LTD MH-201 review by ESP

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (22 votes)

Price paid: $ 284.392

Sound — 9
First lets clear up the switching. at positions 2 and four splits the coils into a single coil pickup and at middle turns both humbuckers on. I generally play metal punk and blues, this guitar handles them perfectly. Its bridge humbucker is perfect for soloing and harmonics. the neck is amazing for cleans. Split the bridge for a crunchy overdriven rhythm. I handed it to a friend and he totally annihilated a chickin' pickin' country solo. The Strat style body gives it a bright twangy tone, and helps it cut on leads. I use a Roland Cube 30 and a Marshal JCM-800 as my standard gear but I have used countless effects. All Dunlop crybabys I could find every Boss pedal the store had in stock. This guitar shines with Bass set to 6 o'clock, middle cranked all the way, and treble at 7.5 with delay and flanger. I have not been able to get any unwanted noise atal from it, except a wobbly volume knob that would cause it to cut out.

Overall Impression — 8
I play metal, funk, rock and blues and this guitar totally destroys it all. I have been playing three years and currently own two custom frankenstrats( one a squire, on a barracuda), a Gibson All American 2, a Roland Cube 30, marshal jcm-800 head with a custom built cab, and a Fender F-15. I wish I would have gotten a hard case with it. If it were stolen I would hunt down that little SOB and tear off his testickles and force them into his eye sockets. My favorite feature is the five way Switch; it gives me every sound I want. Before buying this I compared it to every Jackson Soloist and Dinky I could get my hands on, a Washburn Ian Signature, and a G&L Telecaster. For this price it blew all those other guitars away. I only wish it had black binding to go with the hardware and actual Seymour Duncan pickups.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar has withstanded live playing and transport. I never need a backup and never bring a backup. The hardware is solid and isn't going anywhere. The Strap buttons are solid, it has never fallen once. I do allot of ruff whammy bar tricks and it still stays in tune all night, I could lift this guitar up by its whammy bar. The finish is strong, it withstands being bashed around and transported in a small gig bag.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
When I received this guitar its action was set very low, the intonation was superb, the truss rod had a bit of over-bow and the frets needed to be filed but those are all result of neglect by its previous owner. The volume knob was wobbly again fault of neglectful owner. I have no complaints about the routing of the bridge but I am not very familiar with floyd. Their was also a bit of buckle bite but again fault of owner.

Features — 8
This guitar is amazing for the price I paid but I shal dock it marks for the duncan designed.

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    very nice review! i especially liked the part "I handed it to a friend and he totally annihilated a chickin? pickin? country solo"
    Is that a biography? Or a review? Lay off the personal information a bit next time, but that was a nice review!
    A friend of mines has this guitar and the pickups & that 5-way switch sucks. Change the pickups & install a 3-way switch.
    "The Strat style body gives it a bright twangy tone, and helps it cut on leads." I really don't think that is what gives a guitar the strat twang.
    If it has floyd rose, wait until you break a string live and you'll change your opinion about a backup.
    im thinking of buying an epiphone les paul but i think ill try this one first. maybe ill change my mind
    Price paid: 284.3921 what in the flying **** kinda money did u use? .3921 of a dollar, isn't that .4? or .39 dollars.... :/
    sorry guys. freking ultimate-guitars mods changed my reveiw a bit. they changed the price
    i'm selling my LTD MH201 for 300.00 if interested send me an email
    I used to have one of these. Great playing guitars, but the licensed Floyd Rose is kinda crap [obviously], and the Duncan Designs make the Mahogany kinda sound muddy or "woolly".
    I love these guitars. I paid $420 (NEVER PAY FULL PRICE. NEVER!) for it new in 2003, and it has been the best guitar I have ever played. The mahogany with the Duncan designed pickups allow me to shape notes. The neck is so amazing. I get a great tone from it. I'm currently looking for another.