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manufacturer: ESP date: 11/07/2015 category: Electric Guitars
This guitar handles rhythm playing well (the clarity of notes in the chords in distorted mode is pretty awesome).
 Sound: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 8.8
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Features: 8
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overall: 9.6
LTD V-50 Reviewed by: king666nothing, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 249

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: - Not sure about the year it was made, but I'm guessing it's 2010. It was made in China (yeah, sounds bad, I know). - 24 XJ (Extra Jumbo) Frets. 25.5" scale. - Thin maple neck (U contour). Rosewood fingerboard. I was always skeptical when people are talking about "fast neck". In my opinion if your fingers are not fast, there is no neck in the world that would make you play faster. And I am usually a clumsy player, especially on guitars that I'm holding in my hands for the first time ever. But this guitar surprised me quite a bit. It was really easy to play, no stress on muscles and joints in the wrist and palm - overall comfortable neck. - Basswood Body. Really comfortable (despite the popular belief that V-shaped guitars are impossible to play sitting down - but then again I've played V-shaped guitar for years and absolutely love 'em). - Mine is a black color. - "TOM Bridge" - whatever the hell that is. Basically a "String-thru body" bridge (which gives awesome sustain). - Passive electronics (2 ESP LH-150 pickups). The pickups are another thing that surprised me on this guitar - they sound pretty damn good for stock pickups (even on a crappy practice Marshall amp). But having 2 of the same pickups in both positions seems a bit pointless and redundant to me. - 3-way toggle switch, 1 volume, 1 tone. - ESP Tuners (look like Grover mini tuners, but don't know if they match the quality of Grover yet). // 9

Sound: I play metal music (mostly thrash, death, etc. - Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer, Testament, Lamb of God). This guitar suits this style pretty good. I don't care much for playing lead (I'm more of a rhythm section kinda guy - but that's strictly as a result of lack of skills needed to play lead). This guitar handles rhythm playing well (the clarity of notes in the chords in distorted mode is pretty awesome). - As far as my equipment goes - I use a small Marshall practice amp (proverbial "I'm in the middle of amps" situation LOL). MXR Dime Distortion Pedal. DigiTech RP-90 Multi Effects Processor. - Guitar sounds very bright and all the notes are clear. But at the same time it is got some sort of punchiness to its tone and it makes a "roaring" sound (which sounds awesome). It has lots of sustain, which is not very usual for V-shaped guitars. It picks up harmonics right away. And there is absolutely no noise (no pickup hissing, that is so common to ears). // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: - The factory set-up was pretty much flawless (hard to believe, isn't it? - considering it was made in China). The action was just right. - Pickups height doesn't really mater to me, so I didn't pay attention to that aspect. But I guess it's fine. - The only flaw I could notice was the oxidized screw on the bridge, but that's nothing - it doesn't affect playability at all and can be fixed in seconds. - No finish or hardware or wiring flaws. // 9

Reliability & Durability: - I don't gig, so I have nothing to say about it's durability and reliability. I guess if I had to play a show I would definitely use it - it's not broken, so why not. - As far as not having some other guitar for a backup - that's just retarded. That's a textbook example of what not to do when preparing for a gig. // 10

Overall Impression: - So overall this guitar is perfect for my style of playing and my preferences in guitars. - I've been playing for about 7 years now (damn, I suck for someone who's been playing for that long )))). - There are not much reviews or YouTube demos on this guitar, so I wasn't really sure about what I was about to buy. But once I tried it in the store all doubts were shattered. This guitar is totally worth its price (not going for those cliche "it's worth much more than it costs" or "that's practically a steal"). Solid instrument for it's price. You're getting exactly what you're paying for. - "Anything you wish it had?" I guess it would be interesting to hear this guitar with 81/85 EMG's in it (yeah, it's becoming a trend, isn't it). So maybe later I'll change the pickups..... Or maybe not. - So, it's a great guitar. I recommend it to all the fans of metal music who are on a tight budget. P.S. I know my review is one of those "fanboyinsh" ones that have no cons stated about the instrument. But I really have nothing bad to say about it yet (considering the fact that I bought it just 8 hours ago). So I guess it's too early for me to write a review on this guitar, but whatever - there were no others, so at least I wrote something about it. // 10

