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manufacturer: ESP date: 08/07/2014 category: Electric Guitars
It's got 24 jumbo frets, basswood body, blue quilted maple top, U-shaped maple neck, and a licensed Floyd-Rose tremolo system. This model has a Single/Single/Humbucker pickup configuration with a 5-way toggle switch and a master volume and master tone knob.
 Sound: 7.2
 Overall Impression: 7.2
 Reliability & Durability: 8.2
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7
 Features: 7.6
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overall: 8.4
LTD MH-103QM Featured review by: YobGlob, on august 07, 2014
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Price paid: $ 450

Purchased from: Lyric Music Store Philippines

Features: The model I got was a Chinese made model but it says nothing what year it was made... but yes it is genuine and has the small ESP logo at the back. It has 24 Extra Jumbo frets which are good for lead playing and a Thin U Neck Contour. But one of the main reasons this is the guitar we chose is because of it's beautiful quilted maple top. The body is made of basswood and the neck is made of maple.

The color of the one I got was a little on the green side but more of a aqua light blue which is really nice. No doubt it's a superstrat body, with a curved top and comes with a Floyd Rose Special. Passive LH 150 humbucker bridge and 2 LS 120 single coils on the the neck and middle pickups. Has one tone and volume and a very quiet pickup selector. It came with unreliable tools and rounded one of the Foyd Rose's screws... so I recommend not using the tools for this. // 8

Sound: We were looking for a great metal guitar and a great all a-rounder, but I got to say, this is very versatile when it comes to the sound...the metal tone I get with these are a bit muddy as time goes by but would be great for someone who is still looking for their tone. The best part of the guitar are the single coils. Clean and yes, versatile, again. It has has that good twang for blues and country... clean mellows and bass, with the help of the maple neck. You can make good tones with these pickups but for someone looking for professional tones this will only pass. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The factory setup is poor... It came to us buzzing and required a lot of tweaking and attention. We fiddled with it a little with the tools it came with until one of the tools rounded the Floyd Rose's screws... ouch. We had to bring it to a luthier to get it repaired and set up, but it only took a few days to fix so it's fine now. Still a little buzzing but playable. The neck is fast and thin and can withstand my playing, it feels durable and smooth.

// 7

Reliability & Durability: As of now, I haven't changed the stock strings and it hasn't breaked, only a few dirt and all that. It is very durable and looks like it could withstand live playing with a good strap. The Floyd Rose's handle got a little stained from some oxidation, but I don't know. Strap buttons are solid and can hold for a somewhat heavy guitar. I would gig without a backup, but with a good set of strings and good tools. The finish hasn't reacted to my sweaty palms and fingers so it will last.

// 10

Overall Impression: For a metal guitar... it is beast. Also a good all rounder. We tested Ibanez, Jacksons, Corts and even Epiphones... But this is really the one that stood out. It has great sound, great feel and overall great looks. It looks more pricier than the actual price itself. It has been with me for nearly 4 or 5 months as of now and it's with me here in the room. It is awesome, it would stay for years. Wish it had a H/S/H configuration though. But it is a great guitar. // 9

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overall: 8.6
LTD MH-103QM Reviewed by: ElementSkater1, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 350

Purchased from: Guitars N Stuff

Features: What's in a "Good Guitar", a good name, a fancy paint job, or maybe even quality parts. Well this guitar delivers without 2 of these. It may be an LTD buts it's got a Beautiful Blue Quilted Maple top on a Basswood body, With an all Maple Bolt-On neck. It has a matching headstock and 24 Medium Jumbo frets, plus the X-Tra thin neck is great too. It's got great pickups, making this passive setup good for a variety of playing. It has ESP brand pickups, 2 single coils in the middle and neck positions with an ESP humbucker in the bridge. But what seperates this from the rest is a Floyd Rose with a Recessed bridge for great dive-bombs. With it's ESP brand tuners you can't go wrong, or with the 5 way selector Switch either. // 10

