Les Paul Standard Plus review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (441 votes)
Epiphone: Les Paul Standard Plus

Purchased from: The Guitar Shop

Sound — 10
The sound on this guitar is just amazing. I play mostly metal & neo-classical music so I do need a bright sound which is what this guitar has. This guitar also has a very rich, clean, warm sound. I am using a Korg AX3G signal modeling processor for effects, anf for an amp I use a crappy little practice amp. The amp it's self is no good for distortion, but for a nice warm clean sound it works amasingly. And when I hook up my AX3G, I can get any sound I want. No matter what sound you are looking for, look no further, the Les Paul will give you any sound you desire.

Overall Impression — 10
The Les Paul matches any style of music, you are never going to listen to any genre of music (except rap & R&B) where there is nobody Who plays a Les Paul. The Les Paul matches every style of music. I have been playing for about a year, but I have been around & played guitars my whole life because my dad, and many other family members play. I have no regrets on buying this, I asked all I could and reserched for months on what guitar is right for me, and I found my match. If it were lost (which I don't think is possible with a finish as bright as mine) I would deffinetly buy a new one. But if it were stolen I would go as far as possible to get it back. I love evrything about this guitar, the shape, the finish, the playability ect. everything rocks! I hate nothing about this guitar, and don't see a reason to hate anything about it. My favorite feature is the fact that you can get any sound you want out of this guitar, and it is easy to. I have comapired many guitars with this one, gibsons, Jacksons, BC riches, ESPs. Many guitars. But none of those except the Epiphone Flying V were as good as the Les Paul. I was Actually just about to purchase the Flying V when my dad pointed out the Heritage Cherry Sunburst Les Paul that soon after Became mine. I am a big sucker for the finish on this guitar. It looks like it will last long too. I don't really wish It had anything else, but there Les Paul Floyd Rose bridges, but I'm fine with my tune-o-matic.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Of course this guitar will withstand Live playing, it's built like a tank. Nothing could go wrong with this guitar unless you smash in over a brick of metal or something, which I don't think any responsible Les Paul owner would do. All my hardware is amazing, the grover tuners will keep you in tune, while the tune-o-matic bridge will keep your strings in good shape durring adjustments. The only thing I am not very pleased with are the strap buttons, for the weight of this guitar vs. the thin strap buttons. Not good. But I bought my Les Paul knowing that, and I am going to go and buy my self some Dunlop strap locks this week, and put em on nice & tight. I have used my little brother's "wanna-be Strat" at a gig, what would make anyone possibly think I woulden't use this one with out a back-up. Honestly though, there is no need for a back-up when you have the Les Paul, you can get any sound, and again, these guitars are built like tanks. My finish is very thick. I was looking on buying a Gibson Les Paul, but I diden't like it as much finish wise.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
My Les Paul was set up amazingly. At all of the other stores I went to to try one out there was a minor problem (off-set knobs, and some minor scratches). But mine was set up perfectly, no dents, perfect knobs, perfect pick-ups. I don't know why so many people are making a big deal of the fact that these guitars are mostly made in asia. As far as I'm concerened there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, people in China & Korea have more to lose if they mess-up while assembleing, than workers in amercia do.

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    if youre gonna shove duncans in it, use a 59 (neck) and an invader for the bridge. doninating combo. i just bought a epi lp off ebay, cant friggin wait for it. and realic's right. strap-loks are a must for any guitar. and get the chrome ones
    An update on the review: almost 18 months & it's just getting better. Kinda got put down when I got a gibson SG faded special, but took the LP to university, and it works like a charm. Haha the weight means I don't need ta buy dumb-bells for weight training, either. The Gibson Designed (as I'm callin' em now, as they kinda are, really) buckers seem to react well to pedals, got an SD-1 and a Crybaby (ecb 95 or something, the main one) & it sounds great. Gonna get a DS-1 so I can get a proper Guns N' Roses sound for it. It's a solid piece of kit, and I like it even more now. Now the price has dropped a bit, I'd honestly say it's a bargain, specially if you throw in a pair of burstbuckers or a good set of Duncans (thinking of getting another 1 & putting some alcino pro II's in)
    i bought one of these a week ago and im very pleased all my friends like the look and its very enjoyable to plat and lots easier than my "eleca" strat tht a started with i can play for a good couple of hours without any wrist ache unlike my strat overall i love this guitar. rock on!!!!
    SWENCE_32 wrote: flame maple is so much nicer, especialy with my wine red color. its the most beautiful thing ive ever seen
    no way i lv dis guitar
    just bought one today, transparent black, i got a nice duncan pickup to go with it, ill write a review in a few weeks
    buhda wrote: these reveiws are useless theres no way and epiphone les paul could get a 10 out of 10 it may be an ok guitar but its not great i wouldnt give my dads 1975 gibson les paul 10 out of 10 most of you have never played anyother guitars what have you got to compare to no guitar gets 10 out of 10 especially a epiphone
    Maybe when you grow up you can get a Gibson all of your own.
    its a good guitar but its overpriced really it sounds very similar to the Les Paul Standard Plus top which u can get for $499. I think the only real difference is the pickups arent chrome and the Slash LP has a better paint job but i reccomend gettin an ebony LP Standard plus they both have the same tone its really just more because of looks
    Kain_Doom01 wrote: All epis are horrible guitars, anything that you have to change hardware as routine as the Pick-up switch is a cheap piece of junk! The only good epiphone is the Zakk Wyld Les Paul, which needs new pick-ups and tuners, but atleast the damn switch works proporly, I mean, you can't give a guitar anything over a 5 in the condition catagory if the switch keeps snapping back -.-" The best guitar, that truely deserves a 10 in ALL catagorys is a 1950's Les Paul: That guitar is PERFECT, no flaws I could find in it what-so-ever, except the price of coarse XD I believe that the best starter guitar for REAL rockers that wanna play the classic rock goodies is an ESP, they have good stock pick-ups, and the DAMN SWITCH DOESN'T SNAP BACK TO THE MIDDLE IN MID-PLAYING!!!! I have a Viper FM-100 with 24 frets, a beginner price range guitar with 24 frets!? Blasphomy! Beleieve it! It sounds GREAT through anything but a fender amp, I don't know why, but it doesn't sound good through fender amps... Anyway, Epis all suck, done, and done If you dissagree, you can guitar battle me, your epiphone vs. my peavey rotor EXP
    Dude. Shutup. Epis are great value for money. Stop dissing.
    Rock Strongo
    I am planning to buy epiphone standard plus and i got a question for those who have it: Does this guitar suit for a little handed bastards like me?
    Gettin this in vintage sunburst cant wait! Might put some duncans in. I'll see how the stock pups are first