Majesty review by Ernie Ball / Music Man

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  • Features: 10
  • Sound: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (15 votes)
Ernie Ball / Music Man: Majesty

Price paid: $ 2440

Purchased from: SweetWater

Features — 10
Signature John Petrucci guitar with premium tonewoods and components.

- Unique body design incorporates a mahogany neck-through design with basswood wings that's topped with a maple cap
- Mahogany neck sports an ebony fretboard with a 17" radius
- Recessed neck heel gives you clear access to all 24 frets
- DiMarzio John Petrucci signature Illuminator pickups
- Custom-designed tremolo with piezo pickup for expressive playing with reliable performance
- Locking tuners offer tuning stability and easy string changes
- Stainless steel frets will last a lifetime

- Body Type: Majesty
- Left-/Right-handed: Right-handed
- Body Material: Basswood
- Top Material: Maple
- Color Polar: Noir
- Neck Material: Honduran mahogany, Neck-through
- Neck Shape: JP custom shape
- Scale Length: 25.5"
- Fingerboard Material: Ebony, 17" radius
- Fingerboard Inlay: Custom JP Majesty
- Number of Frets: 24, medium jumbo, stainless steel
- Nut Width: 1.6875"
- Bridge/Tailpiece: Custom John Petrucci Music Man piezo floating tremolo
- Tuners: Schaller M6-IND locking
- Number of Pickups: 2
- Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Illuminator humbucker
- Middle Pickup: No middle pickup
- Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Illuminator humbucker
- Controls: 3 x volume (2 x push/push), 3-way pickup selector, 3-way magnetic pickup selector
- Strings: .009 - .042
- Case Included: Hardshell case included
- Manufacturer Part Number: 600-M1-50-00.

Sound — 10
This guitar has breathed new life into my Axe FX II. After I adjusted all of my favorite utlra-res presets and IRs to this new guitar, I was blown away by how full it sounded in every pickup position. Cleans are very crisp, especially through the piezo pickup position which honestly doesn't even need any effects or eq to sound awesome. These Illuminator pickups have some serious sustain through the body of this guitar.

How does it play: I couldn't ask for more out of the playability of this guitar. The access on this thing is ridiculous. 24th fret, no problem. I can easily do sweep arpeggios hitting the 24th fret! The contours of the neck, smooth fretboard, and amazing anchor positions for the hand, make this guitar sing through your playing. I can't say enough about how good this guitar plays. It came perfectly setup AND in tune right out of the box. I think it comes with 11s or a hybrid gauge, but I am digging it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Extremely light (at under 7 pounds). Very smooth ebony fret board just aching to be played. Black pearl/chrome hardware/switches very nice feelings and in very player friendly positions. Finish/surface is cool to the touch. Doesn't leave easily visible fingerprints. Body contours lets it drape across my lap just as comfortably as if I were standing. Setup out of the box was incredible by the guys at EBMM/Sweetwater, if only all of my guitars were this well setup. Really made this guitar sing in its true colors with nothing holding it back.

Reliability & Durability — 10
What I love? - The look, the feel, and the sound.

What I hate? - The price tag, but 24 months at 0% interest is pretty legit.

What I wish? - I wish I had the 7 string model too.

Compared to JP6? Don't get me wrong, the JP6 was and still is a very nice guitar, but the Majesty is at a whole new level of craftsmanship and sound. Also, my JP6 was nowhere near as well setup as this guitar, which is my own fault, but whatever

Would I recommend? If you have the money, absolutely. Would I sell my Axe FX II to get one, not quite, these two are perfect for each other, they create tonegasms. Would I sell every other guitar of mine to purchase this one if I didn't have the money, yes, in fact, I did sell my ESP Eclipse S-1000 to help with the cost.

Overall Impression — 10
I wouldn't recommend this guitar for a noob player for sure, because it's not very justifiable in my opinion unless you have been playing consistently long enough to be able to do some impressive guitar work (not that my playing is anything special, but I do alright). This is a professional level guitar that will not disappoint in any way in my opinion. This is one of those pieces of gear that will never leave my side as long as I can help it.

