LTD MH-100QMNT Review

manufacturer: ESP date: 01/22/2013 category: Electric Guitars
Well this is a fantastic guitar, it can get that hard rock/metal sound I crave and can even put out the cleans very well.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.5
 Features: 9
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overall: 10
LTD MH-100QMNT Reviewed by: alaskansurefire, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: SamAsh

Features: I got this guitar in 2009. I think it was made in Japan. It has 24 frets and has a fairly thin neck but not super duper thin. It has a quilted maple top. String thru body bridge style. Passive LH-150 pickups (stock). 3-way switching control and one tone and volume knob. The tuners are stock ESP tuners which hold their tune very well, no matter the tuning. // 10

Sound: I'm a hard rock and heavy metal player with a few soft stuff on the side. This guitar has astounding cleans. I can play some Red Hot Chili Peppers with it easily. I'm using a Peavey Vypyr 15 watt (soon to upgrade). The pickups are incredible. When I crank distortion through this guitar there is no other tone like it. It can go from Led Zepplin to Avenged Sevenfold all the way to the really heavy stuff like For Today, Killswitch Engage, and Bullet For My Valentine. I love the tone. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The action came at about normal height but I put on some fresh strings and lowered it to my likings. It can be easily lowered by just twisting some screws. The pickups are adjustable really easily, again just some screws need to be turned (I prefer putting the bridge closer to the string to put some beef in the tone). I had never had any problems with this guitar what'soever out of the three years I've owned it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar has withstand live playing time and tmie again and I never even thought about bringing a backup (mostly because I didn't have one). Its more than dependable and its even better than my Ibanez RG5EX1 which costs about $100 more. The hardware is top notch and doesnt't look like its going anywhere for a while. // 10

Overall Impression: Well this is a fantastic guitar, it can get that hard rock/metal sound I crave and can even put out the cleans very well. It's a versatile guitar but Hard Rick is where it lies. If it were stolen I would find who ever stole and beat them senseless because this one is my baby and I couldn't let it go. But I would definitely by another one. // 10

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overall: 8
LTD MH-100QMNT Reviewed by: Faceless_teen, on january 22, 2013
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Price paid: C$ 225

Purchased from: Private seller

Features: My MH-100QMNT is a 2012 made in Indonesia. It is a 24 fret, 25.5" scale with (what ESP call) XJ frets and a rosewood fingerboard. The guitar has a basswood body with a Quilted-maple veneer on top, with a trans-red finish. The body is a curve-top strat/superstrat style and a nice thin-U neck shape. TOM string-through bridge. The stock pickups are good for a beginner player or even just for some softer playing styles, but, they aren't anything amazing for heavier styles of playing in my opinion, So, I replaced the stock pickups with a DiMarzio 30th Anniversary PAF in the bridge and a DiMarzio Evolution in the neck. The guitar has only 1 volume and 1 tone with a 3-way toggle switch (nothing special), and the tuners are just the stock ESP-brand tuners (which actually aren't too bad). Features are good for a "low-end" ESP/LTD brand. // 8

Sound: I mostly play metal and other heavy rhythm music. The stock pickups, while nothing amazing, aren't actually too bad for a more beginner level player, but, for more advanced players I recommend replacing them. I play this guitar through a couple amps, a Marshall Valvestate 8040, Marshall MG30 (I know, not amazing LOL but I like the cleans) and an Orange Micro-Terror. All my amps run into a 100 watt 1x12 cab that I wired. The guitar, to me, is more on the bright side with its tone which I like but I will say that the tone is not quite how I like it but very decent for a guitar of this price range. I would recommend this guitar mostly as a heavy metal type guitar or hard rock, but, you will find that it plays quite nicely with nice clear clean tones. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought this guitar pre-owned so I do not know how it was set up out of box, but, I have owned 4 or 5 other ESP guitars and they all came surprisingly well set up, needing little adjustment from me. The only thing I have ALWAYS needed to adjust on them is the pickups, just because I like mine set at specific heights. The guitar looks amazing with the trans-red finish over the quilt maple veneer (this is what drew me to this guitar), even second-hand this guitar had no noticeable flaws. Overall a well set up and beautiful guitar. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I no longer play live but I would say that this guitar is built well enough to gig with. The hardware is decent on the exterior but if you are someone who like to roll off your volume while playing, I would recommend replacing the volume and tone pots with better ones. The strap buttons that come stock are nice and wide, they hold your strap on fairly well but if you plan on playing live with it, then do yourself a favor and put strap locks on! I could rely on this guitar without a backup but only time can tell if that would be a good choice. The finish on this guitar seems good, like it will last but over time it can start to age and show wear on the finish, which I love! // 8

Overall Impression: Overall I have to say that I really like this guitar. Since I play a lot of metal, this guitar suits my style pretty well but definitely plays better with replaced pickups. If this guitar were stolen/lost I would definitely consider buying another one because I have always found that ESP/LTD guitars show good quality for a low price point compared to other brands. This guitar would make a great backup guitar or to keep around the house for practice. The action and setup is nice enough that, with a little upgrade, you could use it as a great recording guitar. Video from YouTube:

// 8

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