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manufacturer: Epiphone date: 03/05/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Epiphone: Wilshire Pro
The versatility of the sound of this thing is great. It's great for Alternative/Indie rock tones that are slightly distorted, to older bluesy hard rock tones to even nice clean, Beatles-esque tones.
 Sound: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 6.3
 Reliability & Durability: 6.7
 Action, Fit & Finish: 5
 Features: 8.3
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overall: 7.6
Wilshire Pro Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 29, 2010
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Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: Let me first start by saying this guitar is the newest of the Wilshire branded guitars. When I purchased it at GC, the tag said it was a Limited Ed. Pro series. I've done some research and the only major differences from this model and the earlier models are the new coil-tapping features. Now the specs. It's has a Mahogany neck, Mahogany body with Alnico ceramic pickups, 3 way pick up selector, 2 tone 2 volume controls, Rosewood fingerboard and a LockTone StopbarTune-O-matic tailpiece, Set neck, 22 frets, block inlays, SG style body. I'd use the word 'style' loosely because the cut-aways are very low even for an SG giving you excellent access to all 22 frets. Its also a very light guitar. I purchased mine in Alpine white and chrome hardware with the black batwing headstock. Made in China. In this area I'm going to the guitar an 8 out of 10. For the price it has alot of features, its really light, and it looks great. // 8

Sound: Now once you get past the devilish good looks of this fine guitar, the fun part happens. You play it. I've played this guitar on quite a few different amps. Including a 30 watt peavey, 15 watt raven, a marshal and a Fender reverb. The coil-tapping is what really sells this guitar. You can easily go from playing Metallica to Jimmy Hendrix with one pull of the volume knob. This feature lets you Switch between double hum-bucking pick-ups to a single coil. So, you get an SG sound with the option to instantly get a stratty Vai sound. As well as the two tone and two volume controls, you can get many differant sounds out of this little guitar. No noise when using hum-buckers on any of the 3 positions and as you would expect from any single coil, you do get a slight buzz when splitting the pick-ups. It can feel a bit too bright on treble when using the hum-buckers. Real heavy distortion eventually just melts all your chords together as well. So I'd suggest new pick-ups for any really heavy music. Overall, I was really impressed with the range of the range of sounds that come from this guitar. On clean, with the coils-split and tone set just right, you have an Acoustic sound that could be worthy of a bonfire. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set-up at GC before I bought it, and I was pretty happy with it. There is some fret buzz on the low e that I just can't seem to to get rid of. But all other aspects of the guitar seem fine. Nothing I'd call amazing though either. Only minor flaw is the tuning peg side of the headstock which is white meets the black. Doesn't look as clean as it could've been. Looks a bit harshly cut and binded. Thats a factory flaw though. tsk tsk. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This is a very light axe. Very thin as well. This doesn't exactly mean its cheap and breakable. It can feel like a toy at times because of its weight but when handling it you realize how sturdy it is. The set neck helps to relieve any concerns about its sturdiness. The coil-taps seem to be holding up pretty well after all these months and no issues with wiring or electronics. Strap buttons are just fine. Always need the strap locks just to be sure though. I'm sure some of you believe the choice of Alpine white wasn't the best, but its looking fine for now. And honestly. I can't wait for it to get that aged white look. // 8

Overall Impression: I've been playing for a few years now and this is my 4th guitar. I play alot of blues, classic rock, and some garage rock as well. Throw in some paramore and coheed to make the girlfriend happy and that about sums it up. This guitar wont be for everyone, but for 400 bucks you get a sexy guitar with alot of choices in tone. I give this guitar an overall of score of 8. No its not a $2,000 dollar Les Paul or American Standard but damn it if you wanna rock and have fun doing it. This guitar is for you. // 8

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overall: 8.4
Wilshire Pro Reviewed by: The_Toki, on april 12, 2011
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Price paid: $ 249

Purchased from: Musiciansfriend.com

Features: This is a 2010 Made in Korea Wilshire Pro in Aged Pelham (metallic-ish looking green). The two stock humbuckers are pretty thick sounding and work for a multitude of genres. I didn't care for the knobs that came with it so I swapped them out with some Strat-style black Fender knobs. It has two volumes (which are coil-tapping) and two tones. The neck is nice and thick for a nice thick sounding sustain. The rosewood fingerboard on mine had some white gunk in the pores of the wood that I had to get out with a toothbrush and lemon oil (still not quite sure what it was, though possibly debris from the manufacturing process. The tuners are vintage-style, and while they hold tune okay, could use a replacement. Biggest problem with keeping the thing in tune is that the strings aren't at a steep enough angle, so you might want to get some string trees or a retainer bar. The body is quite thin and comfortable, much like a strat. There is no huge neck heel, and the cutaway is very steep so you have full access to all 22 frets. The metallic looking green is pretty great -- much better than what you see in pictures online. And the pickguard is a nice sturdy, 3-ply white pickguard that looks fantastic against the metallic green finish. Tune-o-matic Bridge came set up with nicely with just the right action (not too high, not too low) and the 24.75 inch scale neck is very fast and plays quite nicely. // 10

