60th Anniversary Standard Stratocaster review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (314 votes)
Fender: 60th Anniversary Standard Stratocaster

Purchased from: Sounds International

Sound — 10
This guitar has an amazing sound. The three Tex-Mex pickups give a brilliant variety of tones for any style of music from blues to punk rock. It sounds great clean, and holds this with distortion. It gives a very nice, clear sound through my Roland Cube-60, and will probably sound even better through something like a Fender Twin Reverb.

Overall Impression — 10
I play mainly punk rock, and this guitar suits me to a tee. I compared this guitar to other guitars, including Highway 1 American Stratocasters and also the standard Mexican Stratocaster in the shop, and in my opinion this is a nicer instrument, as it just feels right to me. Basically, for the price this guitar is an incredible instrument. It sounds and feels like a guitar you'd expect to be paying atleast 600 for, for only slightly more than the ordinary Mexican Strats. If it was lost of stolen, I'd try my hardest to find another, but they are quite rare and only in production this year. This fact means that future resale and collector's value will be quite high, though that is by no means the reason I chose this guitar. All in all, I think it's a great buy for the money, highly reccomended!

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar holds tuning very well, even with use of the tremolo system. I haven't had chance to play it live yet, but I see no reason why it wouldn't stand up to a gig. The strap buttons are solid much like the rest of the guitar's build. The hardware is all of high quality, as I have come to expect from Fender, I suspect they will last me a good time yet!

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The factory setup on this guitar is perfect. The action is smooth and light, and the pickup poles have been adjusted to give a consistent sound quality. The action with both strings and neck is absolutely brilliant, and is one of the nicest feeling guitars I have ever come across. There was a slight blemish on the finish near the truss rod, which is why I got this guitar a bit cheaper than the RRP, thoguh this doesn't show up unless you're looking for it! Overall, though, the finish is lovely, with a nice coat of laquer and a beautifully tinted vintage-look maple wood neck.

Features — 10
This guitar, like all standard Stratocasters, has 22 medium jumbo frets and a fast action maple neck, coupled with Fender's traditional Alder wood body. In this case, it has a very nice deep C-shaped, American Strat style neck that just fits so naturally in your hand. The bridge tremolo system is nice and light, and the saddles are stlyed like a Vintage Stratocaster. This guitar is finished in a pearloid silver (Blizard Pearl). It has the standard 5-way selection for the pickups, and has 2 tone and a volume pot. A special commemorative gig bag was included. The guitar also has an engraved diamond anniversary neck plate and a little inlay on the back of the head with a similar logo.

