LTD H-50 review by ESP

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (34 votes)

Price paid: $ 237

Purchased from: Steves Music

Sound — 8
The stock sound is average, but distorts very well, but to get a full thick sound you have to use both pu's, not that the bridge is tinny, just not full. On the bright side the pickups are virtually noiseless, I ran it through a 100 watt Marshall and still stayed quiet on the high gain. Definetly a distorted guitar.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, great intermediate guitar, finally dumped my 6 year old Squier. Plays great through both my amps 20W and 100W and loves the distortion. If it were stolen theres a good chance that I'd consider it for replacement, of course by then hopefully I'll have enough money for an upgrade. Can't complain about ESP's though.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Reliability is hard to judge since it's only about a month old. Seems like it would do fine, would need to baby it. Body feels solid, and the hardware seems fine. You might want to swap out the tuners though since it start to lose tune after maybe 2-3 hours of hard playing, locking ones would be hot. Strap buttons? Well, the horn one is good, but for some reason the bottom keeps slipping. Strap locks for you. I think I could use it without backup, but ideally I'd have my other one just in case. You never know, and the finish seems good. Paint feels thick and I think it'll last.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This is where the guitar shines! Everything was impeccable from the factory, couldnt be happier. Frets were beautiful, no burrs, no bumps, no dead spots. Ideal. The action was set very well, but of course thats always a personal preference. It was mid-high, which is perfect for me, I'm no shredder nor will I ever be so it sits right. The guitar came in-tune, not just relative, but spot on. Intonation was even spot on, I was blown away. Pickups were right where they should be and the guitar looked fantastic. No dings, scratches, blems or anything, the metallic blue looked so deep, great paint. Wish I could go over five.

Features — 8
It was made in 2004 I believe in Indonesia, hence the low price. Has a 25.5" scale with 22 extra jumbo frets on the rosewood fingerboard, very nicely done. It has a maple neck and a solid agathis body which makes it nice and light, and a tuno-matic bridge with stoptail all black. Comes with the standard Hum hum with the LH-100's and a 3-way, one volume and one tone pretty standard. Gets a four because the pickups are par, nothing special, already swapped in an invader less than a week in.

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    anarchypunk180 wrote: i own this guitar and i love it. it has a good sound and for the rock i play its perfect
    finally someone says something thats right. i own this guitar too and i absolutly love it. my cousin has a jackson and he says mine plays better and sounds better than his own guitar. hes asked if i would sell it to him. this is a great guitar!
    ive got one. i love it. its like, the perfect one for me. its just really good, even better for its price. hopefullyi can get the money to ge an esp eclipse 2 soon.
    ive got this guitar. its really nice. its underrated really. it only gets a bad reputation because it doesnt cost around $1000. its defiantly something to buy, then make it better buy upgrading its parts
    I got this guitar for $50 dollars in the parking lot of Music Quest. I had this guitar for three years and shaved the body down and put different pick ups in. the two pick ups are Seymour Duncan/Phat cat(neck)/Invader(bridge with coil spliting)and grover tuners made this guitar scream for under $250.
    i have this guitar now and i dont have any issues learning with it. nothing hurts when you use it.
    I have one in and it's a basswood body. And the guy Three comments above me is right it is underrated really. I didn't have any problems except the tuning pegs were a little loose. Slap on some EMG 81(B)/85(N) and get some nice thick strings and it's just pure badass.
    I have this guitar and its great. I like mine even more because I bought it off of one of my friends (because he was broke not because he didn't like it) but before hand he put a vinyl of a lighter blue hummingbird on it. It seems to be flying towards your left hand, above the strings. But besides the look, it plays like a beauty.
    This guitar sucks, buy a Jackson DK2.... No seriously I tried it at my local Guitar shop, and it's a really good guitar especially for a beginner, I wouldn't say it's perfect because perfection is only possible with Jackson guitars. I would still recommend you to change the pickups... The sound is way to crunchy...