playing Live like broken strings and ccrap like that. // 10

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this guitar couldn't be better. I played every other comprable guitar GC had to offer and nothing surpased this as far as I was concerned. The mahogany body, set neck, and traditional bridge & stopbar setup keep the tone solid and full. The beautiful neck allows a playability unmatched on any other guitar I tried. The sound and power coming out of the EMG's in insane. Simply put, this is the guitar I've been waiting to play for years. Some people may get all 'Boo! Epiphone not good! ' but seriously, Zakk Wylde's playing a Les Paul with EMG's in it. Don't talk 'til you've tried this out. // 10

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overall: 8.8
Les Paul Prophecy EX Reviewed by: livewire76, on september 17, 2009
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Features: Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX I purchased this guitar in Dec. '08 and noe I've had it a good while I feel I can give a fairly balanced review. By the way, the second so-called review for this guitar is full of mistakes. Whoever wrote it hasn't even played the guitar e.g. Stating it has 22 frets when it has 24. It seems the reviewer hates Epiphone and begs the question: why review or buy a guitar you obviously don't like? Anyway, on with the review. My guitar was bought in Dec. '08 and was made the same year in Korea. The main features of the guitar are: -Mahogany body with quilted maple cap -24 fret "speed taper" neck with blade inlays and satin finish -EMG 81/85 pickups -Grover Tuners -LockTone Tun-o-matic bridge -Three way toggle Switch -One volume and one tone pot -Double bound body and bound neck -Seperate "pop-up" compartment for the pickups 9V battery -Strap-locks The guitar is built to the long tried and tested LP format of mahogany body with maple cap and mahogany neck. As anyone Who has tried a LP knows this makes it a heavy guitar but the benefits are loads of sustain. It feels rock-solid in other words. The quilted maple cap looks great although the dark finish does hide it a bit. The body is flawlessly bound on both sides and only a philistine would call this guitar ugly. The neck is a bit of a departure for an LP. With 24 frets and what Epiphone call a "speed taper" size/radius it isn't like a traditional LP neck. It's fast! Not overly thin and not baseball bat thick, it really is so comfortable to play. Not having the biggest hands in the world it suits me perfectly. The neck and headstock are also bound, the frets are well dressed and polished with no sharp edges. The back of the neck has a satin finish which means sweaty hands don't stick. Playing as much as I do I've already worn this to a Shine - especially between the 1st and 12th frets - but if anything it's just made the neck faster. It certainly hasn't hampered me. I think the nut is plastic although I'm not 100% sure but mine was well cut. If you play very heavy gauges you might have to re-cut it. The Grover tuners are finished in black, feel solid, and i havn't had any tuning problems whatsoever. The guitar came with a workable, fret-buzz free action which I lowered a touch. The intonation wasn't perfect either but these are hardly problems as most stores will set up a guitar to you're wishes when you buy and/or there's plenty of online help for beginners. The LockTone tun-o-matic bridge is also finsihed in black and has given me no problems. A three way Switch in the usual posistion has also given no headaches, the other controls being one volume and one tone pot, both with black metal knobs topped to match the guitar finish. Some people I'm sure would prefer a two volume/two tone set-up but for myself it's not something I've missed. The active EMG pickups (81 bridge, 85 neck) are without doubt one of the main selling points of the guitar. As far as I'm aware no Gibson production model LP comes fitted with EMG's and this was probably the main reason I got this guitar. I love LP's and I wanted EMG's. I had a limited budget and even buying a studio LP (which I didn't really want) and getting EMG's fitted would be way more expensive than this guitar. That plus the exceptional workmanship on the Epiphone and it was a no-brainer. Some people seem to think if it isn't US made it's no good. NOT true. At least not in the case of the Prophecy series. To finish off the guitar came with Epiphone strap-locks. As I already have Schaller strap-locks on my other guitar this is the only mod I've made and I'm looking at putting locking Grover machine heads on as well. There was - as usual with Epiphone - no bag or case which is a shame for a guitar this good. A little prioe increase for one or the other I could have lived with. There did follow a cable and tools but that's it. A little disapointing but when all is said and done this really is a good, solid and well built guitar. No, it isn't a '59 'burst LP but then playing metal and giging one of those is hardly likely either. ;) A very solid 8. // 8

