Wilshire Pro review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 1
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.9 (9 votes)
Epiphone: Wilshire Pro

Price paid: £ 219

Purchased from: DAWSONS

Sound — 9
I played this guitar through a Marshall MA50H head, a Marshall cabinet and a Boss GT-10 multi effects pedal, it has a great clean sound, especially when the neck pickup is selected, it would be great for blues, jazz, any genre that requires a nice thick clean setting. If anyone is looking to buy this guitar for heavy distorted genres of music I would look for something different as it is more suited for classic rock or punk styles.

Overall Impression — 3
I play lots of different types of music but I bought this guitar to play more punk genres, right now as I write this there is pretty much nothing I love about the guitar other than the fact it looks cool with the guitar strap I bought for it, I hate everything about it, I'm hoping this will change and I will be able to fix it up and enjoy it as much as I enjoy my other guitars!

Reliability & Durability — 5
If you are planning on playing a gig with this guitar I suggest you buy locking tuners as this guitar can be un-predictable, a bend on a certain fret may send it out of tune one time and then knock it out a full tone the next. I would not dream of gigging with this guitar untill I have taken it to a professional and got everything on the it fixed, the strap buttons seem to be solid, if you enjoy standing up and playing then don't worry about it falling but be warned! It is top heavy meaning the head is heavier than the body so when you stand up straight with the guitar round you the head will fall lower than the body, if I was playing a gig with this guitar I'd definetly have a back up guitar ready for when something goes wrong, treat this guitar like a fragile baby otherwise you will suffer.

Action, Fit & Finish — 1
Right now this is why I came here. The amount of problems I had with this guitar on the first day was just unacceptable, I felt as though I'd bought a 100th hand guitar, normally when I buy a guitar even if I don't like it I still say it is good because I think of the person who made and I feel sorry for them the fact that they made it and I'm bad mouthing it, but! This guitar arrived to me in terrible condition, it had scuffs and marks all over the body, if I jiggle the amp lead a tiny bit whilst it is plugged it buzzes. My BIGGEST problem was the fret buzz, sorry but whoever set this guitar up is an idiot, almost every fret on the low E string buzzes when played and at least the first 5 frets on all the other strings buzzes! I cannot bend and string past the 18th fret as it just cuts out. After a few hours of fiddling around with the action on the guitar I finally made the fret buzz a bit better but then I found out that even though the strings are in tune, the frets are not, so now everything I play on the guitar sounds out of tune, I cut my hand on the bridge a few times because it was poorly made and it had sharp bits on it. The strings were filthy, after playing the guitar for 5 minutes my finger tips were black, and even after cleaning them they still had hardened grime on them, the tuning is quite sound, it does go out of tune more than it should. If you are like me and you are reading these reviews whilst deciding whether to order one of these guitars, I suggest you hold off and get a better built guitar, I can't stress this enough but! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! If your willing to pay a small price for a guitar, do not expect an amazing guitar, expect it to arrive in bad condition and to be built on a budget of 2 beans and a sock, I will never buy a guitar for under 350 pound ever again and if I do then it will not be a Epiphone Wilshire Pro!

Features — 7
The Epiphone Wilshire Pro was made in China, it has quite a beefy neck which is perfect if you are used to playing other guitars like a Les Paul or some model of Schecter. The highest fret (22nd) is very easy to reach due to the set neck design. It comes with a tune-o-matic bridge, two volume knobs (coil tap), two tone knobs and tuners which are on most guitars (nothing special). It is a super light guitar I've never felt anything like it before, its lighter than my Ibanez which is incredibly thin.

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    You shouldn't give it a lower score on the action,fit&finish if you bought it used. That's entirely the sellers fault. You should probably be expecting to set up/change strings when buying a used guitar...
    SpoonGuitarist1, you judged the action for the strings that came with it? And for the setup? Are you serious?
    That's an OK review but really, the setup has nothing to do with the guitar itself, it's just a bad setup by whoever at Epiphone didn't do his job.
    I must agree with spoonguitarist1 on one thing.Epiphone must dust the strings they fit from the factory in soot my G400 was the same.They wouldnt clean up so just changed them.So my advice when buying a new Epiphone budget for a set of good strings.Makes a world of difference.
    it has alnico 2 ickups, i've been looking at the phant-o-matic which has alnico 5...is there really big difference? i love alnico 5s but have never played 2s
    jennifer stackh
    I got a black one,I love it-very light.I paid $239.00 plus $22.00 shipping-from Guitar Center.The ad said used but the guitar looks bran-new-it also arrived with a new hard case which was not mentioned in the AD so my $22.00 shipping cost seemed well worth it(I was very worried it was going to get broken in the mail as i have seen plenty of those)I like the fat neck its like the Epi Les Paul 60 V1.I also own a 1999 Gibson SG Supreme,Jackson Dkmgff and a Daisy Rock Elite.Set up on the Wilshire was a JOKE,but setting up your own guitar is something EVERY player should learn to do themselves.Commenting on the setup is silly -no guitars come set up correctly except maybe a HIGH end PRS.
    I love my Wilshire. Mine is perfectly balanced and super light. Yeah, I'd like to change the pickups to a pair of P-Rails, but really, I have no other gripes with it. It's essentially my dream guitar and it's going to be my signature model from here on in.