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overall: 8.8
LTD V-50 Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: £ 250

Purchased from: Steven James Guitars

Features: My model was made in 2010 (I think, there's no date on the guitar) The V-50 has 24 XJ frets which honestly, are slightly hard play on while doing lead on the higher frets on the higher string but that may just be my finger strength or preference, for rhythm playing I think they're amazing. Rosewood fretboard and basswood body make the sound good but not the best, however my guitar is the best sounding mid range V guitar i've heard with excellent sustain. It has a bolt on neck with a gloss black finish which suits this guitar perfectly. The body is quite thick which I like, the guitar is also quite heavy, (Just a bit less than a Les Paul I think.)which makes it feel great when playing standing or sitting. Tune-O-Matic bridge makes it extremely easy to lower the action (which is needed, mine came with quite a raised action.) Passive ESP LH-150 pickups which are quite high output, great for metal and rock playing. A tone and volume knob and a 3 way pickup selector. Some people find it annoying to sit with for obvious reasons but I got used to it straight away. There is literally NO gigbag that will fit this without stretching and eventually breaking sadly, but a Gator Extreme Case will fit (I think) Overall this is a great guitar for the price and for metal (which the guitars been made for) is amazing. (Ratings are based on price) // 9

Sound: I play anything from Death Metal, metal, metalcore, rock, punk, blues and pop (like The Beatles) such as Cannibal Corpse, Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine, AC/DC, My Chemical Romance, Chuck Berry, and The Beatles. Doing music at college I have to change tunings from Drop B (rarely) and everything in-between to Standard very often. I have 11 gauge D'Addarios which handle the changes excellently (drop B being a bit loose)But this guitar stays in tune amazing. This guitar sounds perfect for metal, I run through a Laney LX120 and a Peavey Rage 158 15 watt, the pickups sound hot, and with some feedback if sat too close to the amp with high gain. The clean sounds aren't great but V's are never too great for clean sounds, especially a low/mid range V. But for anything from Job For A Cowboy to The Beatles it will hold it's own. However looking back if I had a wide style of playing i'd have got another guitar. But for metal It's amazing for the price. It's not made for anything else... // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was quite high which was quite annoying to play, but once lowered this guitar plays brilliantly. The guitar came in perfect condition however after time the jack socket came loose but that was an easy fix. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I've gigged with this guitar twice without backup, and hasn't let me down yet, everything seems very solid, strap buttons are fitted well. I play this everyday for about 5 hours and have done for about 4 months. However due to me not having a case for a few weeks it did take a few knocks and chips off the spikes when taking it to and from college everyday but nothing major. // 8

Overall Impression: I've been playing for about 3-4 years now and have a Fender Strat (with humbucker) and I love this guitar. There's not a day goes by I don't play this. It was either this or an ESP MH-50 (I'm a student I'm on a budget.) I'm glad I choose this due to the fact I often Switch tunings and It's a lot easier without a Floyd Rose. I love the shape, the sound and the playability, however if I was a lead player I might disagree. I am now getting an Epiphone Les Paul Custom for more versatility and a better Clean tone. // 9

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overall: 9
LTD V-50 Reviewed by: shredfg, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 250

Features: I don't know anything about when it was made. But It was made in Indonesia. It has a basswood body which is often used by beginner guitars. Comes with maple neck and 24 extra-jumbo frets rosewood fretboard. The bridge this guitar has is a Tune-o-matic-style string-thru bridge. The strings don't stop on body like Les Paul's stop tail tune-o-matic bridges. Strings go inside of the wood. So this makes a good effect for sustain. The guitar has two humbucking pickups. ESP LH-150 stock pickups used in bridge and neck. A volume, a tone and 3 way selector were given to control pickups. The tuners are made by ESP and non-locking tuners. I've a black finish guitar with chrome hardware. I'm giving a 9 because of only one volume knob and bolt-on neck. By the way I never hoped to see two volume knobs and set-thru neck for $250. // 9

