SG Prophecy Custom EX review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (125 votes)
Epiphone: SG Prophecy Custom EX

Sound — 9
Dear god. The sound of this guitar is amazing. I own an older Fender 212FM and with the more Vintage sound of the amp, leads sound absolutely amazing. When I go for a more heavy, thicker distortion I hook it up to my Behringer UM100 (don't knock it) and I must say, this guitar was made for metal. That being said, bluesy stuff doesn't sound quite as bluesy and the guitar has a somewhat limited genre range, but I can honestly say the clean tone sounds hauntingly beautiful. With full blown distortion I tend to get a hiss from the amp but that isn't the guitar; when I use the Behringer it's dead quiet.

Overall Impression — 9
I'm a huge fan of most kinds of metal. I typically listen to stuff like Morbid Angel or Behemoth, but I'm also a huge fan of Joe Walsh, Mountain, and Clapton, and this guitar covers their styles nicely, though it's definitely a metal guitar. I've been playing nearly 3 years and in comparison with the $700 Schecter I had been playing at The Music store for some time now, this guitar is every bit it's equal. If I found out someone stole this, I'd probably round up a mob and hunt the bastard down that took it if I hadn't beaten HIM to death myself already. For the price, this guitar has no equal.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've taken this to a few jam sessions with friends already and I'm confident it's gonna last for many a year. The hardware is securely placed and not one thing on this guitar creaks or budges. Taking it to a gig without a backup is something I'd try to avoid just because I'm superstitious in general but I think I could do it without much worry. The strap buttons are solid as a rock and I haven't had a problem with them once yet, though I still use straplocks because of my silly worries.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I yanked this thing right out of the box to try it out and it sounded great off the bat. As far as adjustments, I haven't tweaked a thing and I haven't needed to. The action was pretty low like I like it and gave me no fret buzz. The tuning knobs turn cleanly with no trouble and the guitar stays in tune after a vicious assault of bends and strums. The finish is amazing and didn't have a scratch on it.

Features — 10
I bought this from the catalogue of AMS a few weeks ago and I gotta say, this guitar lived up to everything I expected. It's got a very lightweight mahogony body that's slightly more rounded off than the SG Special I own. The body has a beautiful "Midnight Ebony" finish that looks exactly like the sky on a cloudy night with a full moon. The 24-fret ebony fingerboard looks amazing with the blade inlays and feels even better to hold because of the thin D shape. The tune-o-matic bridge allows for easy string changing. The icing on this finely crafted cake, however, is the active EMG 81/85 pickups. Through the 3-way selector gives amazing tonal range and sound. AMS was even kind enough to send me a 15 foot cable with an L shaped end.

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    jetfuel495 wrote: Toker420 wrote: If only it didn't carry the Epiphone name... Then I might buy it. yeah well its alot better than the low end gibsons.
    a lot of things are better then low end gibsons
    You guys are all stupid and ignorant. I have not seen a single comment that makes any form of sense. now, the pickups and wood of a guitar make a sound... put EMG's in a guitar, and it will SOUND wicked, without too much effort. the part that makes epiphone suck, is that they are made with less love and passion than gibson's. they aren't as nice, they don't FEEL as nice, and they therefore aren't going to sound AS nice!!! now, gibson over prices their instruments, and you guys are stupid enough to buy one... how are you supposed to sound good, if the guitar doesn't feel good? (providing that the pickups are decent, and the rest of your rig is okay... that isn't the point here) your tone is in your body, and how well you like the instrument, and how well you feel it. play the damned thing, and judge for yourself, and stop whimpering on these stupid comments. I have personally played all of these models, and they were set up like garbage, so i didn't like them. who's fault is that? the guy who cuz the effing tree?
    KILL EM ALLx666
    liam2309 wrote: to tell you the truth, i'd rather get an esp ltd viper 400 :S
    to tell u the truth i might just kick ur ass
    babybeastie wrote: Anyone knows or heard of any flaws on this guitar besides the rubbery neck mentioned on the review?
    yeah, the saddle can pinch the strings so much that it can cutt them. it might need to be filed
    Each to their own, but I can't understand anyone that would rather buy an LTD, or even ESP Viper, over one of these. The Epiphone is going to win quality-wise, hands down! Too many people rely on the image of their guitar to enhance their own image, if you are truly "metal" you shouldn't need to do that. Example: Iron Maiden, you watch them from afar you could easily mistake the look of their guitara for a Squier Strat, or even a Yamaha Pacifica (Obviously they're not, but hopefully you'll see my point), yet they're probably the most legendary heavy metal/hard rock bands on the planet, they have metal flowing through their veins, they don't need to rely on the look of their instrument. People can be really sad. Hoping this makes sense!