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    Pretty ugly looking guitar in my opinion
    The blue and red look really strange but I think that the all black model doesn't look so bad. I wish that 1/1000th of the talent John has came with the guitar as well... I'd sell a kidney and maybe a toe or two for that...
    Smart Patrol
    Not so ugly, but odd looking. I think the pickguard doesn´t match, so the guitar would look much better without it.
    pickguard is just his signature inlay at the first fret of every signature in the series, so it does kinda fit
    It's also not really a pickguard. It's part of the guitar body, flush with the rest of it. Not mounted on top, or raised off the body like traditional pickguards.
    To each his own, but this guitar definitely deserves 10/10 in each of the characteristics it'd been judged on here.
    Not in the looks department. It looks like a kids toy...a nice expensive kids toy, but a kids toy nonetheless.
    Well good thing that looks are even more subjective than everything else there is to judge a guitar upon. 100% subjective, in fact.
    I like how for some people "I don't like how this guitar looks like" equals "it must be ugly for EVERYONE and by EVERYONE's standards". Besides the fact that even though it's not entirely my thing either in terms of looks, it looks ridiculously comfortable to play with those extra-deep cuts.
    Exactly this. But that's what you get on the internet. Hordes upon hordes of people who can't even begin to fathom the difference between opinion and fact, or understand what is subjective and what's not.
    It does look unusual, can't decide whether or not I like the looks. From the features it sounds like a guitar I would love to try out, and sounds like a high-quality instrument. All-10's reviews make me more skeptical of the reviewer's maturity than the quality of the guitar itself.
    Reviews can't be all-10s because what? Especially on a guitar from this price range?
    As far as I'm concerned as long as you factor in the price, any guitar can be 10/10 when considering it's value. If you got a standard Gibson Les Paul for £5,000, you'll have been ripped off and against that price it'd be worth about 5/10 overall? If you got the same guitar for £50, then it's a frickin' bargain, and totally worth straight 10s.
    Why is no one focusing on playability? My Majesty 7 is a fine guitar. I'm having trouble adjusting the trem arm and the low b string and lie e strings never stay in tune. The tuning pegs for these two strings is very very noticeably more loose than the rest. I'm questioning a few things to those that have or are familiar with the Majesty 7: 1) did I get a lemon? 2) does anyone else feel the low b string to feel loose like the sleeve of a wizard? 3) did anyone receive even one sheet of paper that instructs on how to use the guitar and all of its features? Am I supposed to hold the guitar to my head and all of that info will jump into my head? 4) am I the only one who comes up with squat when they enter "how to set up a Majesty 7" or "how to string a Majesty 7" I can't say if any rating is appropriate because I don't know how to use a significant portion of its functionality, and Ernie Ball is NOT making it as easy as it can and should be. I may return mine from Sweetwater or I'll be selling it otherwise, unless some basic questions that I've been asking for weeks are answered, and there is a good reason for the guitar seemingly being in used condition, or the two tuning pegs suck and can't hold a tune. I've been playing a PRS Custom 22 since 1998 and to this day I never have tuning problems. But really guys, get off of your opinion of the look. The guitar feels awesome (yes j can imagine a model with two tuning pegs that came out of the box sucking the hog). And if I get these issues straightened out / information on the instrument obtained, I would love to keep this instrument. Playing into a Mark V head w/2x12 vertical speaker cab.
    10/10 on everything? I call bullshit
    Actually, with that price tag.. it better be 10/10...
    Look, any guitar could be a 10/10, subjectively. 'Subjectively' being the important part of that sentence. If this guy had waited past the honeymoon period, he may have found that it looks like shite, actually the bridge pickup is too hot and lacking in midrange for some stuff, and the over-long top horn means it hangs weirdly. You see a 10/10 in everything, they're wrong.
    Wut? How can you be that definite to say "You see a 10/10 in everything, they're wrong." when you've just written that it's subjective?
    I have one. I have owned close to 150 guitars and this is far and away the finest electric guitar I have ever played.As far as the looks go, they look far better in the flesh.
    You guys are so dumb you, you bitch about how its ugly. Wow your tone must be shit and your opinion is worthless because this is one of the best sounding and most comfortable guitars I have ever played. Don't judge a guitar till you play it it definitely deserves a 10 iv'e played alot of different guitars skervesons,ibanez, strandbergs all very high class and this one really sets the bar for a non custom high end guitar.
    I'm sure it's a great guitar, but it's still ugly. The two aren't mutually exclusive ya know.