Sound: It suits my music style well. ESPs are created to make dirty sounding music. This guitar comes with passive ESP stock pickups. But I can say easily this guitar is well for thrash, death metal. If you like clean sounds of course this doesn't have sounds like single coil pickups. But If you want to get sounds at arpeggios and clean parts of bands like Metallica this can handle it well. I'm using it on a Roland Cube 20XL and I like the sound I get from this guitar. I can get pure thrash sounds, nice palm mutes from this guitar. I sometimes switch to clean, acoustic and overdrive channel on my amp and strum around chords and add improvised solos it. I can have a little bit bluesy sound on it but can't get it's smoothness because of humbuckers. The stock ESP pickups handle my style well but sometimes it can be powerless if you play something that's too complicated. (I mean about technique). // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought this guitar at a local shop. The action was quite low. But after a few while, when I tried to drop my tuning to D, I realized that it was forcing the bridge. So I re-tuned it to standard tuning. But that's not a big deal. Adjusting bridge and changing strings are provided with my dealer for free. There is no noise when switching between pickups. But when I play a chord and change volume knob while the strings are still vibrating, I get a buzzy sound. The prevent this you need to hold the strings with your palm. But this problem went itself. The main problem with this guitar is about the point where the neck and body being joined. The neck is thin but after 20th fret it's hard to reach upper frets because of bolt-on. It's getting thicker 3 times almost neck's normal size. Playing a v shaped guitar is enjoyable and ergonomic for accessing frets while standing. Generally people say it's impossible to play a "V" while standing. But after 3 days you will have no problem and no pain at your knee. The tuners are stable and good. It stays in tune even you play hard. I tuned my guitar and went out of city for 11 days. When I came back check it if it was in tune. It stays in tune well. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I think with a pickup modification this guitar is durable at live shows. Because it's shape is designed to play live and impress audience. If you're a professional, you probably will look Jackson KV2 or something in that range. But if you play in a local band and gig at small shows this guitar with a pickup modification according to your style would suit you. This guitar's finish is quite good. I surprised, because it's paint really looks expensive and cool. // 9

Overall Impression: After all these review this guitar suits well the style of music I play. (Thrash, Death, Black Metal). If it were stolen or lost, it depends on money I have in my pocket about buying this guitar again. If I had something $250 I would buy this. I compared this guitar with B.C. Rich and Jackson JS32 King V. B.C. Rich seemed too cheap and China. I'm a Jackson fan but Jackson's cheap, Indian models are not good. JS32 has a wood called Cedro. So I picked up this guitar. // 9

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overall: 7.4
LTD V-50 Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 15, 2012
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Price paid: $ 250

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: Purchased from a guitar center in 2011. Made in China. Has 24 X-Jumbo frets on an ebony fretboard. Neck is an Ultra thin countour (really fast) on a 24.5" scale 4 screw mounted onto a basswood body. Glossed neck for extra fast playability. Two passive humbucking pickups, a good medium output. Tune-o-matic brige. Tuning low (C, B, and lower) made the frets close to the nut not defined because of how large the frets were. Wasn't brought in for a set-up so I'm sure that problem could be fixed. Volume, tone, and 3-way selector for controls. Non-locking tuners. // 8

