Les Paul Standard 1959 Review

manufacturer: Epiphone date: 12/22/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Epiphone: Les Paul Standard 1959
Although technically not a reissue as Epiphone never released a 1959 Les Paul, it attempts to be the high end of the low end, and succeeds.
 Sound: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.3
 Features: 9.3
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overall: 9.6
Les Paul Standard 1959 Reviewed by: Hebbamundo, on december 23, 2009
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Price paid: £ 650

Purchased from: Candy Apple Red Guitars3

Features: The guitar is marketed as a 1959 Les Paul Reissue. Although technically not a reissue as Epiphone never released a 1959 Les Paul, it attempts to be the high end of the low end, and succeeds. It has a Standard number of frets (22) with nicely made trapezium-like pearl inlays which look superb. It is a solid top guitar, no bolt-on neck which is a sign of good craftsmanship. The volume and tone switches were a little bit tight an needed adjusting which was a small drawback but nothing major, it manages to stay in tune very well which is a big bonus! The finish (I can only speak or the cherry sunburst edition) was excellent! It was very similar to my father's '76 deluxe which coincidentally is also cherry burst, however his obviously much finer! However, the Epiphone model has an excellent finish non the less. The pickups on the guitar are Gibson Burstbuckers and Gibson Humbuckers which replicate a very nice Gibson punch-like sound of a Les Paul Overall it was very good, a few small things needed adjusting and picking up such as the pickups (which needed picking up slightly, I thought that was fairly ironic!) and the tone and volume switches needed adjusting slightly, no major issues, and the internation was almost perfect which was fairly surprising! // 9

Sound: I play a lot of rock music, so it is no coincidence that my choice of guitar would be a Les Paul! I love to play various Aerosmith songs, Guns N' Roses and music of that genre and it emulates the sounds from the records very well whilst using my Marshall amp (I'm sorry I don't now the model name!) which is a practice amp, the sound is very good and I feel obliged to compliment the Gibson Burstbucker and Humbucker for the very enjoyable playing experience! Excellent value for money! // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was not set up very well from the factory, however, my father easily sorted this out and it was no trouble with for him, took him approximately 10 minutes so it was no issue. Internation was remarkably almost perfect, which was very nice to see. The finish, excellent! Lovely cherry sunburst finish, as I said above, almost as good as my father's Gibson Les Paul '76 deluxe, however not as good, but very good anyway! I couldn't be more happy with it! // 9

Reliability & Durability: It is to my belief that this guitar could withstand a great deal of Live playing, it has great sound and looks brilliant aesthetically and would be impressive for minor performances (obviously not large gigs such as Glastonbury festival!) I can imagine myself using this for my own performances thorough out my GCSE examination course and also private gigs of my own. The finish seems like it will last, and it hopefully will! I couldn't ask for anything more from reliability and durability of the guitar for my price paid! // 10

Overall Impression: My overall impression seems to be that it is a great match for my style of music. I've played for about a year and a half now, and this suits me very well. Although it wasn't as advertised, Epiphone's description and pictures of the product show it to have a blank headstock, whilst it actually reads "Les Paul Standard 1959", which was no issue for me I actually prefer it believe Epiphone should have changed their description of the product before issuing them, I have model no. 101 of the 1,959 products produced, I don't know if they had a change of heart after making the first 100 or even issued any with a blank headstock at all but I believe that they should have informed perspective buyers. If I was to lose the guitar I could see myself buying it again (if I can find another one they seem to be quite rare!). I love the finish quality, the Standard of the pearl inlays, the ivory-like tuners on the headstock! The whole look of the guitar is excellent! It plays brilliantly there is nothing I hate about it! I compared this product to my father's Fender Stratocaster, his Gibson '76 Les Paul Deluxe and an Ibanez who's model name I have forgotten! Overall, I feel my Les Paul trumps the Startocaster and the Ibanez (priced at 600), however not the Gibson, for obvious reasons! Overall, fantastic! Great value for money! If you are lucky enough to find one, I highly recommend it to you! However, I can only speak on behalf f the cherry burst model! // 10

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overall: 9.6
Les Paul Standard 1959 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 05, 2010
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Price paid: £ 619

