'72 Telecaster Thinline Reissue review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (63 votes)
Fender: '72 Telecaster Thinline Reissue

Sound — 10
This is going to come as a surprise but I actually play metal. I first found this guitar while just playing around at Guitar Center, I played it in contrast with the other guitar player in my band (owns a Gibson Explorer) and found that it sounded great (even in drop tuning). It has a brighter tone that really compliments the Explorers beefy murderous tone. I'm playing through a Yamaha half stack (solid) right now and it sounds fine. I also use a Metal core pedal in conjunction with a Line Six distortion box. Puts out a really nice chunky sound. Not noisy at all, sounds really nice for blues through any measure of an Acoustic amp, it does get a significant amount of feedback but you'll learn what to do to avoid it, that just comes with the territory of owning a semi-hollow body. Bright tone.

Overall Impression — 9
I play a variety of styles of music, right now I play in a metal band and this guitar fits perfectly, I've been playing for 4-5 years and find that this guitar is one of my favorites. Before you buy this guitar be sure to go to a local retailer Who has one of these to see if it fits you right, also, don't expect ridiculous sustain with this guitar as it's neck is built for speed. Make sure you buy a hard case if you're going to be taking it everywhere with you, the gig bag that comes with it isn't going to hold up long.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This guitar will withstand Live gigs without a problem. The only thing I would be sure to get control of (unless you want to use it) is it's feedbackish nature. The hardware is probably the weakest part of this guitar, it will last but I doubt for long, it just seem pretty weak. I'm planning on replacing the stock machine heads with locking tuners. The strap buttons are sufficient for home playing, but if you plan on playing Live be sure to get some strap locks. I could easily use this guitar at a show without a backup, however, I wouldn't simply because It's always nice to have an extra just in case. Laminate finish ensures long lasting Shine.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Personally I love the stock pickups, however, this really varies from person to person, many people really hate the stock pickups on this guitar. When I first opened the case I was ready to adjust the action but I found that the stock action was perfect, really quite well done. Haven't had to adjust the pickups at all. They sound great. Be sure to buy new strings with it as the factory set are weak and will break with excessive playing. No flaws out of the box. Slight discoloration on the lower left portion on the back of the body but this is most likely simply due to the nature of the natural finish.

Features — 9
-Reissue of the 72' Telecaster Thinline, made in Mexico. -21 Frets, really thin, fast neck (hence the name). -Laminated Top. -Ash body with a solid maple neck. -Natural Finish. -Telecaster Body -String-thru body bridge. -Stock pickups are passive. -One volume knob, one tone knob, 3 way pickup selector, but does have the ability to get those in between sounds. -2 Reissue Fender Wide Range Humbuckers (72' Reissue) -Non-locking tuners. -Most likely comes with a gig bag depended on the distributor you buy from.

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    Just tried one of these out, as was going for a great price used, in very good condition. I love semi hollows and have a fair few in my collection! Kind of loved it and hated it at the same time, and although it would have been a steal, I ended up walking away. There was lots to like, all the Fender stamped bling, the beautifully grained wood, well matched. BUT I didn't like the neck profile at all, the fretwork was rather substandard considering this guitar retails at 870 new - I have seen much much better on guitars at half that price. The thing I really didn't like was the bridge, the action was reasonable but the saddles were set very low leaving stupdidly sharp ends on the saddle screws, and not much room to lower the action further. Real shame.
    Hey! I've just bought a 2nd hand Classic Series 72' Fender Telecaster Thinline in Candy Apple Red (from 2002) and have to say it's one of the best guitars I've ever layed my hands on. I use to have a Baja Tele (also MiM), which has the natural twang, however this one is more versatile. If you play around with the pickups and volume control you can go from classic "twang" to hard rock with a vintage vibe. Great neck!!! The colour is candy apple red with some flake - really rare! Mexican guitars are realy very good value for money. Mine is perfect. Cheers! (from Portugal)
    Just bought this guitar off of used.guitarcenter... Its always all little bit intimidating to buy anything online, but thanks to the great GC return policy, they make it more than possible. Absolutely love this guitar! As for made in Mexico sucking... A great guitar is a great guitar no matter where it is from... I've heard and played some less than par MIJ and MIA... So it really does take some research on the particular guitar that you are looking to buy... Sound... This guitar has it. I'm playing it through my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 410 and it just sounds like heaven... The intonation was already setup... But i did have to lower the action just a little bit.. Didn't have to touch the micro adjust or trust rod at all. I've also got all of the stock hardware except for and amp knob instead of the usual Fender knob.. I have the Roadhouse Stratocaster and the Nashville Tele.. Love them both, but this guitar definitely gives them a hard run for their money! I was lucky to find this baby at a 500 dollar steal and I know that it will be one of my prized guitars for years to come...
    For those that don't like MIM Fenders, there is SOME truth there but when they make a special edition like this or the Strat Player series they must have different QA rules because they are much better. My Brother-In-Law has an Original Thinline and this reboot actually sounds BETTER, his guitar is dark and muddy compared to this, It also has some intonation quirks this doesn't. If you buy one of these expecting a Telecaster FORGET IT! It looks like a Telecaster (kind of) But where the Tele has a biting lead, but clean middle switch selection, and clean but solid Neck sound, this has SOME twang in the Bridge pickup position, it is more open and airy, Both pickups start to dive into base tones only dreamed about with a std Telly but it keeps te open airy clean sound. It is almost like you roll your mids all the way down. This would be a great Rithym guitar because the neck position is Fat and full, my speaker dances on an open E chord like no other std Fender can. You can get a cool Surf sound if y use the Bridge PU and crank UP the mids. Jazz chords are very sweet full but clean, playing the middle strings higher up the neck gives somewhat of a Gibson guitar jazz sound. I freeking LOVE this guitar, I don't play it on everything but if I had to I will say I could get closer to the sounds of my other Guitars with this than I could with them trying to match this! Quality is very, very good! What else can I say? Except I have been playing Professionally for 38 years, and this is a very different sounding guitar! I wonder what splitting the coiwould do out of phase with the neck and Bridge... AARGH I just had a heart Attack in my Brain thinking about it. GO BUY IT SON!! 40 years from now it will still be on your stage..