Sound: I played through a Peavey Vypyr 15W and it eventually got a good and very metal sound. It was quite noisy when I first started but I switched to gold cables and the fuzz went away. Even with not so great pickups, it still can roar through a distortion pedal (DOD Death Metal Distortion). Pretty good sound overall. Can have clear highs, chrunchy lows, you name it. Stock, this guitar can handle most anything. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: Everything about this guitar was set up right... For standard tuning. For me the action needs adjusting because of the fret size interferring with my playing in low tunings. In standard though it performs quite well. Pickups were adjusted well and I have't found any flaws in the paint that I didn't accidently cause my self. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is pretty solid. There was a couple issues I experienced with it, however. Like I had said, when I would downtune, because of fret size notes wouldn't be played right. I don't press down too hard when I play but I'm not light on them. If the frets were smaller this issue wouldn't occur. Another problem I had was with the input jack. Something is wrong with it and it can barely hold a cable so I have to wrap my strap around the leg of the guitar and the cable to help hold it in there, even when just nonchalantly sitting and playing. // 5

Overall Impression: Overall, this guitar isn't too bad, and is excellent for a beginner. I've played two years, this was the first "real" guitar I got. I play all kinds of metal; from the "oh my God how is this music" genres to the softer sides of metal, and a little bit of classics and jazzy bits. Good match for me at least but I need to show it some love. If it was stolen/lost I would replace moreso for sentimental reasons. I want to get this guitar into shape so when I have the cash I definitely want to work on it some more. It's a nice little V. Love the look of it, hate that stupid jack and the too big frets. Smaller frets on this and it would definitely be highly esteemed by me. // 8

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overall: 8
LTD V-50 Reviewed by: JoeMNAM, on august 25, 2015
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Price paid: $ 178

Purchased from: Guitar Connection Singapore


  • Basswood body
  • 25-1/2" scale
  • Bolt-on neck
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Thin-U neck shape
  • 24 extra jumbo frets
  • Tune-o-matic-style string-thru bridge
  • ESP LH-150 neck humbucker and a humbucker that came from a prs. I got mine 2nd hand. I switched the bridge humbucker with a Duncan SH-5
  • Toggle pickup selector
  • Chrome hardware
  • Deff made in China (turned me off at first but boy was I in for a shock later on)
Pretty much your standard stuff from your usual affordable LTD. Honestly, I am not find of basswood. When it comes to tone woods, mahogany would be much more to my liking. But seeing the orice I paid for this guitar, I couldnt really complain much. I got what I paid for. // 6

Sound: Honestly, I don't particularly favour basswood body guitars. But I bouggt this on impulse as I really wanted a V. As a HUGE Megadeth fan, I wanted to have the Dave Mustaine look without busting the bank and this was the guitar I could afford. I usually play metal, ranging from Megadeth (of course) to Helloween and stuff from the '80s/'90s. Other times, I woukd play my own music, or slow rock ballads. I played this baby on my Vox Lil Night Train through a 1x10 cab as well and my Marshall Megastack, which is a Dave Mustaine signature amp.

Oh boy, this baby really did suprise me. For what I paid for, this guitar really suited my playing well. Seeing how esp is one of the "big 3" go to brands for metal players, this guitar really lived up to the ESP expectations despite it being an affordable LTD. The stock pickups were surprisingly high output. It responded to heavy riffing and searing leads well. The harmonics were also clear. Add a little reverb from my Mooer Shimverb, distortion from my EHX Metal Muff with Top Boost and my Modtone vintage wah and I was totally in love with this. After switching the bridge pickup, I was immensly sastified.

As for clean tones, it was ok but nothing special. No surprise there, coming from a V but hey, I bought this to play metal. Nuff said. In terms of playability, the neck was really comfortable to play with. I didn't leally find any problems with playing fast in the guitar. The thin you profile is really friendly to the hand. The XJ frets also made playing it comfortable and enjoyable. Overall, the tone is satisfactory, despite being a basswood body guitar. This guitar is deff one to consider for those who want to look like Mustaine w/o busting the bank. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The setup done by the store was nice and I didn't have to make any more adjustments to the action. It had barely any scratches, which is rare for a 2nd hand guitar. The rosewood wasn't too dried and still looked moist. The frets still had plenty of life too. The only thing was that the high gloss need to be wiped as fingerprint stains are really obvious, as well as the strap button at the bottom, which was more of a bolt than a proper strap button and hence I had to get a new strap as my strap was a locking strap that requires a proper strap button to lick the strap. // 9

