Worn Firebird Studio review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (60 votes)
Epiphone: Worn Firebird Studio

Purchased from: MusiciansFriend.com

Sound — 8
One word, bluesy. It has by far one of the prettier cleans I've ever heard. But the stock pickups can barely hit a gain level high enough for punk. If you like classic rock and blues it's perfect. But if you want something with some more gain, you're gonna need to buy some Seymour Duncans and pop them in.

Overall Impression — 9
For the price it's the best deal I've ever seen. The tuners are almost worth the price of the guitar, and it's body is really light and comfy yet seems like it will outlast me. The neck is super easy on the hands and the fretboard is just wide enough without being for "big hands only." I plan to change the pickups on it but everything else I wouldn't change for the world.

Reliability & Durability — 9
It's a Epi. Meaning it'll take whatever it needs to take, but I wouldn't go slaming it around, it's a set neck after all which gives it a better sustain, but makes repairs something you don't wanna know about. I'd easily use this and not worry about needing a backup. the finish seems to be holding up well and everything else on it feels rock solid.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar came to me perfect. The action, inotation, pickup height, everything was perfect right outa the box. The real kicker is the finish. It feels almost like a dress. It's almost like rubbing satin instead of a finish. And mine is a bright cherry red but I saw it in a beautiful looking sunburst too.

Features — 10
Basically the big hit here is the Tuners. Stienberger's "Direct Drive Locking Gearless Tuners" (try saying that five times fast). they are literally the best tuners ever made. And by themselves they retail about $90. But they're stock on this. They seem to hold tune just almost well as my friend's Floyd Rose and are literally the easiest restringing you'll ever do. You simply wind it out, unlock the clamp, and then restring it, clamp the strings back into lock, and just tune each string. The ratio on them is 40:1 which is insanely accurate and best of all, they're just so smooth that it feels like I can go into "D tuning" in the same time someone else takes to go to "Drop D tuning". Fretboard is a 22 fret rosewood, body is solid mahogany, 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way selector switch, and it's a set neck and has two fullsized humbuckers just like the Gibson counterpart. The Pickups are Standard Epi Alnicos based on the Gibson 52's I think. They have a nice bluesy sound to them and will do for anything short of metal. And as a nice bonus, you look on the back of the headstock and you'll see a "Epiphone Custom Shop" logo stamp. Only problem I had with it is that the headstock is alittle long and so it tends to fall a bit unless you place your arm on the back or hold it at an angle. It's super comfy when you're sitting. Not so much a problem, just a perferance. For the money this is a true steal.

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    These are oddly cool guitars... very bluesrock. something about them... just kicks butt. -shrug- its weird.
    i have an epi right now, its a pretty good guiatr if you dont really play a certain type of music... its pretty versatile! I dig it.
    slippers man
    If anything Epiphone is better than gibson, i believe They use the same woods, its just the electronics that are different. So you could go out and buy a Bargain epiphone, get some decent pickups/electronics to suit your style and wheheyy, youve got one of the best and cheapest guitars youll ever play.
    millynell14 wrote: is it just me or are all the epi firebirds in worn cherry? for those who have them is it worth ur money?
    the sunburst was a Limited Edition and technically the Cherry was supposed to be too. but these sold so well they did another run of them. as for if its worth the money. i think so. i wanted a SG but something about this guitar pulled me in... and that describes it pretty well. only problem... the headstock is alil long so you need a nice big leather strap to support it but resting your arm on the side helps alot too.
    Definately, the tone is amazing, the neck is a tad wiser then a strats, not too much , just enough to make it hard to pluck the wrong string accidentily, and you can actually do 7ths without screwing them up the tuners totally rock go out and get it
    is it just me or are all the epi firebirds in worn cherry? for those who have them is it worth ur money?
    lol over here a gibson is 4x more expensive than their epi equivalent, so getting new pickups for an epi is much better deal
    Ali-b912 wrote: im either gonna buy one of these or a G400 custom. ive never played either one.
    i played both... the custom has heavier pickups... but the firebird just felt better to me... not to mention had those tuners i love so i went with it. i'd recommend you go custom tho. unless you're gonna change the pickups then firebird all the way
    im either gonna buy one of these or a G400 custom. ive never played either one. my brother has a regular g400 and its ok and i played my teachers 80's gibson firebird once when i forgot my guitar and it was awesome but i was 12 at the time. ive played for 3 years now but not seriously until recently and my Ibanez has become very beat up over the past year. i usually play hard rock or metal but also blues and stuff. the obanez suits it all fine but i like the sound from gib/epi humbuckers.at the moment im usually playing a rotation between master of puppets, brown sugar, moby dick and about 4 different ACDC songs. i was wondering if anyone could tell me which one i should get. and anyone who says go get a gibson can bugger off because im 14 and in australia they are way expensive. the cheapest gibsons here are about $1300AUD and hell if i want a lp junior for that much
    Dark Aegis
    Not all epis are a junk. I used to have an epi ace face and it was one of the best guitars Ive ever played.
    I have 2 epi's an goth explorer and a sg goth. i replaced the humbuckers of the explorer for 2 EMG's 85/81 and it sounds really ****ing sweet. also does the SG so if someone say's epi's are stupid. Screw Them
    i agree. my epi LP custom is kickass. warm when i need it, crunchy when i want a tool sound. of course anything like the LP100 is going to such, it's meant to satisfy LP wants at a low price. spend a little more cash on an epi and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the quality.
    MetalGore : I once had a epiphone. I wont do the same mistake again.
    i have an epiphone if you spend like 160$ well pretty much any guitar will be crap (not all guitars) but if you buy a 500$ epiphone yor getting your moneys worth
    A truly beautiful guitar. I prefer a straight up Gibson, but the Epiphone has good designs for bodys and Gibson itself mostly focuses on just sound.
    that looks pretty sweet. we have this amazing ep 12 string acoustic with all of this beautiful mother of pearl inline and uses like 5 different woods on the back. we bought it some guys garage sale for $300 when its worth $1200. it sounds amazing. lol and he threw in a metal zone distortion pedal and a case.
    ive got an epi LP and i do love it, maybe thats because its mine, but still, it has a warm clean sound, and a raw distorted sound. just that on ****in strap button.. But hey! Fixed it!XP
    I like Firebirds. Epiphone is pretty much the only way to get Gibson styling for less than about $1000 or so. Id think that a pickup change would come soon tho. I have an Epi acoustic, which is pretty good for being only $300.
    now i have to say i like the sound of the epi i got , and dark aegis is right not all epis are junk , but the one i had , plus the 2 my uncle had , ALWAYS had some technical difficulty and we take very good care of our guitars , they have a good sound , just not built to stand up to harshness as well as a gibson would