Sound: As I play mostly metal/hard rock it's easy to see why I got this guitar I would've thought. The EMG's are loud n' clear and have nearly become Standard fittings to any metal players guitar. I practice on solid state Line6 at home but when I practice/gig with my band we borrow various Marshall valve amps and the EMG's easliy push them into overdrive. I have a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion pedal but I hardly ever use it, especially with the valve amps. The EMG's and amp give me all the crunch I need. Back off on the volume and a very usable clean tone is there. The neck 85 is warm and round without being muddy and the bridge similar but brighter. Purists will always argue that active pickups can't match the tone in passives and they have a point BUT it really depends on what style you play. Metal isn't about slow, "moving" solo's. It's about loud, abbrasive, crunch and this guitar delivers. So for what I bought it for and what it gives, a well earned 9. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I went over most of this earlier so see the first section if you've got the memory of a goldfish. Just to underline: the only "problems" I've had are small. The action supplied was fine but I lowered it a little. The intonation as supplied wasn't perfect either and my lowering the action threw it a little more but these are hardly issues. Any store would or should set up a guitar as you require if you can't do it yourself. 9 months in and so far I've had no technical problems at all. As I said before the guitar was impecably built and put together and I've gone over every inch and found nothing I can mark it down on build wise. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will stand Live playing, that I can guarantee. I've gigged it maybe 10 times plus loads of practice sessions and practice at home and have'nt had any problems. It's solid. As I said earlier I changed the strap buttons to Schaller so i can't comment on the stock ones but the Schaller's havn't budged an inch. I would never gig without a backup - Who does in a band? - but string breakage or faulty electrics haven't been a problem. The finish is holding up fine. I don't treat guitars with much reverence either but there's no problem so far with it's looks. The neck had a satin finish when new but through all my playing I've worn it down to a shiny gloss. If this is qualifies as a problem or durability problem for people I'd be surprised. 9 points. // 9

Overall Impression: My overall impression is that this is a guitar well worth it's price tag. It has features you won't find on a production Gibson LP, it is really well built and providing I had the money I would replace it the same day if it were lost or stolen. I've been playing seriously for 4 years now and even though I'm reaching a level of ability that justifies maybe investing in a more expensive guitar - maybe an ESP - this Epiphone is covering all the bases for now. I visit guitar stores all the time to test other models and in my opinion this guitar, in this price range and for what I bought it for, is unbeatable. I really am very happy with it and until I have the money to get a top end ESP or maybe a Gibson then I have nothing to complain about and nor will you if you're in the same boat as me, musically and financially speaking. Pass on this guitar and you've missed a gem. // 9

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overall: 9.4
Les Paul Prophecy EX Reviewed by: brhokla, on august 23, 2011
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Features: First, The guitar is stunningly beautiful. Some of the features include an Ebony fret board with Mahogany neck that is fast, slim tapered but still wide. It is super comfortable and easy to play. The guitar also has 24 easy to reach frets. The inlay's in the Ebony board are much different from your typical Epiphone Les Paul Standards and/or Customs. The binding is flawless and all hardware is blacked out. EMG 81/85 Active PickUp's complete what is probably one of the finest Epiphones of the last 5 years. I've had many including the 59 Les Paul Reissue with the Burstbuckers to many Standards and Customs. This guitar is it! It does not dissa-point. Feels better than most Gibsons I have played and the features/quality at it's price point are a Great value. One hella a deal. // 10

Sound: Well, all I can say is the sound is AMAZING! It's as heavy, thick sounding as you need. You will need a good amp for this guitar as many will not be able to handle the combination of these super bad to the bone EMG Pickups. You can play any kind of hard rock, metal your heart desires with this guitar. It screams as needed and has great harmonics. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Guitar was set up very well but, I got it in a trade from a player that has been in many bands so I can't say what the set-up was when new. It is however set up very well now and the binding, hardware, electronics are flawless. I give it a 9 because I have had to set-up most Epi's when new so I'm assuming this would be the same. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Absolutely will withstand live playing. It's very heavy, much more so than a typical Epi Les Paul Standard. Hardware is very nice and I feel I can depend on it. I would buy this guitar now that I'm familiar with it in a heartbeat. Another posted said it was not heavy and felt weak. That is a flat out lie. This guitar is 9 lbs and feels very sturdy and strong. They also stated it was junk but I'd have to ask them to prove they even own one of these. It's a Awesome guitar and I've had many to compare it too. // 9