    yeah all you fags saying your gonna buy a viper over this are idiots they copied the sg. i have this guitar and i've been playing gibson guitars my whole life. gibsons are good guitars but they are way too expensive i've played my gibson sg standard and this one to compare them and i actually think this one is better. its way lighter and it has the emgs for good metal sound. and you idiots that said they cant make a metal guitar, well they did and kicks all those other wanna be sgs (viper)asses. so yes this guitar is one of my favorite of the collection you cant go wrong with this guitar. buy it!
    also forgot to mention that most epiphones are as good, if not better than the gibson version and alot cheaper =D a an amazing price too and i am a proud owner of 2 epi's, the lp and of course..the futura fx[/quote] wats the futura lik i was thinking of gettin the ex
    Epiphone isn't metal? Matt Heafy of Trivium used an Epiphone for sometime until he got his custom Gibson. And I really like this guitar, hope to buy it. And yea, I'm not going to lie, the name is buggin me a little. But I'm sure once i play it i won't care.
    well I think youre all missing the point! fact is any guitar with a decent pick up set (EMG ) should be happy with what they get! If the said guitar happens to be of good build quality and the finish is acceptable why not buy it? the prophecy is available here on mainland europe for 499 euros ( approx. 350 dollars) there is nothing with the same pickups for the same low price!
    There is nothing wrong with his guitar. It's my first epiphone/gibson and I f***king love it. Sure I'll change the emg's for a duncan Invader/Blackouts but I've never played anything with a nicer feel in my life. I own a dean corey beaulieu signature and an Ibanez Xiphos and this rapes them on sound and feel. For those that have it, the neck doesn't have a finish at all...its been left unfinished so there isn't stickiness at all. Get your heads out of your asses and stop judging because of the logo at the top of the headstock. Quilted maple body with a gorgeous midnight ebony finish. 24 frets. awesome inlays. crazy good neck. emg's. This guitar is an absolute steal for the price. I'm in Australia and paid $1200 for it, which is hell cheap compared to the other guitars available.
    As a first guitar I don't really know of anything else to compare to but my only problem with it is the buzzing of the bottom E string on the fret board witch screws up any chance of playing any song that has some sort of clean finger picking section. I also paid 12 hundred bucks for it and its equal to my friends middle range Ibanez easy
    JoelTheShredder wrote: me. i wouldn't ever buy a squire. ThijsJan wrote: Toker420 wrote: If only it didn't carry the Epiphone name... Then I might buy it. who cares about the brand?
    dont ever buy rickenbacker or squier.
    r0ckz0mb13 wrote: really, epiphone sucks.
    then how come i own 3 of them and they all sound amazing? answer me that, biatch.
    Hey everybody dont bash the epi. Just cuz they are cheaper doesn't mean that they suck. Oh who am I kidding? All you epi haters probably can't hear me cuz your head is so far up your @
    Also I played the gx version of this guitar in the music store and it blew me away. It sounded AMAZING!!! Plus, it's also really light. I went in thinking epi sucked but I was dead wrong. If this guitar said gibson on the headstock most people would shell out 3 times as much as this epi costs without a complaint. Sure, gibsons are awesome, but way overpriced. You might want to hurry up and buy this guitar or you will be missing out.
    -Blue- wrote: I've looked at these things, and I'm goin for the one with the Dirty Fingers pups. So much better, and looks so much nicer.
    Yeah I agree. That's the GX and it is gonna be my next guitar. It's just awesome.
    The GX is so much better! I own it and love it. It doesn't have the "rubbery" neck like in the review and it's just a beautiful guitar.
    I own the GX version with Dirty Fingers pickups and it sounds and plays very well. The only thing about the EX version is that the active pickups require a battery and who wants to spend time replacing a battery in a guitar when you can have the tone already setup. Thats my only gripe about the EX versions. Other than that a very good guitar for the money.
    I love Epiphone guitars. Gibsons are WAAAAAY overpriced in my opinion. If I had $1500, I wouldn't buy a gibson (i would probably buy 2-3 epiphones) I know a way to get a mid range epiphone to sound better than a gibson for less. Get a new output jack ($3 or so) get new pots (around $6 each) that is all that's different about gibson and epiphone. the wiring. sure some people are retarded and want to blow all their money on something with GIBSON written on the top. I am a proud owner of an epiphone les paul. I modded it and it will sound better than any stock gibson you could buy now.
    epi makes good guitars for the price, there true quality to price ratio blows away gibson. my epi les paul competes very well with most gibson but, on that note i have a korean(99-01ish the guy said, and switched to chinese in about 04) made model which is much better than the now chinese made epi's
    Sonic Blast
    Epiphone is the best. I have a hotrodded G-400 and it fights pretty well against my friend's Gibson Custom Shop LP. I also have a custom shop Epi Goth LP 7string. it is an amazing guitar. infact, both are absolutely amazing. and people said gibson/epiphone couldn't make metal guitars...
