LTD F-350 Review

manufacturer: ESP date: 11/15/2012 category: Electric Guitars
ESP: LTD F-350
The clean sound leaves a little to be desired, but its still pretty good: this is because the 81's are built for attacking metal sounds.
 Sound: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8
 Features: 8.7
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overall: 9.2
LTD F-350 Reviewed by: mauvaix22, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: € 530

Purchased from: Pro Musica Cork

Features: This is a brand new guitar, only out in 2010, and its made in Japan. Its quite hard to find offline, as it so new. I had to order mine, and it took 6 weeks to arrive from japan, as it was out of stock everywhere else. Its got 24 xJumbo frets, Maple thru- neck, Rose wood fretboard, whit real pearl inlays, 648 ml scale with a 42 ml nut, it has 2 EMG active 81 pickups (the best feature by far), a special Floyd Rose Tremelo, EMG locking tuners, and what I believe to be Chrome hardware. Simple black finish (all it neets), 1 volume and 1 tone control, and a 3 way selector switch. I also got a free gig bag with it. The body Shape is like a super strat, but really pointy, and gothic looking. // 9

Sound: I play a lot of Metal, and this guitar couldn't be suited better to it. The active 81's give really strong (collosally loud) sound, with amazing sustain, and the best pinch harmonis I've heard so far. The clean sound leaves a little to be desired, but its still pretty good: this is because the 81's are built for attacking metal sounds. If you play a lot of Clean you may want to concider replacing the neck pickup wiht an active 85, the 81s's clean-designed counterpart. I use it with a Peavey Vypyr 15 watt, which is a truley amazing amp for 115 euro, and the sound off it is pretty amazing. The main setting is the XXX modal on full pre and post gains, and a metal equiliser (bass 10 mid 0 treble 10) The guitar will also capeable handle less violent sounds, but because the pickups are active theres still going to be quite a bit of bite. The Floyd Rose sounds great, but pressing on the strings or Bridge at all alters the tension, which is annoying. Its so sensitive that if you tune it lying flat, it will e wrong once it s put verticle again- thank god for fine tuners. thisis however very handy for dive bombs and the like. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: the guitar arrived well set up, but completely out of tune. I made the mistake of not getting it tuned in the shop, so tuing it the first time was a disaster, as I was tuing right down to drop c, and the Floyd Rose wasn't to happy with that, so I was forced to retension the Bridge springs myself, which I wasn't very comfortable doing myself, but it turned out of in the end. The pickups arrived way to high, there's only about 2.5 ml between the Bridge pickup ant the strings, which makes it a little awkward for some things, but thats easy enough to fix. other than that, theres nothing wrong with it at all. low action, perfect intonation, and perfectly fit together. Only thing to note is that the extra jumbo frets are so deep that pressing too hard changes the note by a whole semitone, which made tuning it confusing for a while, until I figured out what was going on. Its very comfortable to play, and with the Ernie Ball strings I have on it your fingers really glide over the frets. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I get the impression that this guitar will last for ever: its never once failed me in any regard. The Strap buttons are solid, but a little smaller than I'd like. I'd bring this to a gig any day, but not on its own, as there is no way you could change tunings mid gig, even in or out of drop tuning, it simply takes way too long. If I was staying in the same tuning however I wouldt fell anyreall need for a backup. // 9

Overall Impression: I can think of a single thing I'd would want from this guitar that it hasn't already got, other than (maybe! ) an EMG 85 in the neck pickup, for better clean. If it was stolen I would track down and kill the teif and his/her family- I love it that much, and imeadiately but a new one. No other guitar on offer has its combination of awesome hardware, active pickups, and such a low price tag. The only ting I hate about it is having to change tunings, because it can take up to 15, 20 minutes, but that is to be exoected of all floyd roses. I did my research on thoman, looking at all guitars priced between 400 and 800, but none stood out like this one did. I realis this sounds glowing, too good to be real, but its all true:) // 9

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overall: 8.8
LTD F-350 Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 180

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Features: LOOK HERE FIRST!!!! ----------> The guitar is ACTUALLY a: "ESP LTD F-50FR" I put it as a F-350 because it was the same shape, only better features! That and I couldn't find "F-50" up there... Features: This guitar has some GREAT features and some not so great features. (Just like any other guitar! :) This is a list of all the features from Musician's Friend: Basswood Body Bolt-on Maple Neck 25.5" Scale Rosewood Fingerboard 42mm Standard Nut Thin U Neck Contour 24 XJ Frets ESP LH-150 Pickups Master Volume, Tone and 3-way Toggle Chrome Hardware ESP Tuners Floyd Rose Special Bridge I give the features an 8 because they could make some of the items like the pickup selector a little more sturdy. // 8

