LTD H-1001 Deluxe Review

manufacturer: ESP date: 11/15/2012 category: Electric Guitars
ESP: LTD H-1001 Deluxe
This guitar is great for all styles of music. I mostly play metal, but there are no boundaries with this guitar.
 Sound: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9.3
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.7
 Features: 8.3
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overall: 9.2
LTD H-1001 Deluxe Reviewed by: guitarguyryan94, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 899.99

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Features: 2010 model with the new F style headstock Made in South Korea. Mahogany body w/ Maple set-thru neck 24 x-jumbo frets 25.5" Scale Length Thin you neck contour Black gloss finish String-thru TonePros tune-o-matic bridge Active EMGs (Stock) ESP locking tuners Earvana Compensated Nut I gave the features an 8 because I did not like the EMGs and have since replaced them with a set of Seymour Duncans (JB/Jazz). // 8

Sound: This guitar is great for all styles of music. I mostly play metal, but there are no boundaries with this guitar. I play this guitar through a Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo and it's practically a pro setup. I get such a great sound that my friends are jealous. As I said before, I changed the pickups in this guitar. The EMGs that were originally installed just didn't sound right to me. They sounded compressed and just missing an overall lack of quality. After I got an amazing guitar tech to install the pickups for me, now my guitar is perfect. The JB is a very balanced pickup. It has a good amount of lows, mids, and highs; this pickup is very well balanced. The Jazz is unbelievable for cleans. Leads are very articulate and chords ring with great distinction. P.S. If you are planning on buying any guitar with EMGs and are planning to swap the pickups for passives, I highly oppose it. The tech had to drill a hole through the guitar because there was no grounding wire originally installed. EMGs are much quieter than passives so the grounding wire wasn't mandatory during factory construction. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was perfect. That's pretty much all I can say for that. The pickups were properly adjusted. All of the exterior features with spot-on. The only problems were on the inside. For one, the lack of the grounding wire, but that isn't something I can really take points from. The main thing was the wiring. There were a few points where the soldering work was lacking, but it was an easy fix. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This thing is a tank. I've smacked it against walls and computer desks and I have yet to see a dent in it. The black chrome hardware does wear off after a while, but I could care less. The original strap buttons were very sturdy but I replaced the strap buttons with a DiMarzio Clip-lok system and it's still rock solid. I've played this guitar live and it rarely goes out of tune so I'd use it any day. // 10

Overall Impression: ESP makes guitars that are meant to last. Every ESP/LTD that I've played has been flawless and I have yet to be let down by this brand. This guitar is unbelievably easy to play. Bends and slides are effortless. The sustain... Oh my. This is a love/love situation. If you hate this guitar then I don't know what is wrong with you. ESP makes THE best guitars in my book. There will never be a time where I will not recommend an ESP guitar. // 10

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overall: 9.8
LTD H-1001 Deluxe Reviewed by: H.I.Shredder808, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 799