Purchased from: Reverb- Bristol

Features: This guitar is a Limited Edition Custom Shop and was made in Japan in 2003. It features 22 medium jumbo frets, 1950's rounded neck profile, RoseWood fingerboard which feel really nice! Solid Mahogany body with a Hard Maple cap on the top. Beautiful finish! I got the Cherry Sunburst one. It also features a LockTone tune-o-matic/stopbar bridge, Gibson Tuners, 2 Gibson USA Burstbucker Pickups. 2 Tone and 2 Volume Controls. The guitar came with a hard case with, Brown leather exterior and pink fur interior. Great Case, you can also lock it (key provided)! I also got a poster, an Epiphone Sticker and a 1-2 metre lead. On the Epiphone Website it says " blank trussrod cover " but mine came with a trussrod cover that says "Les Paul Standard 1959". On the back you have the stamp in black ink that states that this is a Custom Shop and Limited Edition. Mine is the 1792nd. They should have payed a bit more attention to the fingerboard when painting it. They also didn't press 1 fret (fretwire) in hard, I had to hit on it gently with a hammer because I got a fret buzz when playin on towards the 18th-19th fret. You must try the guitar before buying it! Other than that the guitar is gorgeous! // 9

Sound: I play blues, rock and sometimes metal, and I have to say the guitar suits all of those genres. If you playing cold (not plugged in) you get that really cool jazzy sound that Les Paul produced (his music). If you plug in and Switch to overdrive, You get a really good warm rocky tone, you get that "ballsy" sound that only the Les Paul models can give. I am not a millionare so I don't have X hundred W Marshall amps, but it still sounds damn good on a Zoom G2 through a Cheetah 30W amp. There is a bit of noise when you put it on the distortion setting/patch "Ed"(Zoom G2 users will know what I'm talking about)but this can be reduced by using/changing the Zoom Noise Reduction settings. I rate the Sound 9 because I expected a more Gibsony tone for 600 pounds. But it might just be the amp and pedal combination. If you have a 50W Marshall/VOX/whatever it might sound better and heavier. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up well, the humbuckers are wobbly a bit but that's normal. Sometimes you will need to check them though because they can sink down a bit and you might loose some volume/tone, just get a screw driver and... Drive the screws which ever way you want to (up/down):). As I said above one of the fretwires was not pressd in as well so I hat to hit on it with a hammer (gently) so it went back to place. The nut seems to be like a / shape because if I look at it from the bridge (eye level, from the bridge end of the guitar) the nut looks slopy (straight but like a slope), anyway that's a minor problem. The control knobs are well put on, and the 3 way pickup Switch is set well, and doesn't snap back from one position to another. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I only had this guitar for 4 days but I think it's quite solid. The case is really protective, well padded. The guitar didn't come with straplocks so I will have to put my Squier's straplocks on it. I think I would use it on smaller gig like in a pub or a school without a backup, but for a stadium gig... I would obviously take some more with me. // 10

Overall Impression: I have been playing for 2 years now, I am in a band and we have done 1 school gig and we usualy jam after school. I mainly play blues and rock but getting to like Metal as well. I like the guitar's versatility, and the Gibsony tone, and also it's beautiful look. It's kind of tricky that they sell it for 619 because what you get is a 60-70 case a 2 lead, so the guitar itself is almost the same price as the Ultra II. I wanted one that comes from the "EE" factory which is the QingDao in China (Best Epi factory in China), but looking at the reviews these are all made in Japan, FujiGen. Same factory where Joe Satriani gets his guitars from, and which is also well known for its good quality end products. The sound is great could be a little heavier for the money paid but it's great. I was actually quite shocked when I first held it in my hands in the store. It weighed almost the same as my Squier... I thought it will be a bit heavier but at least that won't annoy me when doing a gig. It weighs exactly 3.5 Kilograms (7.7lb/pounds) I hope you found this review helpful. // 10

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overall: 9.6
Les Paul Standard 1959 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 15, 2011
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Price paid: £ 650

Purchased from: Dawsons Music Liverpool

Features: The guitar has a solid one-piece Mahogany body with a Flamed Maple Veneer attached. It has a pair of Gibson USA "Burstbucker" humbucking pickups and slightly overwound Alnico magnet pole pieces. The world famous Gibson Burstbucker 2 (Which is wound in the range of Gibson's 57' Classic for the iconic smooth, creamy tone of early Les Pauls) in the neck position and the slightly hotter Gibson Burstbucker 3 in the Bridge position for those soaring leads. Mine has a 50's style "baseball bat" mahogany neck and Vintage tulip tuners. It comes with a deluxe 50's style hard case. // 9

