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manufacturer: EverTune date: 02/08/2011 category: Electric Guitars
EverTune: Bridge
A game changing design that relies on old technology that will get it done every time, no batteries, no problem!
 Sound: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 5
 Features: 8
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Bridge Reviewed by: UG Team, on february 08, 2011
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Features: EverTune is a simple concept that keeps a string in tune until the user wants it to be changed. It is an all mechanical system that is based on a spring and lever. They are not reinventing the wheel but at the same time have been the first to come up with this system. It has one, yes one, moving part. For anyone that has run into problems with multiple parts breaking well here is your solution. This is not a system that tunes your guitar for you, you tune the guitar, and then Evertune holds it there nearly forever. It will keep the same tune that the player sets for the guitar. In short the idea of this system is when you tune your guitar at home; your strings have a certain tension associated with them and with tuning. This system maintains the tuning by providing that constant tension on the string. So if you are playing and your D string is consistently dropping in tuning the Evertune system will counter that by maintaining the tension regardless of what the string is doing. I understand this may be a hard concept to understand, and for someone who does not work for the company it is even harder, like myself. I would recommend going to to learn more about how this system works. It is intriguing and simple, but can be hard to explain. The moral of the story is this system maintains the same set tension you set all the time which keeps you in tune forever. There is a spring for each string so if one string does happen to break the rest of your guitar will remain in tune. You can imagine as a guitarist while playing live your G string breaks and then sends the rest of the guitar out of wack. Not with this, the tension is maintained on the strings individually and the spring and lever system will react accordingly. // 8

Sound: By this time you are probably wondering if this will effect your sound. Well the answer is yes, and no. With any addition to your guitar, drilling a hole here, mounting something there, the tonal characteristics will change. For most people this can be a completely insignificant change in tone. I was surprised that when I played their Gibson SG and Gibson Les Paul they had on display I could not tell a sonic difference. Here is the thing though, how often will you be playing and play your Gibson Les Paul, then Switch over to the Gibson Les Paul with Evertune. Is someone going to be A/B'ing them at your show, shaking their head in disapproval for the difference in tone. Well the answer is no. If you have two exact same guitars, one with Evertune and one without and play them back to back will you notice a difference, maybe, maybe not. The point is, this does not drastically affect your tone, if at all. Tonal characteristics are always altered when adding or removing parts on a guitar but I doubt many would notice. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: After meeting with the Evertune group at the NAMM show I quickly realized that this is a company of ongoing research and development. From the first time I had heard of the Evertune bridge to seeing it in person at the event, I was absolutely shocked at how far they had come in terms of aesthetics. With a leader such as Mark, their CEO, he is captivated by always trying to improve their product. It is good and revolutionary already, but how can it be better? Well I guarantee you that Mark and his team will try to find out. For us guitar players, at least for me, the way a guitar looks means something. I am guessing there are a lot of you who chose a certain color, or a guitar with certain hardware for a reason. This is my only main criticism of this product, but it is not really their fault. A Stratocaster has an area for its own springs for the tremolo on the back of the guitar. But me, I'm a Gibson guy. Mine is a hard tail. So if I want the system on my Les Paul they will have to drill out an area on the back of the guitar to make their system accessible. From their first G Model bridge (Evertune system that fits on a Gibson) to their current one, the aesthetics have dramatically improved and I know in time they will only continue to get better and better. For now this is where they stand but keep in mind, with their strong will power and Drive to succeed, they will continually better their product. // 5

Reliability & Durability: The reason why I have been so overly impressed by this system is because it is an Analog system. I myself have really started to hate a lot of things in the digital age. I understand the use for them, I understand the beneficial aspects of them, but something about them is just not authentic, not the way it used to be. Feel free to disagree, I know you will but there is something so natural about actually recording an amp rather than using SansAmp in ProTools to achieve that sound. This is the same with the Evertune system. It IS NOT a robot guitar, it does not require you to charge your guitar before you play it, and it is not a Roland Synth system that has the tuning presets. No, this is a spring system. Analog. Beautiful. The problem with technology is that it can get out of hand quick, over indulgence can spoil what was a good idea. The more things you have going at once, the higher chance there is something to go wrong. Well the designers at Evertune could have done something like that, but they think like me; simple. Lets just have a spring based system, that works correctly all the time.' For that I applaud you. For this reason the system works time and time again and is amazingly reliable. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall I am extremely impressed by the innovation of this piece of equipment. There is something to be said to the designers who worked out a system that keeps your guitar in tune all the time. They understand that this system will not be installed on every guitar around the world. But at the same time they know the brilliance of their product. Think of a studio musician who may need to do take after take of backing tracks, solos, chord work etc. Now think how long tuning takes to get it exactly right. Not good enough for rock n' roll,' tuning, really spot on studio recording tuning. Eliminate that step and the guitarist is happy because his guitar is always in tune, the studio is happy because it takes less time, and the record company is happy because it will cut down on recording expenses. I was intrigued when I first heard of the system, I was impressed when I met the Evertune team, and I was excited when I tried the product first hand. Enjoy your tone and happy picking. // 8

- Jesse Kleinow (thejester) (c) 2011

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