Sound: When played through my setup this guitar can move mountains. Despite it's lack of fat bass sound it can still get a great Nirvana sound. But I play it through my Peavy Basic 112 Bass Amp and a DigiTech RP-70, so that might effect it. This will definatley do what you want if you play: Grunge, Rock, Metal, Country, Classic Rock, and anything in between. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Here where it gets crappy, If this guitar buzzed any worse, I might have thought there was a mosquito in my ear, but this was corrected when I raised the action myself. Aside from that, the guitar was in amazing condition, not a single scratch from the factory, to the store, to me. Everything was great but the action, they can build a nice guitar but they really need to set them up better. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This thing can take a great beating, and although I have yet to damage it, I think that it wouldn't make a difference. The floyd lets me pull it up for great screamin' harmonics, while also staying in tune. And if the finish gets any thicker, it might have it's own tonal properties. This is my only choice for a gig. // 10

Overall Impression: Because I play such a wide variety, this was obviously the right choice. And because I've been playing for a year now, I still have people come over and countinously tell me how good it sounds. And I would DIE if it was removed from my possesion. And I love the finish and the Floyd, both are great. But don't let the name fool you this will outplay a Fender anyday. Everything is great on it, but what really killed it was that stupid action, I mean come on, just take the time to set it up right. This would've been better with a Dimebucker in it, then it would have killed me. Great guitar for the price. // 8

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overall: 9.2
LTD MH-103QM Reviewed by: eyebanez333, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 299

Purchased from: Musicians Friend

Features: I just bought this guitar within the past 8 or 9 months so its my most recent guitar. It's got 24 jumbo frets, basswood body, blue quilted maple top, U-shaped maple neck, and a licensed Floyd-Rose tremolo system. This model has a Single/Single/Humbucker pickup configuration with a 5-way toggle switch and a master volume and master tone knob. // 9

Sound: I bought this guitar mainly as a metal guitar and it's an OK fit. I really wish that it had two humbuckers instead of the single coils. Using just the humbucker you can get some metal tones out of it, but the sustain just isn't there. This could also be due to the lack of an original Floyd Rose. I've used this with a Marshall MG100HDFX, Peavey Windsor, Crate V18, and my bandmate's 5150. All in all, it's a decent sounding guitar, and the cleans are really crisp with the single coils, but the metal sound would benefit quite a bit from a dual humbucker setup. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was setup perfect from the factory...didn't have to change a thing. No finish flaws whatsoever, the Floyd Rose was properly setup with a nice action. The quilted maple finish is really nice on this guitar, the one thing that I did notice was that the color is quite a bit darker than that of the color that is displayed on the web. The only thing I changed was adding straplocks to the guitar. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've used this guitar many times live, and the Floyd Rose actually stays in tune well for not being and original. I mentioned above that I swapped the strap buttons out for straplocks. The Switch and knobs all operate quitely. The finish has held up fairly well, although it does show more belt wear than my Ibanez that has a quilted maple finish... and I've had the Ibanez longer. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a decent metal guitar. If you use the bridge pickup most of the time you won't really even notice the lack of a neck humbucker. I've been playing for a few years now, and this is my first LTD. I love the Floyd Rose on this guitar, like I said above, it dive-bombs well and stays in tune great for being a licensed version. The maple neck is also a nice touch. The one thing I would change would be the single coils, they are nice for cleans, but I would rather have a humbucker. I think they should offer this guitar with a H/S/H combo. // 9

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overall: 6.8
LTD MH-103QM Reviewed by: cgolden, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 310

Purchased from:

Features: This guitar was purchased basically on inpulse, as an "upgrade" from my Dean Vendetta. Turns out, it wasn't that intelligent of an idea. This guitar is made in China, with a basswood body (a quilted maple top) and a all maple neck/fingerboard with 24 XJ frets. The neck is by far the best feature of this guitar- it's very fast, and a little thick, especially for people used to Wizard necks, but comofrtable and easy to adjust to. Moving downwards... The stock pups are two single coils and a humbucker. The single coils are decent and get good cleans, but the humbucker should be immiediately abandoned. Also, the Liscensed Floyd Rose is an atrocity. The only way you can keep it in tune is to not use the Floyd at all. I've actually replaced it with a Standard Les Paul style bridge. The guitar stays fairly in tune now. Otherwise, I've never had trouble with any electronics. // 4

