LTD MH-50NT review by ESP

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.3 (50 votes)

Price paid: € 250

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Sound — 9
I play mostly metal and hardcore, but I also record guitars for a breakcore/dubstep project with a friend of mine. I try to play as much varied stuff as possible, so if it's good, I play it. It handles metal and hardcore really well, it has a really good distorted sound on the bridge humbucker, pretty bright and tight, it can do a good hardcore sound, like born from pain or something, and even a deathmetal sound like decapitated, if you spend some time tweeking your amps EQ. However, the neck pickup sounds pretty similar but not as tight, it doesn't sound warmer or something, so I use the neck pickup very little when on distortion. On clean however, the difference between the pickups is a lot bigger, and the neck pickup gives a nice warm sound, while the bridge pickup is a lot brighter and kinda chimey. I use a Line-6 Floorpod with a Fender FM 212R, which sounds cool, however I played it on a friends Peavey 6505, and it sounds totally stunning for 250 euros. Thanks to the great distorted sound, I use this as my main metal guitar, which I use for tunings ranging from drop c to drop a#.

Overall Impression — 9
This is a great guitar for metal/hardcore, which is mainly what is use it for. I have been playing for about 8 years, however, I have only be playing 3 years really actively, first 5 years were on an Acoustic guitar and I didn't do anything on it in my spare time. I play this through a Line-6 floorpod and a Fender FM212R, which sounds pretty good foor metal of you eq it right. I further own an Epiphone g-400, Ibanez RG7321 (7string), an ugly green Richwood strat, a Squier P-Bass (don't know the exact model, and a no-name acoustic. I have always used the Epiphone as my main guitar, but when this came it replaced the Epiphone as my main guitar. It was a choice between this, a LTD EC-50 a LTD MH-50 with floyd or a LTD M-50, they all played great and sounded cool, but I liked this ones arched top and headstock more. Also, in the end I found out that a Floyd Rose wouldn't be handy since I change tunings a lot. if it were stolen, I would be really sad, and I would buy another one. I really like this guitar, it is my new fave, the only thing I don't like about it is the fact that is has two of the same pickups, because that limits the tonal variety. I think I'm gonna change the bridge pickup with an EMG-81 or something, when I have the money for it. All in all, this is a great metal guitar for 250 euro's even when you're not a beginner anymore.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar definately seems like it will withstand live playing, I haven't got the chance to find out, because I quit the band I was in 2 weeks before I got it. The hardware looks like it'll last to me, the tuners hold tune pretty well. The strap buttons are pretty big, better anyway than the ones that came on my Epiphone g-400, but I will change the strapbuttons as soon as I get in a band again for straplocks, because I tend to be really active on stage, and guitars tend to take some sort of a beating with me. The finish looks like it will last, it still looks like new.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
This guitar came out of the box pretty well. I don't know if they set-up the guitar at the shop where I bought it from (thomann) or if it came like this from the factory. It was horribly out of tune however, but I didn't mind, because I changed the strings as soon as it arrived. The action was a bit too high for my liking, so I lowered that, and now it plays great! The bridge pickup was a little too low, so screwed it up a little, to make the artificial harmonics sound better. The build quality looks really good, no scratches or dents or whatever. The only flaw I found was a really small nut at the low E string, I couldn't even get a .52 string in, but I filed it out and now it fits just fine.

Features — 9
Well, i purchased this guitar in 2010, and had to wait for it a couple of weeks (3) because it wasn't in stock, so i guess it is made in 2010. I will rate things looking at the value for money, so if i give it a 10, it means it's worth a 10 (in my opinion) for 250 euros. Also, i'm not english, so forgive my mistakes. here's a short list of features -made in 2010 -superstrat style body -agathis body -Bolt on, Maple neck, 25.5 inch scale. -rosewood fingerboard -24 frets, Dot inlay, model name at 12th fret. -arched top -"black cherry" finish (metallic red) -string-thru body -standard non-locking ESP tuners -2 humbuckers, Both ESP 150 -1 volume, 1 tone, 3-way pickup selector -hardware color: chrome -came with 2 allen keys. i like the features of it, the body has a nice contours at the back, so it plays nice when you sit down. Also it has a nice contour at the bottom-cutaway, it really helps reaching the top frets easier. this guitar plays and sounds much better then i expected it would. the finish is quite nice, it is metallic red, and is all nice and shiny. the neck feels really well, it's thinner than the neck of my Epiphone g-400, but thicker than my Ibanez-RG7321. I suppose it would be good to shred on, but i won't find that out, because i don't shred as i'm more of a rhytm player. the strapbuttons on this are quite big, and my strap won't come off easily. However, when i start to gig again, i will be changing them for some decent straplocks, because i tend to jump around a lot. it didn't came with a lot of accesoiries, just 2 allen keys, but i really didn't expect that for 250 euros. the strings on it where 09-46, which i changed the day i got it for 11-52, because i use this guitar for droptunings. the pickups are quite nice, not top notch, but pretty good. however, it is equiped with 2 of the same 'buckers, so that's not so good for versatility.

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    I love reading these comments. You "tone" guys crack me up. Is this guitar not good because it's not your tone? Or are you just trying to copy the tone of someone else. Yes there are better guitars than others. Yes there are pickups that are better than others. This guitar is great for the money. You can ROCK this thing on a budget. For that, it get high scores. You "high end" guys don't remember being 12, 13, years old wanting to be a shred guitar player, and not having the money to do it. This is a great guitar for the money. Period! When BB King bought his guitar, it was 50 bucks in a pawn shop. EVH made Frankenstein for about 70 bucks and kept it in tune with a quarter. You want to talk about tone? Make your own tone and then you can talk.
    Btw, it's not the cost of the guitar, it's the skill of the player.