    Ugly is an opinion. Playability and sound are far more objective. "It's ugly" is not a valid negative if you're trying to write a review for other people to read, because it's obviously not ugly to everybody. The thousands of people who've already bought these obviously don't think they're ugly, nor does John Petrucci himself. If you're talking about the pros and cons of a guitar, presumably to inform other people who may be considering buying one, you talk about the playability and the sound. Looks don't matter, because anyone can look a picture and form their own opinion. All that matters is feel and sound.
    I don't care if this guitar cures cancer when I play it, it's still ****ing ugly. How it plays means little if I don't want to pick it up. Considering the massive price tag I'd rather buy something that both plays well AND it's looks inspire me play. I'm a huge JP fan, but I seriously can't believe people buy these. It's like a prize from McDonald's.
    Trust me I thought this guitar was pretty ugly too until I saw him play it live. On stage with all the lights and effects its a mean, mean, looking guitar and I love it. By the way the pick guard is his signature emblem, its been on all his signature models
    I tried it in a guitar store a couple of moths back, and now i've been saving up money ever since. Got to have it!!
    I bought a used 6 string Polar Noir Majesty from GC about two weeks ago. $1,400 USD with case (Ernie Ball case but not the original for this guitar). I set it up for stereo output and send each signal to separate inputs on my Fractal Audio AX8. I send the L & R XLR outs to two Alto 112a 800 watt powered FRFR speakers. The acoustic tones from the piezos are incredible. A huge improvement over any of the emulations from my JTV-89F. The magnetic pickups sound great to me. When using both PUs and coil tap, it sounds a lot like a Tele. The volume boost (adjustable from 0 to 20 dB gain) is a great feature. Many other great features including locking tuners, stainless steel frets, compensated nut, smooth and quiet tremolo bridge, and recessed and accessible controls. Playing this guitar is inspiring. I love the tones I get with the rig I described above. It is so damn comfortable to play, and light too. The one thing I wish I could do, which JP implied in an early video he made for this guitar, is digitally rewiring the pickup configuration. The tone control is a push/pull switch for splitting the humbuckers, but it only functions in the middle position. I would like to able to use it for just the bridge or just the neck PUs as well. As far as looks... well... I thought it was a little over the top at first glance, but it has grown on me.
    Sounds like a lot of bitter jealous people with malice hating on someone because they really dig their guitar. Don't be hating on someone , be happy for them . Variety is the spice of life.
    You should give Ernie ball customer support a call man, they are very helpful when it comes to any questions or concerns regarding their top notch instruments! I'll be receiving my majesty 7 string this week and will be sure to look for the issues you mentioned here! Will follow up as soon as I can on this same page.d
    guys, stop look after guitars look. if i'll know an simple broom can help me to get an perfect sound, definitely i'll use one. first u must check to see if it's fit to your hand and what kind of sound have. second, how resistance it is, bcause nobody wanna buy a guitar for 2-3 years. third, if it's good when u play a lot- u don't want a guitar who need tuning after 4 songs... pick-ups and wood r very important, but in the end u can buy an no name guitar who's ''made'' for your hand, and put another pick-ups and an sustain pedal extra to fix the wood problem.could b expensive but u r happy after. honestly? this guitar looks 3/10 but bcause the head neck it's ugly. imagine an ibanez/jackson guitar head on this, and u'll have an hot guitar. and the button should b on another place. so, would u buy it after customization? of course yes! BUT, diversity make world better and life beautiful. why u would go with the wave and not against wave to get all attention bcause u r different? if u play music to b cool( i don't care how good u r on the strings), u r fake. u lie yourself. u don't have identity. u r an mechanic player who live under the ''gang'' rules. i wish to own one, but the price killin' my dream, so i wait till the price go down or i can afford a second one, but second hand it's dangerous on this guitar bcause nobody with good mental health will sell it if he didn't do something wrong with the guitar or he died. this is my opinion. cheers
    I think it looks awesome. I really like the Arctic Dream and Polar Noir colors. I have a decent amount of money saved up to buy a nice guitar and, so far, this one is in the lead. I've been spending quite a bit of time in music stores trying out different guitars, plus I have 15 at home, and nothing I've tried has worked better for my style than the Majesty so far. It is expensive but it's still almost a grand cheaper than the PRS that I mistakingly thought I'd prefer.
    OMG Ernie Ball perfected the guitar! WOW! No other company should even bother now that this one has perfect 10s. Hey, at least he didn't give 10/10 to a Line 6 Spider 15w.
    I couldn't handle 'this has breathed new life into my Axe-FX. I literally think of the Axe-FX as like, this tonally blank thing. I can't see it being as reactive or nuanced to the details of an individual guitar as a valve amp.