SG G-400 review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (124 votes)
Epiphone: SG G-400

Price paid: £ 180

Purchased from: Big-Deal-Music Wolverhampton

Sound — 9
The guitar has a nice full body sound and is perfect for classic rock. It is also great for Grunge, and on clean, for slow fingerpicking. I like to play things like "Titanic", "Schindler's List" and "Man Of The Hour" by Pearl Jam on clean and I can't fault it. My amp is a cheap practice amp which I hope to replace soon. As for the overdrive it can sound a little sludgy at times but that's perfect for my style of playing. If you're after a crisp sound when its on overdrive this might not be for you. As afore mentioned its great for grunge, punk, classic rock, blues, Slipknot, Stone Sour, BFMV and Alter Bridge. There are probably others but that's what I mainly play. The pickups are clearly distinguishable and it sounds like a dream when you are playing. It offers a good variety of sounds and with a bit of fiddling with the different dials you can achieve nearly any sound you want.

Overall Impression — 9
It is a good match for the music I play, mainly grunge and classic rock, and I haven't been able stop playing it since I got it. I'm learning Led Zeppelin's "Mothership" album on it atm and so far so good. I would buy another one if it was lost and I am severely impressed by it. It is far superior to the Les Paul Copy I was going to buy. Not only does it fit my style but its overall appearance feels like it blends in with music. I could picture myself playing this in a band easily. My dream guitar atm is the Jim Root Fender Telecaster but that's just a dream. Until I get the 800 for it this guitar will do perfectly.

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Reliability & Durability — 10
This is a reliable guitar that I will be playing for years. I don't play in a band so I don't know what its like live but if its anything like when I play it in my room then its good. It is very solid and very durable. I have a big dog that's likes to bounce everywhere and it can hold up against him. Really well in fact. The finish is good and it takes alot to mark it. I've only chipped it once and that was when I slipped with a buffer when I was doing a clean over of all my guitars. (2 acoustics and a good electric).

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
Overall the guitar has a good finish. I must admit I had some problems with one of the frett wires which made the notes on the 17th frett buzz. But I got mine second hand so I don't know if that's a manufacturing problem or something caused by the previous owner. The pickups selector is quite and sturdy and the same goes for the pickups. They where set well and I didn't need to adjust anything on it. It keeps its tuning really well and I am very impressed by the tuning pegs. Best tuning I've had on a guitar in years.

Features — 9
My Epiphone is Korean made. Got a good full body with great varnish work. The following below is from the Epiphone website and it delivers on all points. It didn't come with any accessories but did come with a life time guarantee from Big Deal Music where I purchased it from. - Body Material: Mahogany - Neck Material: Mahogany - Neck Shape: SlimTaper(TM) - Neck Joint: Glued-In, Set Neck - Scale Length: 24.75" - Fingerboard Material: Rosewood - Fingerboard Radius: 12" - Nut Width: 1.68" - Hardware: Chrome - Machine Heads: Grover 14:1 Ratio - Neck Pickup: Alnico Classic (TM) Humbucker - Bridge Pickup: Alnico Classic Plus (TM) Humbucker - Controls: 1-Neck Volume, 1-Neck Tone. 1Bridge Volume, 1-Bridge Tone - Pickup Selector: 3-Way Toggle Switch, Epiphone All-Metal - Bridge: LockTone(TM) Tune-o-matic - Tailpiece: LockTone(TM) Stopbar One of the tone dials is a big loose but with a bit of glue i fixed it in under an hour. Not really a problem.

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    I want to add a few quick comments to my review of this guitar. I have now had this guitar for four months and feel i have started unlocking its true potential. 1) Since buying this i have dropped it thanks to a poorly made strap. I feared the worst until i picked it up. Instead of finding a snapped bpdy i discovered that only the tone knob had become crooked and the jack needed realinging by milliseconds. Impressive to me. 2) also i have just begun to realise how fat sounding AND fast it is when playing. Its body has made it really easy for me to learn sweep and alternate picking. The fat sound creates the true classic rock sound i crave in my playing and i am completely blown away. Since owning this i have moved away from playing Slipknot/Pantera etc. Ive embraced my love of Blues,Country and classic Rock. I give this guitar a 10. I dont know how you update reviews so this is the best i could do. Thanks
    50$ just to get it in black there CRAZY!!! But other then that it looks like a good guitar my birhdays in a week and i think im going to get it. If anyone could recomend any good guitars that DONT cost a bounch it would be helpfull.
    MUST GET SG!!! local music store sells an SG in black for $320 and I am getting it- and I will not rest until I do..
    I bought an SG-400 from Long and McQuade in 2014 but didn't play it much because I was an acoustic player and the strings were too light for me. So I decided to put heavier strings on it. The nut broke. I believe this happens when you put larger strings on a cheap guitar. I sent it to Long and McQuade to put a Gibson nut on and the guitar sounded better. More Sustain. Then a few months later after I had moved across the country I noticed a crack at the top of the neck near the nut, So I fixed it with some wood glue etc. (some great how to vidios on youtube) Now my SG-400 is becoming one of my favourite guitars. Great for playing rhythm because of the heavier strings. When I am playing lead I tend to use my PRS. SGs are always neck heavy so use a leather strap with a rough hide back.
    I was smitten by a Gibson, then spotted the poor relation Epiphone. Glad I did.  Reviewers tend to recommend it for metal and hard rock. When trying a second hand one, the Goth version, I thought it felt really comfortable and easy to play. A session musician happened to be in the store and I asked if they would give it a whirl. He played jazz, reggae, blues and rock and said it seemed to be very versatile. (His tip for gauging how a new guitar will play, is to focus on open chords first and just flip through all the pickup combos.) He made it sound great, so I bought it there and then.  Back home, 6 months on, I am sure it will play anything if you are capable. I can get it to twang like a Strat, using finger tips only it produces "acoustic sounding" rhythm or change settings and attack with a plectrum for driving heavy heavy rock. Lovely action and easy moving up and down the fretboard. It seems to stay in tune for a long time, very precise tuners, is built like a tank. Only issue, very top heavy. Also it has cost me a pair of jeans, playing sat down, it literally wore holes in the tops of my jeans. Is that why they call it a grunge guitar! One day I will probably buy a Gibson but not because this Epiphone is not good enough.