Sound: I play multiple styles, but I am primarily the lead guitarist in The Effect. We play mainly Hard and Alternative Rock and it covers just about every sound you could find in either genre. It is a very heavy sounding guitar and is as easily capable of pulling off blazing metal riffs as it is cranking out Mississippi Blues. I play it through a Marshall VS 265R and the tone is incredible, pure Jimmy page. However, I am also a huge fan of The Cure and it is perfect for Robert Smith's beautiful but haunting chorus and flanging effects. With this level of versatility and quality of output, this guitar truly deserves the full 10 marks for sound. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is excellent straight from the factory with no need for adjustment. The frets were perfectly smooth and the tuners are rock solid and accurate. The guitar hardly ever goes out of tune. The neck is comfortable, although those with smaller hands may complain of its size. Personally, I prefer the rich sustain typical of a thicker neck. The incredible flamed maple veneer will have people ogling the guitars finish in awe; my model is finished in Tobacco Sunburst which I highly recommend. This is a genuinely stunning instrument. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Live it works well and is reliable, and you always look the part onstage with this beauty in your hands. The only issue I could point out performance wise is that some may find the weight of the guitar off-putting but this is easily overcome by a decent strap. As for its durability, it's built like a tank. You could throw this guitar at a wall and pick it up in perfect working order. One time I forgot to fasten the locks and to my horror the guitar fell out of the case onto its front, when I inspected it a tiny mark was the only damage. // 10

Overall Impression: If this guitar was stolen, I would track down the perpetrators and reclaim it. If you can find an offer like I did for 600-700, I urge you to buy as this instrument is worth much more than that and can only increase in value as there are only 1,959 units available in the world. I was slightly concerned about a 1959 model sounding out-dated but through the right amp it can beat any contemporary design in the same price range hands down. A gem of an instrument and an excellent bargain on my part. // 10

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overall: 8.6
Les Paul Standard 1959 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 22, 2011
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Price paid: £ 650

Purchased from: Denmark Street, London

Features: You've all know the features of a Les Paul and there's nothing new here! Limited Edition Les Paul Custom shop, hard case with all the usual Les Paul gubbins. Gibson USA burstbucker 2&3's looks great just as you'd expect. Standard Les Paul set up with the bridge and 3 way selector and controls, single cut away all that... No surprises with this guitar in terms of features. Nice and traditional Les Paul, why we love them so much! Remarkable job with the Finish. // 10

Sound: The burstbuckers in this guitar do a fantastic job. Clean in particular I have found them to really shine. If I put them through my Marshall MG 102 or my Marshall JCM it sounds fantastic for any clean style the neck position is a personal fav. If blues are your thing in particular then look no further. I genuinely believe the clean tone (although not that of the Gibson Les Paul Standard which I also own) this guitar really holds its own against far more expensive models. When you start over driving or distorting it also performs well (as you'd expect given the hardware) It doesn't naturally lend itself towards heavy metal (for that I use my Gibson Flying V) etc but I have found but for your more pop-metal and traditional rock and roll it both sounds and looks the part 100%. This is, for the price, a fantastic sounding guitar. If you rubbed off Epiphone and wrote Gibson on the headstock you'd get away with it. Does very well across the board (as Les Pauls do) If you're hard up for a 1000+ guitar and want a les paul, this is probably one of the more serious guitars to be looking at. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Well set up from the store, no work required. Finish, traditional Les Paul here... Flawless. Action is also low but not to low. The only comment I would make is the "bassball bat" neck. It does have a round neck as in keeping with the Les Paul's of the time. Does make it very comfortable to dig in but not lending itself to shredding. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The model I have is only a few years old (as it was made in 2010). Played regularly live etc. Seems very safe hands here no worries about playing it live. But then again the guitar isnt old enough for me to say how well it will last. But so far after 18 months of use it has stood up well! // 8

Overall Impression: I do have a fair few guitars in my collection and have played for 8 years overall. This guitar I bring out at gigs alot. Very happy to use it in that environment. The style's I play with this are traditional old school rock and roll-think ZZ Top, AC/DC, Zeppelin type of guitar and it does the job. If this is run through a half decent amp (solid state or valve) it sounds great. Very happy with the purchase. If I lost it would I buy another one? Probably not BUT only because I would take it as an opportunity to try something new. My only problem with this guitar is I find it very hard to love. If you've experience with Gibson Les Pauls you will-like me - appreciate how good this is for the money. // 8

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