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    nyc guitar..i havent tried an electric guitar yet because im just a beginner and i started on an acoustic..sigh.. >,
    This guitar has only 21 Frets, the Amerrmican Series 60th Aniversary has 22 Frets (unless Fender's website and the picture at the top off this page are both wrong). It would also be made in Mexico, so calling the normal Standard Strat a Mexican Strat is kind of misrepresentative.
    Irenic Retral wrote: Does it come with different pickups?
    It wouldnt really be a 60th Anniversary Guitar with a different pickup set up.
    im quite new at guitar, only about 7 months now. im a humbucker lover and have only owned a crap 70quid single coil guitar, could someone please reassure me that single are good pick ups on better guitars, for example, the strat. BTW Nice strat, im a gibson fan, never been interested, but i love the colour
    if anything gibsons are overrated i you are nuts to say fender is overrated..
    The Curse
    My mexican strat has a great sound so i bet that strat sounds sik i think fender is a great brand all around and its not overated
    How come everyones like "oh i have no money to get one boo hoo" Doesnt anyone have a job? Or are you all bums. Great guitar, i will put an order in straight away in my local Music shop.
    im not trying to make anyone mad but it just looks like a normal strat with a 22nd fret and a tremelo. strats seem to be nice, but im more of a super strat than a regular strat guy and even more so a les paul guy than strat, its not that i have anything against strats, just personal prefernce that fits my style of playing better.
    I've tried some Strats and they're pretty cool. But, I dont like the volume knob right beside the strings, it's quite annoying. I prefer the Tele.
    ^Epiphone is part of Gibson (Duh) in case some didnt know.
    Fenders are my favorite brand, an this stratocaster is another great guitar. Fender is not over rated, by the way. Most people should know that even though Gibson & Epiphone Les Pauls are great guitars, they are the ones being over rated.
    i love fenders (as i do gibsons) but only thing thats any different with that guitar from an american series or custom strat is that diamond in the headstock.
    mmm im sure this would taste supurb with an oporto freshly grilled chicken burger yumm
    Shadow Clad
    Im a fan of Fender gear, and the strat is a great guitar. But this one is god like. If I had the cash I'd buy 10 of 'em!
    smashngrab, im the 15 year old with no job, its crap, i have a 150quid schecterblackhawk and that is goin to have to last me till i get a job.
    Stop complaining about price... Seriously. Some one said its 500ish? I Got an Epiphone G-400(Custom), when I was 13, and paid for it myself. It's 500 bucks. If your even just 15, you should be able to get a job, and pay for it. We dont feel sorry for you...
    i think the look of the guitars are just so boring but the sound is brilliant
    I could just replace the pickups on my squire and paint it, couldn't I? I've done it before, copying Eddie Van Halen...I'd just need some sexy silver paint, and 60th anniversarry hardware...
    i bought an american strat cause every one else i know play sg's or les paul's
    I forgot to mention the great sustain this guitar has. I don't know if it's because of the slightly thicker neck, or maybe the bridge or nut, but it seems to have a lot more sustain than my other Strats. And..... it stays in tune! At least a lot better than my other Strats. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with this Strat. Don't ponder over whether it was made in Mexico or the US.
    Hey, I just bought this guitar, and I bloody love it! It is perfect. It does any style well, I can even get a good metal tone from it, but it excels in blues & classic rock. Absolutely love it. I love the finish too, the neck looks fantastic and the body finish is great. It's a very pearly colour, shiny and it changes colour in different lights, looks astounding.
    Hey This_Kidd, I don't work for Guitar Magazine, so I probably don't have the literary skills to write a professional review. I can't play proper, I play with attitude. So, kick ass pretty much says it all. That's my review and I'm sticking to it. I will add one thing, the finish on this guitar is immaculate. It's the sparkly finish style like on my 65 candy apple red Strat, and not just a solid color. On my 65 I wore thru all the layers where you rest your right arm when you play. You can see it has a clear finish, then red, gold, white(probably primer), and finally the wood. I'm guessing the 60th Silver anniversary guitar has similar layers. It has the same bridge style as my 65, but the machine heads are a newie design, I prefer the old tuners. There's probably a bunch of other things to say about this guitar, but..... la
    bI just bought the Mexican Silver 60th anniversary Strat, and it has KILLER tone !!! Must be the TexMex pickups. I own 2 other American Strats, a 65 and an 87, and this Mexican Strat kicks both their butts. Everything about the Strat sound is magnified on this guitar. Killer Mayer, Stevie Ray, Eric Johnson tone. The only negative thing about this Mexican Strat is the neck is thicker than my American Strats. I wrap my thumb around a neck a lot to play the low E string, so neck thickness is a big deal with me. (so don't buy the Epiphone SG, the neck is waaaaay too thick, it's a broomstick, but the finish is immaculate, unlike my American SG where Gibson even forgot to paint parts of the body! Unbelievable) The pickups are a lot hotter on the Mexican Strat. Seems like everything special about the Strat sound is magnified 10x on this guitar. The maple neck is darker than my American necks. Go figure, it is a Mexican after all.....hummm Maybe Fender has a sense of humor. la
    GNR'n'A7X wrote: Fender is totally fu*ked up. I love their guitars, though... I mean, Fender's guitars are fu*kin' great but are priced so damn high. Like the this model, who the fu*k can afford this? For someone looking for an amazing guitar with a great price check out Schecter (the C-1 Hellraiser FR is a dream and it's only $800 new).
    pali really dont get u...u say this is priced too high...then u recomend a guitar 300$ more....????
    Fender is totally fu*ked up. I love their guitars, though... I mean, Fender's guitars are fu*kin' great but are priced so damn high. Like the this model, who the fu*k can afford this? For someone looking for an amazing guitar with a great price check out Schecter (the C-1 Hellraiser FR is a dream and it's only $800 new).
    yeah i lucked out. i said i would sue them, if they didn't seem me something soon. it had been a couple of weeks and they kept saying that they'd already shipped it. ****ing bastards.
    i have never really felt the urge to buy a stratocaster, mostly because everyone else in my town has one. Excuse me for not being in the mainstream. But if I ever wanted a strat, this is what I would buy. And you guys need to get jobs, I'm 15 and mowing lawns i reel in a good 120 a week, and 180 every snow storm shoveling driveways. Get some freakin jobs.
    i just bought a standard strat for 300? online at this german website. they sent me a 60th anniversary strat instead. free of charge.
    k yeah did someone say diamond in the headstock , uh srry tahts only american 60th and who's sayin gibson is better.....this guitar isnt american its not near as premium as an american
    I own this strat also. I actually bought it yesterday, and it's down right amazing. If it doesn't fit your style of play don't flame the guitar. Fender makes terrific guitars, so does gibsons and many other companies. Perhaps that's why we have choices in life because everyone has personal preference. This guitar plays like a high priced strat and it does rock.
    I bought both my guitars, Fender Tornado GT, and Schecter C-10+ with my own money. Im a bus boy and make 100 a night busing for 5 hours. Not that hard to get a little cash. This guitar probally plays just like any higher end fender strats. Its just a collectors peice and numthing for fender to make money on. If i had the money id personally get a PRS. But now your talking in the thousands.
    I have a $500.00 Godin lg and it kicks ass. Much better than a $500.00 strat or any other brand for that matter