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This review is on the Floyd Rose model of the LTD Deluxe H1001(Fr) in STBC (see-through Black Cherry)and not the string through version. I've noticed that nobody has done a review on here on this specific model, di I thought I'd give it a shot. This is my first review so take it easy... Location of build - Korea Frets- 24 xtra jumbo Scale-25.5 Neck- rosewood fingerboard with maple (it says) neck and set thru design: meaning that the heel of the set neck is carved away for a neck thru feel). The neck was thinner than I originally thought, but not too thin to become uncomfortable. its thinner than my mexican strat, which is pretty thin, but its the same in some spots. More attention to details I think as compared to mexican fenders. It feels effortless to play fast, but since I'm so used to strats and epis, it'll take some time to get used to. I was looking foward to this.... Bodywood - mahogany Body finish - See through Black Cherry Quilted Maple laminate with abalone binding on front of guitar. the back is stained red and very beautiful. High gloss and perfect. Body style - Superstrat Shape with double cutaway and rear contour. The body and whole guitar is actually smaller than the picture suggests and much lighter than it looks. Thats good for me because I play with a strap and dont like bulky gutiars. Also, the picture describes its deep lines and curves which are better looking in person. very sexy guitar and not flat jackson-ish like my soloist. Bridge - Floyd Rose 1000 Controls - one master volume, 1 tone, and 3 way blade selector switch Pickup Config - 2 Humbucker: active EMG 85 in neck and EMG 81 in Bridge Tuners - ESP Locking tuners with locking nut at headstock No included accessories like a hardshell case. It just comes with the trem arm, a manual, and extra spring and the allan keys with verification papers and such. Personally, I'd say that LTD really did a great job on this guitars features. They are a little simple but you can't really expect more from a straight up hardrock/metal machine. As far as the case being left out goes, I'm quite content with the guitar being 799.usd with its immaculate build quality, so If I need a case, I'd just spend the 100$ or so later on when gigging or traveling. Plus, even the ESP Standard series Doesn't come with one also, so it was kinda expected. I find a reliable guitar stand is quite sufficient in keeping this beauty out of harms way. Overall, I'm really impressed with it. The only downside to it is that the guitar, in comparison to the Schecter hellraiser models I believe, doesn't come with a coil tap or push-pull pots because of the 81/85 combo while the Schecter comes with this feature stock. The guitar also came with some very minor flaws in the finish. The clear coat is excellent and probably better than my les pauls, but you can sort of see some of the red stain leeching into the abalone binding and LTD signature on the headstock. Very small and not even noticable unless inspetcted thoroughly. Upside being that this guitar has abalone binding on the neck and offset abalone blocks as fret markers, so I was more inclined to getting this one instead. I give it a 10 because a case wouldn't hurt for a guitar this gorgeous and again, its not perfect with the red leeching a little :P aside from that, its perfect. No dents, marks and it came perfeclty setup with the trem intonated and almost perfectly tuned with brand new strings that couldve been stretched a bit more before locking the nut. On a side note: I live in hawaii and it came in priority mail. The different climates must have affected the tuning because it was damn near perfect. // 10