Sound: I play metal and hard rock, ranging from Between The Buried And Me to Rush. Obviously, a guitar isn't as important as an amp when it comes to this aspect, but once I switched out the humbucker (I use a Dimebucker), it sounds good for both styles and in between. I run it from a Line 6 AX and just like an other guitar, if you run a noise suppresor with it, you won't have noise. If you upgrade to an Original Floyd Rose, you expand the tonal qualities you can get with this guitar. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: As with any floating bridge system, you're going to have to adjust it to get it setup the way you like. Fortunately for me, ESP included a booklet detailing how to adjust all aspects of the Floyd. The finish is very nice, a dark blue with the Standard quilted maple top. It's a good looking guitar with the contrast from the maple neck. All the setup and build of this guitar is perfect according to it's specs. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is durable- it's survived drops off chairs, amps, whatever you can name. Obviously you should get straplocks. I always carry a back-up guitar, but if I was not able to, I wouldn't feel the need to borrow one to gig with. I play hard, especially Live, and I sweat a lot. A big lot. The finish hasn't marred or anything from either sweat or abuse. // 9

Overall Impression: Metal is my primary genre and with a couple upgrades (humbucker/bridge) this guitar definitely satisfies any metal head's needs. I now play this guitar in line with my upgraded Dean Vendetta and Ibanez S470. I prefer the other two to this guitar, but it serves it's purpose- a guitar that I use when my band covers songs in Standard or Drop D tuning. It's a great guitar for a begginer who isn't sure about being serious but wants a good foundation and something that once you've become serious, you can upgrade and make a Standard part of your playing. // 6

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overall: 4.2
LTD MH-103QM Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: C$ 300

Purchased from: Private Sale

Features: Made in 2008, in China. - 24 frets / 25.5 inch Scale / "Thin C" but more of a FAT C/ XJ Frets - Maple Neck Maple Board - Basswood body/Quilted Maple Veneer - See thru blue finish front and back - Super Strat - ESP Licensed Floyd Rose - Passive electronics (ESP P/Us - HSS) - Volume Tone, 5 way switch - ESP Tuners - non-locking // 7

Sound: I play Djent/Metal and a mix of all other styles. The pick ups sound below average for stock. (Perhaps I am just use to older entry/intermediate level guitars) Playing with a real amp the electronics feel some what inadequate. Upon upgrading pickups I found the stock switch to "color" the sound and output of the pickups, some how trying to enhance their sound by adding gain into the 1 and 5 positions on the switch. If you wish to up grade pickups, up grade ALL of the electronics as well! This will help immensely. I have not resorted to that yet. And for acoustic tone, the guitar is flat, lifeless and sterile. I unbolted the neck and sanded out the built up finish within to get a good wood to wood contact. This brought the instrument to life. So buyer beware! // 3

Action, Fit & Finish: Original owner claimed a professional set up, and new saddles. This was not so. I quickly did a proper set up. Adjusting intonation, bridge height, neck relief, and pickup height. Few dents and swirl surface scratches. Nothing to worry about being it was used. Sever finish cracks on the fretboard and neck. Again, this instrument was used, and probably slightly abused. The finish on the head stock was aweful, spots where the blue dye did not take from obvious finger prints with glue covered hands. Splotchy, uneven, and a bad match to the body. Body finish was satisfactory. // 4

Reliability & Durability: I would NOT play this guitar in any live or jamming/rehearsal settings as the pick-ups and electronics are aweful, by my own standards. Deserve a full up grade. Switches, Pots and pickups. The strap buttons, bridge, tuners, locking machines, input jack and knobs are all of good quality, and I likely wouldn't bother upgrading them, as the cost of a new Floyd Rose alone is worth much more than the entire guitar cost to make. // 3

Overall Impression: I bought this guitar with the idea to up grade and mod it, and use it for a back up. Unfortunately, it would never be worth it, no matter how much I did to it. The body is a 4 peice basswood with Maple veneer. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! Acousticly the sound is barely adequate, and the guitar not very responsive. Up graded pickups are a waste in this instrument. Anything else is just an added waste of money. Save your coin, buy a real guitar. Preferably something used, for cheap, from the nineties, MIJ or Korea! // 4

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