    cts0209 wrote: we are talking about epiphone not squier [quote]JoelTheShredder wrote: me. i wouldn't ever buy a squire.
    epiphone is really good and it's pretty much the same as gibson except for being a lot less money,made over seas,and with different wood
    i have the regular g400 and i love it. i'm about to put a set of seymour duncans in it
    epiphone makes great guitars. i love my epi les paul, but still, theres just something about a gibson that just in my opinion makes it worth getting the gibson, and no it's not the name or the headstock and am i the only person here that thinks the LP version of this is really ugly. this ones ok lookin, but i'd probably just go with a normal sg though
    Toker420 wrote: If only it didn't carry the Epiphone name... Then I might buy it.
    You need to lay off the toke, toker. Idiot. Gibson bought Epiphone out along time ago. It's the same f***ing thing!
    Yo, Epiphones are awesome. The only thing that separates a stock Epi from a Gibson are the electronics. The materials and construction are exactly the same, even if Epis are made overseas. Swap out the pickups for something more professional and you're good to go. I put Burstbuckers in my G-400 and it sounds just as good if not better than my friend's Gibson SG Standard. Best part is for the price of his SG I could have bought and upgraded two G-400s. Even before I ugraded it still sounded badass with the right eq settings. What this SG does is put fantastic pickups in it from the get go. I'm not really an EMG kindda guy but they're still astounding, high quality pickups. Hell if you look on Guitar Center s set of 81/85s is probably 1/3 the price of this whole guitar anyways. If the quality of a guitar can be measured in its materials, construction and pickups then this is a perfect 100. Bar none, even the multi-thousand dollar "expert" models. Play it and you'll know what I mean. If you're that hung up about the name, buy it and simply saw off the top of the headstock. When people ask about it, say it's a manufacturer's defect but since it sounds so good you kept it after haggling over the price. Problem solved.
    Toker420 wrote: If only it didn't carry the Epiphone name... Then I might buy it.
    Could you be more ignorant... This would beat a lot of gibsons.
    Tyler Durden wrote: the LP version is nicer
    +1 that totally man, to be honest i don;t reli like the look of this guitar but the les paul version is just pure sex, i think i'm in love
    Im a Gibson fan all the way but you morons that think Epi's are not worthy need to read up on your fuggin history. Epiphone has been around for a LOOOONG ass time. just because they sell cheaper guitars (LP special 2's and the like) doesnt mean their other stuff sucks. i can name a ton of big name brands (mostly "metal" brands) that sell f'in "player packs". if you ask me id take the guy shredding my face off w/ the prophecy sg over the ass hole w/ the $300 ibanes and cute little 10 watt amp. my first guitar was an G-310 and i played the frets off that thing for 4 years while i learned. bought countless other guitars and always sold them to go back to my cheap epi. now ive got a 61 reissue SG which is a totaly diff animal, and still have my old epi g-310. it doesnt play worth of shit anymore but i cant seem to let it go lol. i ordered up the SG EX after playing the LP. i love the neck. only gripe i might have is the fret board finish. but i think someone said it dulls out nice. will see.
    JoelTheShredder wrote: me. i wouldn't ever buy a squire.
    Don't bash squire's either my first eletric was a squire and it was very good for what i wanted and how much i could spend
    Toker420 wrote: If only it didn't carry the Epiphone name... Then I might buy it.
    Holy crap, and I thought people couldn't get stupider. You know that this guitar is better than most gibsons by far. try to buy a guitar that fits your style of music, not the name on the head.
    KILL EM ALLx666
    Toker420 wrote: If only it didn't carry the Epiphone name... Then I might buy it. u r the biggest dumbass on the planet...i own this guitar and it rips face off..its an amazing guitar it could kick the shit out of the "metal" guitars that cost twice or even 3 times as plays way better than any ibanez i ever played and it kix the ****in shit outta the ESP vipers (SG knockoffs) epiphone has an amazing talent the way they make guitars this well built and im pretty sure it safe to safe that u r a dumbass...u r sum stupid lil fag who prolly listens to the jonas homos all day and thinks he can play guitar because mommy and daddy shelled out 3000 dollars for sum shitty ibanez that u dont even know how to play so **** off btw...Gibson,Epiphone,Jackson RULES! i know this post has nuthin to do with this post but gibson (and epiphone) and jackson make the best guitars ever in my opinion...but gont take my word for take kirk hammetts (RR1,Gibson V, and a bunch of endorsed esps that he was given to smash around)