Sound: I play a wide variety of music. I'll cover anything from BB King to Zakk wylde and Steve vai and it can handle anything I throw at it. I personally love Steve Vai's work and this guitar plays it perfectly. As of right now I am borrowing a Marshall head and cab from my friend, but I primarily use a Digital Line 6 amp (no money). The Marshall blows it out of the water (goes without saying) but the Line 6 holds its own for a digital. Other gear includes: a Crybaby 535Q wah, Morley bad horsie 2 wah, a whirlwind A/B selector box, and a jemini distortion pedal. Yeah I know vai fan lol... The Emgs aren't noisy at all in my opinion. The combo has a very high output, but at the same time doesn't sound muddy. I'd call the sound with the 81 "Chaffing, Aggressive and Abbrassive". Sounds I primarily use for soloing, yet it can be really subtle sort of peircing with a high bright sound. The 85 delivers a punch meant for chords and rythm playing with a very tight bass response and a lot of it with the tone and volume all the way up. This one can be really quiet and clean even if you're using max gain thanks to the tone and volume knob, which are very consistant and don't jump when doing volume swells. Great set. I usually have the Drive set to 7 or 8, the bass set the same, mid set to a little under 5 with some reverb and delay on the distorted channel. The cleans are very nice and crisp and not "still distorted" as so many people say. Surprisingly these are very versatile pickups that can handle pretty much anything. As far as the different "Sounds" this guitar can make, it can handle harmonics like none of my passives and "clean up" niceley. Pinch harmonics and dived-harmonics (dimebag) are easily achieved with the 81 and even 85. Theres also the Floyd Rose 1000 to consider. The damn thing never goes out of tune even with the most extensive whammy abuse. Except when you first get it due to the breaking in and fresh strings having to be stretched. You can do all the basic tricks with it like fluttering, divebombs, pull-ups, weird squeaky noises with the trem arm, etc... I partucularly like doing chordwork with this trem and making some third world country thai style sounds with it. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Like I said before, the guitar would have been perfectly tuned if it didn't have to be shipped from guitar center to Hawaii. It was properly intonated and the trem was correctly flush to the body. Perfect... The pickups were a little low for my tastes but it was correct according to their factory inspection settings. after raising them a bit and evening them out, to me it sounds better and a bit more pronounced yet not muddy at all. The action is perfect out of the box and I'm going to keep it that way. Its low and fast, but not too low to start buzzing. I don't have a ruler with me but its perfect for my tastes. The Quilted Maple top was correctly matched and the bridge, based on what I know, Was perfectly routed with no scraping springs in the back. (I checked just in case I wanted to add a fourth spring, which it came with, for a heavier gauge strings) once again, perfect.... Again, the finish wasn't perfect, having a minute amount of red stain on the very tip of the abalone binding on the headstock and the small corner of the LTD signature. Aside from that its flawless... Even the rosewood which exceeded my expectations, wasn't porus or dried out at all. They actually up-kept it while still awaiting to be purchased. Plus it feels like maple... that's a dense slab of wood... :D The nut is perfeclty fitted, the fretwire is sanded to match the neck, the wood I'm not too sure but it resonates well, nothing loose at all and nothing noisy. I'd give this a 9.5 so I'll go with a 9 because of the small flaws in the stain. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will without a doubt withstand live playing. I've only owned it for a week, but its very solid. If it can handle my playing at home, it can handle the stage when I do gigs. I'm convinced that the hardware on this guitar will last awhile, but I'm not too sure on the black nickel coating on the hardware. People say that it tends to fade after time so I have yet to see. But having worked with metal and chrome before, the coat looks pretty damn solid and meant for abuse. Strap buttons -very solid and mounted tightly. The buttons have a mushroom-esque look to them and actually stretch my strap when I wear it. Very solid and I'm pretty sure will never cause a drop. Overall, its a reliable and sturdy guitar. I haven't dropped it yet and I never plan to, but its very solid. The fnish is very thick so pinkey bracers like myself don't have to worry about messing up the finish. // 10

Overall Impression: In conclusion, its a very damn good guitar. It suits my needs perfectly and I'll continue to use it as my main axe for anything except Acoustic songs. It works beautifully with my gear even the digital line 6. I've only been playing for 2 years so I can't say that's its the best guitar ever, but its the best I've played, and I've played some really expensive gutiars. If this guitar was lost or stolen, I'd replace it without a second thought. Its a perfect all around guitar that plays effortlessly. Even with emgs and very simple controls, its surprisingly versatile and can handle almost any genre of music. Pros: It should cost more for the quality and features, very sturdy, excellent inspection standards, incredible quilt maple top and thick finish, Great acton, slim neck U neck, and light weight. Pretty much everything except the leeching stain in the finish. Cons: the leeching stain in the finish.... Again, I've compared this guitar to the Schecter c1 or hellraiser before purchasing it. They were both in the same price range and looked identical except for the abalone binding on the neck and inlays. The Schecter also comes with the push/pull pot feature, but The LTD was more appealing to me. Anything I wish it had? Yeah a case lol. Seriously, nothing more really. Its a great guitar and by the looks of things, the people that have reviewed this model on different retailers sites were not wrong about anything. If you're looking for a kickass metal machine that will not only turn heads, but play like a dream; get it. you can't go wrong with something like this for 800$ and free shipping to the lower 48 states. I still wish it had a case though... Hope this was helpful. And exceuse my horrendous spelling and sentence structure and grammatical errors. I got 4 hours of sleep and I'm pretty damn tired...of not geting friggin cases with my guitars! Cheers. // 10

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overall: 8
LTD H-1001 Deluxe Reviewed by: Kenji20022, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 925