Overall Impression: Metal, Heavy Rock, Classic Rock, AC/DC, Ozzy. It's perfect for what I like. I'd buy in a minute if lost, stolen or broken. I love the sound, the feel, playability and looks of this guitar. I think it's the best Epi Les Paul ever made. Only thing they could improve is adding second volume and tone dials. // 9

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overall: 8.4
Les Paul Prophecy EX Reviewed by: Nargothror, on december 01, 2011
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Price paid: € 555

Purchased from: Thomann.de

Features: First review so please be tolerant if I'm mistaken at some points. My Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul EX was made in 2009 (I think), made in China which is kinda obvious for what you get in this pricerange. It's got 24 Frets, 24, 75" scale length, an ebony fretboard and a fairly thin but not too thin neck for my taste. The body and neck are both made of Mahogany, just as you'd expect on a regular LP, although that's where similarities are coming to an end. The neck has a pretty nice satin finish which sadly turns glossy as you keep playing, I don't think that's a criticism, but nevertheless worth mentioning. Pickups are the classic EMG 81/85 combination, there's a tone and a volume knob and a 3-way switch for the pickups. Tuners are from Grover Mechanics. All the hardware is black. Apart from that, nothing was included. // 9

Sound: I liked the idea of an LP with EMG's from the beginning and I must say I'm not disappointed at all, it sounds pretty awesome at least for my playing, mostly Metal as you'd probably expect. I'm playing my Guitar through an Engl Gigmaster 15 into a 2*12 cab and since I live in an apartment at pretty low volume but it still sounds awesome. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was not fully to my taste as I got it, a little high, but nothing you couldn't fix yourself. The neck pickup was a little low, the bridge pickup was set up perfectly. Another thing I noticed was a pretty loose connection to the output jack, leading to some minor flaws in the output signal. Please notice, these are minor aspects that one can repair with little effort. // 7

Reliability & Durability: The guitar itself is solid as hell, I would definitely consider it reliable for live playing as long as your EMG's battery doesn't run out. No string was broken during regular playing and the intonation is held very well. I would switch the stock strap locks for some higher quality ones to be sure. I would not gig without a backup but I wouldn't do so if this were the most awesome guitar in the world, there's always something that can go wrong. I still think it would last through any gig I can imagine. // 8

Overall Impression: Being a Metal-player, this guitar suits my style perfectly. It looks amazing but still somewhat traditional which I like a lot, the sound is awesome and I'd definitely buy it again if it were lost or stolen. Being relatively new to guitar playing (about 3 years now) I can recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a nice axe; there is hardly anything to be found in this pricerange that can compare to this guitar. And please ignore the Epiphone haters; seriously, who gives a sh*t about the name on the headstock if it sound and looks awesome. This is definitely a high quality guitar. // 9

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overall: 8.8
Les Paul Prophecy EX Reviewed by: DiabolusClement, on february 25, 2013
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Price paid: $ 599

Purchased from: Amazon

Features: This is a relative new guitar, actually it was the last one in stock (before February), I got it around Christmas time. Made in China, which is a blower of course, but then again this is Epiphone. It has 24 Jumbo frets with a 24-3/4" scale length. It has a Mahogany body and a set-in mahogany SpeedTaper satin neck. It also has a Quilted maple top with a Midnight Sapphire finish. Body style is obviously Les Paul and the bridge style is LockTone tune-o-matic. It has the active EMG 81/85 combo. You get 2 volume knobs and 2 tone knobs with a 3-way selector. You also get the black Grover 14:1 machine heads and black Epiphone strap locks already on the guitar. It comes with an Epiphone hard case. It also has a very unique set of inlays if I might add, looks very nice, and the neck feels fantastic. I'm giving it an 8 because for a $600 guitar, it's fantastic. // 8