Sound: The versitality of the sound of this thing is great. It's great for Alternative/Indie rock tones that are slightly distorted, to older bluesy hard rock tones to even nice clean, Beatles-esque tones. The Mahaghony body gives this thing lots of nice bass and mids and tons of sustain. I like to play a lot of shoegaze (think MBV) as this thing sounds great with lots of distortion or fuzz. And clean, with a little bit of reverb and/or delay I play a lot of ambient post-rock and dream pop stuff. Though there is no tremolo unit on this thing (I suppose you could install a Bigsby if you really wanted, but I think that would ruin the look) and I AM a guy who likes to use the bar, this thing is great for subtle neck dives. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The stock action was actually, near perfect. No problems with intonation or fret buzz out of the box. No sharp frets, and all the hardware felt properly fastened and secure. Finish was flawless; very stunning to look at. Only problem I had with it was the mysterious white build up/residue that was clogging the grooves of the rosewood fingerboard. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've gigged with this guitar multiple times. It's very light, can easily be transported, and is very versatile for any genre sound wise, so it's a good live guitar. The only problems I've run into when playing live were it going out of tune, and frequent string breakage on the high E. But like I said earlier, nothing a few string trees and filing couldn't fix. The finish is still in perfect shape thanks to the DiMarzio locking strap I've got on this thing which will make sure it won't going flying during a show. // 7

Overall Impression: I play mostly strats, but this is good for literally every genre of music I play and good if you want a guitar that feels as comfortable to play as a Strat with a thicker, beefier sound. It's not only great looking, but amazing sounding, and at $250, you'd be hard pressed to find a better guitar for the price. If stolen I definitely would replace. // 8

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overall: 5
Wilshire Pro Reviewed by: SpoonGuitarist1, on march 05, 2012
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Price paid: £ 219

Purchased from: DAWSONS

Features: The Epiphone Wilshire Pro was made in China, it has quite a beefy neck which is perfect if you are used to playing other guitars like a Les Paul or some model of Schecter. The highest fret (22nd) is very easy to reach due to the set neck design. It comes with a tune-o-matic bridge, two volume knobs (coil tap), two tone knobs and tuners which are on most guitars (nothing special). It is a super light guitar I've never felt anything like it before, its lighter than my Ibanez which is incredibly thin. // 7

Sound: I played this guitar through a Marshall MA50H head, a Marshall cabinet and a Boss GT-10 multi effects pedal, it has a great clean sound, especially when the neck pickup is selected, it would be great for blues, jazz, any genre that requires a nice thick clean setting. If anyone is looking to buy this guitar for heavy distorted genres of music I would look for something different as it is more suited for classic rock or punk styles. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Right now this is why I came here. The amount of problems I had with this guitar on the first day was just unacceptable, I felt as though I'd bought a 100th hand guitar, normally when I buy a guitar even if I don't like it I still say it is good because I think of the person who made and I feel sorry for them the fact that they made it and I'm bad mouthing it, but! This guitar arrived to me in terrible condition, it had scuffs and marks all over the body, if I jiggle the amp lead a tiny bit whilst it is plugged it buzzes. My BIGGEST problem was the fret buzz, sorry but whoever set this guitar up is an idiot, almost every fret on the low E string buzzes when played and at least the first 5 frets on all the other strings buzzes! I cannot bend and string past the 18th fret as it just cuts out. After a few hours of fiddling around with the action on the guitar I finally made the fret buzz a bit better but then I found out that even though the strings are in tune, the frets are not, so now everything I play on the guitar sounds out of tune, I cut my hand on the bridge a few times because it was poorly made and it had sharp bits on it. The strings were filthy, after playing the guitar for 5 minutes my finger tips were black, and even after cleaning them they still had hardened grime on them, the tuning is quite sound, it does go out of tune more than it should. If you are like me and you are reading these reviews whilst deciding whether to order one of these guitars, I suggest you hold off and get a better built guitar, I can't stress this enough but! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! If your willing to pay a small price for a guitar, do not expect an amazing guitar, expect it to arrive in bad condition and to be built on a budget of 2 beans and a sock, I will never buy a guitar for under 350 pound ever again and if I do then it will not be a Epiphone Wilshire Pro! // 1

Reliability & Durability: If you are planning on playing a gig with this guitar I suggest you buy locking tuners as this guitar can be un-predictable, a bend on a certain fret may send it out of tune one time and then knock it out a full tone the next. I would not dream of gigging with this guitar untill I have taken it to a professional and got everything on the it fixed, the strap buttons seem to be solid, if you enjoy standing up and playing then don't worry about it falling but be warned! It is top heavy meaning the head is heavier than the body so when you stand up straight with the guitar round you the head will fall lower than the body, if I was playing a gig with this guitar I'd definetly have a back up guitar ready for when something goes wrong, treat this guitar like a fragile baby otherwise you will suffer. // 5

Overall Impression: I play lots of different types of music but I bought this guitar to play more punk genres, right now as I write this there is pretty much nothing I love about the guitar other than the fact it looks cool with the guitar strap I bought for it, I hate everything about it, I'm hoping this will change and I will be able to fix it up and enjoy it as much as I enjoy my other guitars! // 3

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