Purchased from: Sam Ash Music

Features: This Purple LTD Deluxe was made in 2008, and by what the headstock says Korean made also. It is my 2nd guitar, and my first decent purchase to begin gigging and getting serious with the hobby I took up. The Guitar features 24 Jumbo Frets, the wider ones which aren't my favorite but I'm not picky when it comes to frets as long as it lasts a year or two before the need for a fret dressing/crowning. The Scale is 25.5", it's an average length and if you're coming from Fender Territory you'll know what to expect. I'm tuned down 1 Whole Step on this guitar and record all my music in D Standard or Drop C. The Neck is rosewood, outlined with the ever famous "abalone overkill", I've got to say I love this guitar's looks and features and the abalone is a bit overdone but it looks very nice to me. It features a Mahogany body, with a neck thru maple neck, all finished in a transparent Purple finish. It also features a Flamed Maple top which shines under the light and looks almost 3 dimensional, but nothing crazy. Now onto the hardware and electronics: It features ESP Branded Locking Tuners. These tuners are nice, and I did deal with some slippage when I restrung it for the 7-8th time after initially having it set up at the location where I bought it. And one of the locking tuners ended up being permanently locked in place, but I called ESP and customer service were glad to ship me a replacement tuner free of charge which was a pleasant surprise for me at the time. After getting the tuner replaced and getting it properly set up in the tuning I now use, the guitar feels solid. There is the occasional slip in tuning which can get tedious during recording sessions, but not so often that it would deter me from playing this guitar. It features a String Thru Body with a locking bridge, which I don't have much to say about. Intonating the guitar is extremely easy and restringing takes less time since I won't have to worry about the bridge falling off since it's locked into position. The nut is an Earvana Compensated nut, which honestly isn't as big of a deal as it seems. It keeps the guitar more intonated across the neck, but with a proper set up you shouldn't need to worry about compensating the nut. None of my other guitars have them and they play as good if not better than this guitar. Pickups and other electronics. It features a single volume, a single tone knob, and a 5 way selector switch. Pickups are, Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (B), and Jazz (N). The guitar came with no accessories when I purchased it. // 7