Sound: I think this guitar is perfect for Metal and for Hard Rock. It also works for other styles, such as classic rock, instrumental, punk, and what not; but there are better guitars out there if you play those styles. I typically use it to play Metal, Hard Rock, and Instrumental. Although I use it with a horrible amp (Fender Mustang I), it works really well with my Boss ME-25 plugged in. Let me tell you, this guitar definitely packs in a punch. It has so much power when it's on the neck pick up, perfect for solos and riffs. Yet it also keeps a full, rich sound on the rhythm pick up. Giving it an 8 because it isn't versatile when it comes to other styles, but it achieves it's purpose of bringing out the metal side out of a Les Paul. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: It's action was pretty average, I have yet to change it because I am satisfied with it's performance so far. I replaced the strings with Ernie Ball Heavy Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, just because I prefer those; factory strings were pretty good. Pick ups were fine and so was the bridge. One of the tone knobs was slightly higher than the others so I had to fix that, but it was an easy fix and didn't give me much of a problem. No finish flaws, and the quality of the wood is great. What really impresses me about this guitar is that the satin neck makes it so easy to shred, I give this a 9. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar can definitely withstand live playing. I have used it numerous times to practice with my band for hours and hours. I have also used it at a couple of gigs(ex: a club, school competition, guitar battles). The hardware seems perfect, except for that minor knob issue. So far this guitar has yet to go out of tune while I'm playing, the tuners are truly amazing. I would most definitely depend on this guitar, I absolutely adore it. The finish seems to be pretty good so far, I've only had it for a couple of months and it does not have a SINGLE scratch. Overall I give this a 10 because despite being made in China, it is very durable. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall I love this guitar, I have been playing for around 5 years, however I come from a rather poor family so I've had a beginner's guitar for most of that time and let me tell you, it's been nice to finally change it up. Since I play metal, and many different types of rock, I think this guitar is perfect for me. I tend to incorporate other styles such as blues and jazz into my playing, which there are certainly other guitars that sound much better with those styles. I own a Fender Mustang I (getting a tube amp soon though!), a Boss ME-25 (which is great for what I need), an Epiphone Special II (my first guitar), and a Dunlop Crybaby Classic. If this guitar were stolen I'd be really sad! This is my most prized possession and I would definitely buy it again! It truly is unique and I'm definitely going to be using it for many years! My favorite feature is the neck and the EMGs. I was stuck between a Schecter Avenger and this. I chose this guitar because when I looked at it and played it, I felt like I could truly express myself with this. It has everything I could want for an intermediate guitarist, and for the price it receives a 9. If you have any questions about it feel free to message me and I'll do my best to answer your questions! // 9

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overall: 6
Les Paul Prophecy EX Reviewed by: Resurrected22, on november 18, 2008
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Price paid: $ 850

Purchased from: Musiciansfriend.com

Features: made in 08, 22 frets, ebony neck, Gibson dirty finger pups, medium frets, beautiful finish, satin neck... you can look it up lol. gold hardware which the paint faded off after tuning it like 3 times... the neck is fairly thin but the satin finish on it is garbage. no matter what my fingers are always sticking to it. It rubs off easily too. the nut is horrible. I have set the guitar up and had it professionally set up and still the first fret on the bottom 2 strings mute out unless you have the action raised really really high. // 4

Sound: I play a lot of metal but I wanted something for more classical and blues stuff. the pups are really nice and the coil split is really tight as well. The guitar sounds great through my Marshal stack. Distorted it's a little weak but overall I love the sound. sustain for days as well. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: heres the killer... the action from Musiciansfriend.com or actually the whole setup was garbage. I have been playing for about 10 years and met and know many guitar techs so I have learned a few things and can set them up to my own specs. that being said, after I set it up the things played simply amazing... but as stated before the 1 frets on the 1st and 2nd (bottom 2 strings) mute out unless the action is raised really really high. I never really use those frets so I try not to let it bother me but it really gets under my skin. maybe try thicker strings... dunno. Pickups were fine. the neck once again blew hard chuncks. my thumb gets all sorts of tore up from sticking to that crap a$$ satin wannabe finish. // 5

Reliability & Durability: This thing feels kinda weak. not very heavy for a lp and seems fragile. Who knows? I wont gig with it. I am already trying to sell and replace it. The finish is probably the best part of the guitar. It's really easy on the eyes. The hardware seems like it would last but the strap locks that it comes with are garbage. Not sure what they were doing there... // 7

Overall Impression: I play mostly metal but like to mess around with a little of everything. this guitar looks nice and they had the right idea but I simply think epiphones are garbage. this is my second one and both have had major flaws. if your looking at getting a nice LP I would go with Tokai or ESP/LTD. you can't go wrong there and for the price LTDs own all. don't waste your time with Epiphone. They suck. // 6

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