Sound: My music style consists of anything from Slipknot --> TDWP --> BFMV --> Lamb Of God --> The Doors. So really, its an all around stlye of music for me. As for the guitar... It will play ANY genre of rock / Hard Rock you want it to. I hope that you won't decide to play COUNTRY with it, as its most likley not suited for that... ;) I am using a Peavey Multi-Effects Amp. I also use a Danelectro "Cool Cat" distortion pedal as well as a "cool cat" tremolo pedal. Along with those 2, I also have a red phasel Dunlop Crybaby that I use for little effects here and there. I also use a DigiTech Whammy pedal. It is noisy if you MAKE it noisy. Meaning, if you turn it up loud, its gonna be noisy... ;) It does have a little bit of feedback issues / static sound issues, but thats only on certain settings. It has a rich / full sound all the way around. The sound it creats is really bright for how cheap this guitar is. This guitar can make a MULTITUDE of sounds! :) I gave teh Sound a 9 because its not exactly Les Paul / Ibanez GEM quality sound, but extreamly close to it. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was actually well set up at the factory. The action was just right for when I was starting to learn to play guitar, but was WAY to low for Drop A songs like slipknot songs. While on the subject of the action, its VERY SENSATIVE!!!! I eventually hardtailed my action so I could change tunings easily without having to adjust screws and spring tension. But if your only going to play songs that varry a few root notes from Standard, you shouldn't have to adjust. When I went into C tuning, I had to loosen the screws holding the FR so it would float, but thats about it. The pickups were well adjusted and do NOT need adjusting. Well, maybe if your a pro tuff kid guitarist its not, but for a simple 15 year old like me, its fine. ;) Everything was rounted fine and the top was bookmatched. The only flaw of the guitar was the pickup selector toggle switch. The plastic cover came off very easily. I gave the Action, Fit and Finish an 8 because its good for the money, but once again, not like a Good Les Paul / Ibanez GEM... // 8

Reliability & Durability: Yes, this guitar has and I'm sure WILL stand more live playing. The only thing is that I put a Killswitch in mine like buckethead and messed up (but then fixed) my internals... :/ The hardware does seem like it will last. I've had this guitar for 2 years now and all it needs is a new string change every 6 months or so to be fresh and have good quality sound. The strap buttons are EXTREAMLY solid. I have basicly been bouncing around on stage with it and never once did it budge. So its all good there. Most of the time you can depend on it. There was this one time I was doing a demonstration for my BoyScout troop and hte whammy bar came loose about half way through and then the pickups / input jack faltered a bit. You should ALWAYS bring a back-up guitar to gigs no matter how good / how terrible you are. :) This finish is good enough to last, every now and then a good wipe with a most paper towel is good to get the dust off. As for it wearing off with lots of playing? No, it hasn't. I have ate Chicken Wings and then played it almost right after with slightly greasy hands but still played fine and hasn't warn off yet. // 10

Overall Impression: Like I said earlier, I play anything from Slipknot to BFMV to EVH to Lamb of God to you name it (Besides country!!! >.<)music types. As for the matching, its a GREAT match for my playing style. That beining solos / lead playing. I have been playing for around 3 years now. I am self taught and have got gigs at local bars and the local bowling alley every now and then. Other gear I own include a RP-50 DigiTech Multi Effects pedal used as a cheap tuner. Nope, I did all my research and came up with what guitar to buy. Not dissapointed with my selection at ALL! I probably wouldn't buy another one, I'd probably spend a little more and get a better ESP, but if it got stolen,my gold coverage from Musician's Friend would cover it. :) (Thanks guys!) What I love about this product is the PRICE! I got mine for $150. I also love the Floyd Rose special Tremolo that came with it. That was a nice add on. What I hate about it is well, nothing. My favorite feature would probably be the Floyd Rose, other then that, the XJ frets would be a close 2nd. I compared it to high end Guitars like a Kirk Hammet Signature guitar, A Slash Style Les Paul, and even my dream guitar, the Ibanez GEM. And to be honest, its like they say: "You get what you pay for". What I wish it had would be some better pickups, better tuning knowbs, and a killswitch so you don't have to mess up your "tone" knob. // 9

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overall: 8.4
LTD F-350 Reviewed by: CBR1100XX, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: € 529

