SG Special review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (550 votes)
Epiphone: SG Special

Price paid: £ 120

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Sound — 9
I'm just play for a hobby really and I play multiple stuff but mainly metal/emo/grunge etc along with other styles like blues, pop and jazz. I'm reviewing this through a Peavey bandit 112 and starting with the clean channel on the Bridge you get a bright punchy tone which is great some sort of 60's rock and pop and country as chords are bright and snappy yet melodies are high and crisp. The neck pick up on the other hand is a differant story the tone still has its punch a little yet is incrediabley warm and bassy giving a full thick sound which is great for blues and maybe some slow jazz an putting the pick up selector in the middle to use both pick ups I'm guessing gives thick tone like the neck but slightlyless bassy and more crunch like the bridge. Using the distorted channel this SG has that signature AC/DC tone we all imagine when we think of sg's. The tone is big and quite crunchy and suites some of my styles when the gain is cranked more giving it more of mordern pop punk sound which is like Blink-182 and Green Day etc. Playing round with my amp a little you can get a more of a classic yet high gain metal tone like slayer and megadeth which again suites most of my styles nicely. Turning the tone pot to zero gives its more a of a fuzzy Smashing Pumpkins/Kyuss tone which is great. Moving on to the neck postion the tone is useless rythem sonds but is quite useable for playing blues with the gain donw a little. Overall great variety of tone to be used and explored with this guitar but I should piont out my only issue with this is this guitar isnt good in all honesty for low tunings but that's ok as I keep in E Standard.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall this guitar is great, espically for the price its sounds and plays great like other guitars way above its level. I've played for a few years now and I own this and an ibanez, I bought this one as a second guitar that was more suitable for other styles as well as being a back up. If I could change anything in this guitar I'd prably change the pick ups to something more defining and nicer like Seymour Duncan Invaders and if it was lost or stolen I buy it again for sure. I choose this as it was at a great and unbeatable price and fitted what I was looking for at the time. Overall great sound and playablility for all players no matter what level and experience they have, I personally named it after my girlfriend who I have been going out for a year and half now due to the finish being cherry red and ehr fruit being cherries and its warm tone on the neck, not that you care but it does show how great this guitar is overall. I would give it a nine rather then a ten due to the issue I had with the wires and that it sounds muddy when tuned past Eb but still a great guitar!

Reliability & Durability — 9
This is reliable and I would count on it anyday as it stays in tune and usually suffers from little problems. Along the last year of owning this guitar there has been a few problems with the electronics. The wires attached to the jack in once failed and had to be resodlered only finding out that the whole wire didn't work meaning we had to get the thing done at a nearby music store. that's the only main issue I had but since then this guitar hasn't had any problems and I play it almsot everyday. As for gigging I'm unsure as I don't play in band but I think guityar will hold though I woudl recon you may need a back up. The finish and frets are haven't weared are in a sweet condition.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
The set up to begin with on this guitar wasn't really that good but still managable, It would go out a tune abit and there was massive fret buzz but over time the problem disappeared leaving the action/set up perfect. The finish was nice out the box and still is and everything else such as tone controls and pick up Switch was in great flawless condition.

Features — 10
Bought mine last year in april 2010. Mine is the previous version from the current one as it was sligthly cheaper and doesnt't feature a pickgaurd but that doesnt't bother me as I like it with the pickgaurd (looks a little cleaner and neater to me). Its in a nice cherry red colour the body is made from "Laminated maple and alder" but I'm not sure what that exactly means. The fingerboard is rosewood with 22 frets and the neck is maple is I think. It features a 2 humbuckers with tone and volume controls that work for both and a 3 way traditional sg/les paul pick up selector. Also has a cool yet simple tune-0-matric Bridge and some unknown chrome tuners. Overall nice features of pretty much a Gibson SG made in China and less features.

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    The first guitar I ever had. A fantastic instrument and I had great fun with it. Unfortunately mine fell over and the head stock snapped clean off, the break is unfix-able so I need to get a new neck which will cost more than the guitar itself so I'm just going ahead with a new guitar. Anybody looking for their first guitar though, this is the one to get.