Sound: The Music that I play is varied, my main project is a progressive metal outlet that ventures into technical metal at times. I have a folk side project that I work on with my neighbors and close friends, and a blues project that hasn't been getting as much attention as it honestly deserves. This guitar is geared at a certain audience, as most LTD guitars are save for a few select models. For metal, the Bridge pickup is absolutely a dream to play with harmonics are absolutely ridiculous on that pickup, the neck and other positions, not so much. For lead playing, I prefer using both pickups instead of only the Jazz, simply because past a basic Foo Fighters like crunch, this pickup falls apart. It's domain is in the clean tones mainly, and even then the bridge and 2nd/4th position are much more desirable to use clean than anything else for sounding much more complete and full than the neck by itself. The pickup set isn't balanced at all, there is a slight volume difference that is completely assessable but in a guitar that at the time retailed for up to 800$ new there is no excuse for this. It is not a wiring problem as me and my new tech have checked it out and there is nothing wrong with it. The combo is just much weaker, I'm hopefully looking to replace the neck with a 59', and keeping the Custom 5 since it is simply a hotrodded JB in comparison and I love it's harsh yet warm sound. I run my amp fairly high gain for my metal project, and compared to my other guitars it is probably the quietest. In comparison to my other guitar which contains EMG 707's which I detest due to my inability to love Active pickups, The EMG's are actually noisier even after a battery swap. I just got the guitar and plan on getting another set of 7 string pickups to replace that guitar's pickups, but that's for another review. The variety that is brought to the table is nice when clean, or with an extremely light overdrive to push the sound and give the guitar an extra kick of sustain. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: I never got a chance to see it from the factory, but kudos to the Sam Ash I purchased it from before the repairs department took a dip in consistency. The Action was as low as it could possibly be with no buzz across the neck at all. 2 and a half years later to today, I keep my action with a bit of height from the fretboard, nothing ridiculous but enough so it feels like I'm actually playing a guitar and not another low action Ibanez. I can pull off all the things I can do on my RG3250MZ same way I can on this LTD, I just prefer it's feel when the strings aren't pretty much next to the fret board. Pickups came nicely adjusted from the moment I laid eyes on it. Now for flaws, there were 5-6 dings in the clear coat finish around the guitar. A few in the back, a few on the top horn, and one on the headstock. You can see why the guitar was bought at the price I got it for. Other than those cosmetic flaws the guitar was absolutely perfect Day 1. Moving on to day 900ish or so, the hardware has garnered that rusted/oxidized look to it, but once more it's just cosmetics, as long as it doesn't affect the sound, this workhorse guitar is the same way as I bought it. The only other problem I've ever had was the volume knob squeaking whenever I used it, but it was easily fixed by taking it off and reinserting it using the locking mechanism. I'm giving this part of the review an 8 simply because I never got to see it from the factory, and I've heard some horror stories coming from imported guitars. And for the dings and squeaky volume knob. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Now reliability and durability. I've had this guitar for 2.5 years, which is why I've held off on reviewing it. I always feel like a lot of reviews on here are rushed and done within hours of playtime on a brand new guitar. And that isn't fair to people legitimately looking to purchase the model of guitar being reviewed. As some people might be relying on it for a long time, I choose to give the guitar a lot of time to settle in and work itself before making a review. Now the LTD is my go to guitar, that's all there is to say. I own a Custom Warmoth Stratocaster which I keep in E and use for my other projects, I also own an Ibanez RG3250MZFOB, and a Schecter Jeff Loomis FR-7, with a MusicMan JPXI on the way and a custom build also. But this guitar is the guitar that I practice, and gig with. The others have their place and purpose, but the LTD I just extremely solid and held up with time. Yes it withstands live playing, the hardware has lasted without a problem besides cosmetic wear. The Strap Buttons came slightly loose about a year ago, but has been solid ever since retightening it. Gigging without a backup is extremely risky, and I would never do it. Put into the situation of having only the ability to bring one guitar to a gig, after a nice restringing and set-up I wouldn't worry about this guitar one bit when playing. The finish is just a cosmetic part of the guitar, I don't really mind if it gets dinged up, even though it truly won't show without a substantial amount of damage done to the guitar itself, definitely not easy to damage or too thin. The hardware is much more prone to oxidation though, which is something to consider if that's a huge part of a purchase. This is the department that is worth the 10, simply because all the hardware is replaceable but the guitar is solid and isn't going to break or wear down anytime soon. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall this guitar is a good match for what I do, but not perfect pickup and sound wise. It does one thing good and another thing decently which would be fine if I only had my main project. I have been playing for 3 and a half years now, I have owned around 20+ guitars and traded to land on the guitars I truly love and feel at home with. The other guitars are my modded Epiphone G-310 which acts as a fairly decent and solid backup if any of my guitars were to fail live, my Ibanez RG3250MZFOB, my recently acquired Schecter Jeff Loomis FR-7, and my Warmoth Custom Stratocaster which is a complete workhorse and stands on it's own in comparison to any guitar I've ever tried. The only thing I would have like to be informed about is fret wear in advance, the frets have a lot of life left in them going through only a single dressing and crowning. But as soon as it's necessary, the change to stainless steel frets will be made. If this guitar were stolen, I don't think I'd buy it again. This guitar is special, it's been with me at every gig I've ever done. The only way I'd ever own anything similar is if ESP's custom Shop would replicate it for me in the form of a Horizon Model which I highly doubt they would. I would simply find the person that stole it and get my guitar back in whatever condition it'd be in. I love how the guitar feels and plays, the neck has a bit of chunk to it which is nice to actually grasp and play, and the body's weight and shape is perfect for me. The only things I wish it had would be the 59' Humbucker already in the neck position instead of the Jazz and maybe some higher quality solid black hardware so the tarnish wouldn't be anything to worry about. Other than that, this guitar is a solid workhorse that I wouldn't give up for anything, I hope I never give in and trade or sell this guitar and hopefully pass it down to whatever next generation picks up my hobby. // 8

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