LTD KH-2 review by ESP

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (139 votes)

Price paid: $ 3

Purchased from: Guitar Collection

Sound — 10
This guitar is usually to the hard edged metal music because it is Metallica's official guitar. I use a Kustom Dual 35DFX which has quite a number of cool sounds along with it that can be selected from a variety of sounds.

Overall Impression — 10
I play rock songs and metal songs but not blues at all. I have been playing for two years. I also own a Yamaha ERG121 and a stacked amplifier. I did not want to ask any questions before buying the product because it is so good when you play it and look at it and you would be just awed. If it was stolen I would buy it again it would be worth it. I love to play with it and the fact when the strings snap it does not fly at your hand making a deep cut into your skin. It just comes loose when its done with. I hate nothing about it really. My favourite feature is the shape, reliability and the sound cause it is real good. I compared it with the Signature Papa Roach's guitar and the Alien Ant Farm Signature guitar and I found this the best to use. I chose this for its power and comfortability. I am happy enough with the guitar so that I couldn't wish for any better.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is excellent for live playing except that you need a more larger and powerful amp. The hardware can really withstand anything and sounds better the more longer you play it. The strap buttons are solid to have a strap around you and not fall. You can depend on it without any backup. It can last for a very long time and looks eye-catching in the crowd.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
It was excellently built in the factory to perfection. The pickups are supberbly fitted and everything was so well done and worth it for its price.

Features — 10
This ESP is the original electric guitar for Metallica in St. Anger. It has 24 frets with jumbo frets. Its bridge consists of a Floyd Rose style and it is a locking configuration. It hasactive pick-ups with batteries inside for more power and better sound. The controls given is the Volume, Bass Volume and Treble Volume I think. the make of the pickups are the EMG. There is only two of these pickups. There is a velvet hard case with the elctric guitar. It is an excellent for guitarist with tons of expreience.

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    Frankie Sparks
    Kirk Hammett is one of my idols, but i wouldnt buy one of his sigs. I'd rather be original and play my own guitar. If it wasnt already his i'd definately get it.
    A Bad Guitarist
    Thunderstrucked wrote: I want it!! If somebody has to much money, please send me 2000?!
    Well... I happen to have an extra $2000 lying around... I'll give it to you if you can reach through the intertubes and take it within three seconds... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    ESP M-II is a great guitar. The KH2 is has a flatter fretboard radius. Go to ESP's Russian site for specs.
    This guitar has it all from the finishes and features to the sound LOVE the emg81/60 set, this is the axe to get! dislike the floyd rose, because of the hassle in tuning and retuning from standerd to drop d. a good 9.5 in my books
    Rockin' Guitar! The only down thing I have to say about this guitar is the price. But, you get what you pay. If you want an ESP signature series, you are going to pay for it. Is it worth it? Well, I love mine and it will not be for sale anytime soon. It is also comparible to in many ways (including price) to the Jackson soloists. The KH is a great guitar and a dream to play. You won't be disappointed. My friend also came across a website where you can enter to WIN this over priced guitar for free and also MEET & GREET METALLICA while taking this ESP KH-2 Kirk Hammett Signature Series Guitar Home!! O.O Wish I saw this earlier here's the info: ----- WIN the "Weekend with METALLICA" for a chance to win TICKETS AND AN ESP KH-2 GUITAR!! Enter here: Live Nation / ESP Guitars will fly you and a friend to Las Vegas to see Metallica and send you home with an ESP KH-2 guitar! PLUS: The winner goes home with a Kirk Hammett Signature Series ESP KH-2! Approximate Retail Value of the Grand Prize: $4,800.90 Opening acts for Metallica on Dec 5th: - Machine Head - Volbeat -----
    Pricey Pricey Pricey, But this guitar will blow any metalhead miles away. I suggest purchasing this guitar only if you're rich, or a perfectionist
    bucketheadbukut wrote: P-Roach said the guitar was $3 lol
    haha i know that guy is a skank
    If your are not a metallica fan...then dont get the signature model... logic...
    i got one of these mint for $1100 on ebay if you just make it a habit to check ebay every now and then you can find some sick deals for most everything and although this is a sick guitar i wouldn't pay $2000 for it
    I want it sooooo bad me 2 man!!! but if my mom knows the price she's going to get crazy , thats why im working for, and a new amp (maybe a marshall what u guys think its a good amp??), a wah, some good pickups (EMGs or Blackouts?? dont know which ones) for my epiphone LP custom (my actual guitar) and some other things... sorry for my bad english not my 1st language...
    I agree with FRankie, be original, create your own style from other idols, don't try to be something you're not.
    rider of pigs
    omg i want it sooooo bad! i have to save my allowance until february to afford it... unless i get a job, or prostitute myself.... happy ending?
    I just recently got the neck-thru KH2 and its an amazing guitar. If you can afford one, then you should definitely consider it over something like a Gibson.
    Kenit wrote: "The amp I would suggest is anything 100 watts and up cause the actives don't react well to an amp thats turned down." What exactly did you mean by that? Cause I have a 15watt amp and was planning on getting emgs 81 and 85 on a jackson...
    It means that it doesn't sound as loud etc because they are active pickups (they have a pre amp of batteries in the guitar)
    i have the kh-202 and it is my pride and joy... i know it lacks the 81's(and other things)... but im working on it... to conclude this series of guitar... if you want to play like metallica(or anything heavy)... then this guitar is for u... but if u want a nice clean sound without tweaking it then this isnt for u...
    "The amp I would suggest is anything 100 watts and up cause the actives don't react well to an amp thats turned down." What exactly did you mean by that? Cause I have a 15watt amp and was planning on getting emgs 81 and 85 on a jackson...
    My most recent project is to slap two EMG 81s on my 'econo- M-50'. They're in teh mail. And THAT boys is as close as i will ever come to owning a KH2.