LTD MH-100QM review by ESP

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (50 votes)

Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: Furtados music

Sound — 9
I play mostly thrash metal. Basically Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer etc. Also older metal like Maiden and Sabbath etc. However I also like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and I can pull off all of this with this guitar. It has a dark sound while using the bridge pickup with distortion and you can also get those beautiful ringing chords of the neck. I'm using this through a Roland Cube 15 which honestly isnt the best amp but I still get a nice sound. My only complaint is the it's a bit noisy and kind of hums when you're not playing.

Overall Impression — 9
I'm really pleased with this guitar. It's a perfect match for my playing style and it has great looks that get me lots of compliments. I've only been playing two years but this guitar is great and beats the living crap out of my old Ibanez starter pack guitar. If it was stolen I would find the guy steal some mopney from him and buy the ESP LTD MH-100NT which is the same guitar without the whammy. But if you want great metal and classic rock sound with a whammy bar this is yours.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is quite heavy and very solid. I would definetly play this witout a back up. Strap buttons have not failed yet and I don't expect them to. Again this guitar has a good, great looking finish that really compliments the quilted maple.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
Action wasn't perfect but I was able to sort that out by myself no problem. There was a screw missing from the back plate as well but I got another one and is no big deal. So yeah, no big shit.

Features — 9
The features on this guitar are frickin good for the price. It comes with a lincensed Floyd Rose (however this admittedly makes chaging strings a pain in the ass) that sounds great. It has 24 extra jumbo frets that are just perfect for shredding it up like a metal god. It has the basic Strat shape but this guitar will really stand out because it's beautiful. It comes with a quileted maple top that looks great (mine is green but I think now only blue is available). This guitar seriously looks much more expensive than it is. The pickups are incredibly good for stock pickups (passive, I think they're the ESP LH-150 pickups). It also has tuning locks made by ESP that are really useful because the floyd rose tends make the guitar go out of tune. Anyway the tuning locks take care of this. I'm giving it nine because I wish I got the one without the tremolo.

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    if you want to get rid of the tuning problems associated witht the tremolo, just block it off
    aaaargh, this page really needs an update feature for reviews, i found so many mistakes in my review.
    the quilted maple top itself is flawless. My only complaint is that there are two litlle flaws in the finish.
    huh, what had i been smoking?
    or its possible tht the string lock on the head are striped so thy dont work and they slip. i have the mh-103qm which is the same its jsut hss so it has a different sound but other than that its the same. ive had mine for a month and ive had no problems. te only thing ive done was throw ernie ball custom 9ga and change the positions of the springs
    First of all, how does the MH-100QM w/ no tremolo compare? and, how does this compare to a schecter damien series?
    dtherocker wrote: First of all, how does the MH-100QM w/ no tremolo compare? and, how does this compare to a schecter damien series?
    Its basically the same except it stays intune better and it doesn't have a tremolo. Idk about the Schecter though.
    does anyone know how the schecter damien series compares to this (it's one or the other for me for my next guitar)?
    blossomsftwyo wrote: som1 needs to put up a review on the esp ltd mh 100 qmnt (2008) model
    damn man, read my review, it's about exactly this model I recently replaced the stock pick ups with the seymour duncan hot rodded set (sh-2/sh-4), it sounds even better now. cann't ask for much more for 279 + 130
    The tremolo is a piece of shit on mine. It's set up properly but goes out of tune after one or two dives. Other than that is a good guitar, very light weight too.
    shitty plastic knobs, were replaced with qparts knobs and emg 81s installed screams like a demon now!!!!!
    It seems like sweet S**t but i dont like the body style i want a guitar thats got some sharp corners
    "kind of hums when you're not playing" - mechanix92 Thats why the pickups are called "humbuckers" cause they Hum when not in use
    PRSseSinglecut wrote: "kind of hums when you're not playing" - mechanix92 Thats why the pickups are called "humbuckers" cause they Hum when not in use
    I'm seriously hoping this is meant to be ironical?
    I just got the guitar and it's great even with the stock pickups, I'm gonna put a Dimarzio crunch lab in the bridge and a liquifire in the neck. I'll do a review soon
    just put in the crunch lab and it is awesome, i need the liquifire though because of teh way i set up the crunch lab, i did it Petrucci's way and have the bar facing the neck so now the neck pickup won't work wiht the crunch lab in the middle position. as for the bridge position alone, it sounds awesome, gives the perfect metal tone and an amazing clean tone. it's an all around great guitar, love the neck on it and will be purchasing a similar lower end mh guitar as a backup
    I bought mine out of a local store. The only problem with it is that the color of paint on the body and the head don't match. lo Ones kinda green and the other is more blue. I personally love this guitar. Ever pickup position has it's own personality. The bridge really screams, the middle has that phat Memphis blues tone and the neck sings beautifully. Plus a nice addition to it is the bevel cut away for those hard to reach notes. I've put this ax through abuse and all it has is a few chips. This Guitar Holds Up!!! I recommend it
    I got the guitar from Sam Ash for only $180 dollars and it has a really great sound and features. I would totally recommend it.
    stephen_rettie wrote: if the floyd makes it go out of tune then thats a problem
    good point. get it set up or adjust it yourself if u know how. the spring tension is probably too high or low.
    it shouldn't hum mate.. try changing your cables or maybe your amp isn't earthed properly.. looks like a nice guitar though..
    LD_Luke D
    i dont trhink the sum is the guitar's fault. its probably your amp or your distortion.
    dude this is an awesome guitar. Its a lot like mine only mine is flat top. And mines an Ibanez. And it sounds better...
    i own this guitar and its pretty nice the floyd would make it go out of tune a lot like horribly but i got it under control i dont know how i did it but i did
    i love esp/ltd guitars xD but its a little bit expensive for me xD i will sell my sister for some bucks (: the only way to get somo money xD faster nvm btw awesome guitar (: bye
    LD_Luke D wrote: i dont trhink the sum is the guitar's fault. its probably your amp or your distortion.
    Yeah you're right i changed my cable and the humming stopped
    and about the tuning problems well i used to kind of abuse the floyd so its expected anyway but now i just keep the whammy bar in my gigbag and i hardly use it. so yeah. but thank god for the tuning locks because the bridge is really sensitive. for example suppose i wanted to tune the guitar to drop d i would lower the 6th string. but because of the sensitive bridge the other strings would also get lower in different amounts because of the tension on the bridge changing. i meant to write that in the review but i completely forgot.
    very very nice guitar dude.i have always love the ESP just bcos they are realy good and realy afordalbe for all,i have one ESP LTD EX-50 and i just love it.nice review =D
    very very nice guitar dude,i have always love the ESP for their low prices and bcos those guitar have a realy good sound.i have one ESP LTD EX-50 and i just love it.very nice review dude =D
    6_Feet_Below wrote: dude this is an awesome guitar. Its a lot like mine only mine is flat top. And mines an Ibanez. And it sounds better...
    i love this guitar i use it and a mh-52 both i have upgraded with duncans an invader and distortion in this one and a dimebucker-coolrail and hotrail in my mh53 they are great guitars for the price so if your a shreader on a budget like myself this is a great guitar but you will probally want to think about changing out the pickups
    I want to buy a guitar and here in germany this guitar costs 299 Euro....this guitar seems to be very good and it has everything that I want: Floyd Rose....Is there any better guitar for this price?
    I got one for my daughters first guitar for $200.00 and i love it.....i wanted to keep it for myself.....gonna change the emgs to emg81/85 before christman. she plays it through a marshall haze 15 head and a blackstar ht5h. sounds awesome. shes 8 yrs old and plays metallica.