Reliability & Durability: As I don't really play live yet, I can't really say much about playing on gigs with this. But from my experience with guitars, I can see the hardware lasting long without much of a problem. It depends on my own ability to maintain the guitar. The hardware were pretty much solid! But I would deff gig with this if given a chance. But it wouldn't be my onky guitar as I prefer a variaty of guitars on stage, as different songs may require a diff guitar, like a les paul. Really depends on what I would be playing in that gig. // 8

Overall Impression: All in all, this is a metal monster! I own 2 other electric guitars, one a samick greg bennet torino and another, a custom made lespaul, which is still my favourite. But this guitar still scored high points in my books. Therefore, if you wanna be like mustaine but don't have enough to get his signature modles, do look this baby up cos despite it's less than appealing soecs, it sure does well! All in all, you get what you pay for. For a guitar at this price, it does well. But if I had a WAY bigger budget, I would deff get a higher end V. // 9

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overall: 7.8
LTD V-50 Reviewed by: dropdeadjarrett, on november 07, 2015
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Price paid: $ 250

Purchased from: GuitarCenter


  • Basswood body ("V-shaped")
  • 24 Extra Jumbo frets
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Thin "U" Shape neck
  • Tune-o-matic style string-thru bridge
  • ESP LH-150 passive humbuckers in the bridge and neck
  • 3-way pickup selector
  • 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob
  • ESP branded tuners
  • Chrome hardware
  • Gloss black finish
This guitar was made in China around 2009 or 2010. Its pretty straight up, not a lot of frills but solid. At the time I was looking for a guitar without a tremolo and that's exactly what this is. // 7

Sound: I play a variety of music, but predominantly progressive metal and math rock. However, I bought this guitar over 5 years ago, and at the time I played more thrash metal. This definitely suits the thrash metal style very well and the bridge humbucker is pretty solid for that. It cuts nicely and has decent definition for some aggressive riffing. The neck pickup isn't bad for cleans, but I felt it could get pretty muddy for solos with gain. The middle position actually gets some pretty cool clean tones too, and the guitar is surprisingly diverse overall. Both pickups could stand to be a little bit clearer, but for the price it sounds good. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: I think I got fairly lucky with this one, because the fit and finish was surprisingly good from the factory. None of the fret ends were sharp, the nut was cut adequately, and the tuners were solid. The particular guitar I purchased had only been out of the factory for about a month when I got it, so it was in pretty good shape. The only negative here is that my tone knob is sort of loose, but I honestly can't remember if it came like that or if I screwed it up. The pot isn't loose, just the knob itself so it doesn't really bother me. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I used to beat the literal crap out of this guitar at practices and shows and it is still going strong as ever. The strap buttons are still solid, all the hardware is strong, and I've even started rusting out parts of the bridge pickup with my sweat and its showing no signs of slowing down. However, I did manage to snap off the entire bottom of one of the wings on this guitar and chip the paint in a couple spots. But I don't know if I can hold my teenage stupidity against the guitar.

Basically - Hardware and pickups: durable. Basswood: less durable // 8

Overall Impression: For the money, it'd be pretty hard to find a guitar that is more fun to play than this. I don't know if its neck, or the extra jumbo frets, but this thing is a little shred machine. I don't play this guitar as much anymore, because I've acquired higher end guitars, but I still come back to this one every now and then. If this guitar was stolen I'm not sure I'd buy another one, but that's simply because I got this guitar when I was 13 years old and by now I've realized V's are not my thing. I would definitely look into another LTD with extra jumbo frets though. But for the money, you can't go wrong with a guitar this easy to play. // 8

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