Purchased from: Dirk Witte Amsterdam

Features: This ESP LTD F350 was made in Indonesia. I have seen pictures on the internet of F350's made in China too. The body is made of Mahogany and the neck is made of Maple. It has a neck-through construction. The fretboard is made of rosewood and had 24 XJ-frets. It has a glossy black finish, in my opinion black looks very good on the body style. But as you know, fingerprints are soon to be seen on a black gloss finish so it has a downside. The bridge is a Floyd Rose Special and it works great. Compared to the licensed Floyd I have in another guitar it feels more solid and I think it will last longer. The nut is a locking nut with 3 bolts. For the pickups ESP chose EMG 81 active humbuckers for bridge and neck position and you can choose between them with a 3-way switch. The tuners are from ESP. They feel really reliable. The F400 has Grover tuners but I don't feel the need for other tuners, these ESP ones are sturdy and look cool. Of course there are a tone and volume knob too, they turn fluidly like they should and don't give a gauss in the signal when turning. // 9

Sound: It sounds amazingly good. I was al little sceptic because I was afraid the difference of the sound when selecting bridge/neck pickup would be very small. But I've got to say there really is a lot of difference. Switch at bridge position gives a sharp and clean sound, while switch at neck position gives a warmer tone. When using a cheap amp you really want to turn the gain down or it will distort too much and will make an awful sound (especially with bridge pickup selected). Compared to my Strat it has a lot more output and you've got to find your way with that when tuning your amp to it but when you do: delicious! You like Rammstein: great! This beauty really gets the crunchy sound you want. You like blues: tune your amp the right way and it sounds very nice for blues purpose too! I've tested it on a Line 6 Spider 5, A no name brand 10W amp, A Park by Marshall 15W amp and a Blackstar HT-5. Especially when using the Blackstar amp it was totally awesome. The tone, even when cranking the volume it was not deforming but nice and clean. And at distortion it also did what it had to, flawlessly. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Well, LTD had it pre-tuned at the factory. The E was way off, almost at a D. The rest of the strings was tuned okay and the intonation was alright too. The only thing I have to whine about is the finishing of the guitar. It looks good, but at some points it looks like it was finished a bit hasty. At the backside of the guitar there are 3 covers made of plastic. At the side one of the covers the manufacturer had sanded out a little too much wood. At one of the roundings at the front side of the body (top right) there is a part of half an inch that wasn't covered by paint too well. A bit ruff it is at that part. We're talking really small things but I think it is something that could have been better. The rest of the paint is good, flat and shiny like a mirror and the darkest of black. Another dislike is that the tremolo arm was getting loose. I couldn't tighten it anymore and after opening the cover at the back of the guitar I saw the little bolt holding the arm was not tightened enough. I know it is something you can fix in 10 minutes but I'm trying to make a good review and will name the con's too. About the rest I can be short: just great. The blackchrome hardware looks very cool, the action is very low but without any buzz, and the SIT brand strings play well too. The little dislikes on the finishing explain my 7, if it wasn't for that it would have been a 9 of 10. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I think it will withstand live playing. The hardware is well chosen and can certainly bear a lot of rough shredding on stage. The strap buttons are a bit small but they hold my Dunlop strap fine (The buttons are in beautiful blackchrome too). The finish is not the hardest kind around. It has small scratches already though I'm not that rough with my guitars. I think it got the scratches from the little buttons on top of the pockets of my jeans, or the zippers of my vests pockets. I guess it's a 2K paintjob. If it was clearcoated with a high-solid clearcoat it would have been less likely to scratch this soon. Still it's just minor scratches and at no point they are so deep the groundcoat comes through. // 8

Overall Impression: I like to play rock, hard rock, and blues mostly. My favourite band is Muse and it suits very well to play their songs too (great sustain, Bellamy uses a Fernandes Sustainer at his Manson but this guitar does the trick too). Also getting soms very loud and clear harmonics out of it is much easier than it is on my Strat. In fact, I found out how they play the beginning of "Citizen erased" thanks to this guitar, nuff said. This guitar is often referred to as being a "metal guitar". I'm not into metal but I just love the design of the guitar and the parts they used for it. I am sure it will make a good metal guitar for it has 24 frets, lpw action and the neck allows you to play really fast. If it was lost or stolen I would buy another one again, also a 350 again because it has the mahogany body, fr special, EMG pups and ESP tuners (F400 has a TOM bridge, I don't want that. And the ones below the F350 don't have all the options this one has). What I love is the design and the diversity of the sound. What I hate is nothing, just the little faults in the finishing. Overall seen I am glad I made this choice and hope it will be with me for a looooong time. // 9

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