Classic Player Jazzmaster review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (33 votes)
Fender: Classic Player Jazzmaster

Price paid: $ 652.65

Purchased from: parkway music

Sound — 10
Suits my music style perfectly. I play a broad range of rock/metal sub-genres.noise rock, post rock/metal/punk/hardcore, expiramental, alternative, progressive, psychadelic, grunge, indie, sludge, drone/ambient, industrial and even surf rock for the day or so that I've had this sexpot. I'm playing with a 20 watt Roland cube amp, EHX big muff, Boss CEB-3(yes, that's a bass chorus, but it sounds equally as good on guitar) DigiTech Turbo Flange and DigiTech hardwire delay(DL-8). It's a pretty quiet instrument from what I can tell, even though these pickups are supposedly way hotter than the original jazzmaster pickups. This guitar is very chimey and "pianic", even more so once you play it on your own set up (I didn't like it nearly as much on the amp at the store, then I got home and plugged it in and WHOAAAA..) I thought "no wonder sonic youth and all of the post- rock guitarists use these things". I can't lie, this IS one of the best sounding guitars I have ever heard. I keep it mostly in the rhythm circut usually with both pickups on because it is the most piano like. The neck pup is more or so like this as well, while the brige is really punchy and thicker sounding. The lead circut (which has only one sound)is thick like the bridge pickup as well. Overall this guitar has a great variety of sounds, the only think it lacks is humbucker tone (naturally, cause both pickups are single coil)

Overall Impression — 10
I know I gave this thing a very maxed rating, and I know alot of people hate that here, but I honestly think it is that good of a guitar.. So sorry if you have a problem with that, cause I don't care. It, in my opinion is well worthy of those ratings and it could easily be priced way higher for it's quality. Alot of my influences use these guitars (lee ranaldo, thurston moore of sonic youth, jesse lacey of brand new, kim thayil of soundgarden, the guys in bush..I could keep going)and I can see why. Only things I wish it had were a killswitch and a pickup under the bridge! (predictable, right??)

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've only really had this guitar a day, but it seems like a pretty solid. No hardware flaws or anything(yet). I think it will be a dependable guitar. These are just my predictions though; who knows what the future holds from us? I still need lots of time to test this thing's durability.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Parkway music sets all of their instruments up, so this thing was pretty much in perfect condition and was good to go. I tried this same model at a different store and the bridge was all buzzy and it didn't sound as good. I didn't have to adjust anything to my liking, it feels just right as they had it. No flaws really, besides some odd scratches on the pickguard. But fortunatly for me they aren't really noticable, and seems to give it a bit of character. I plan on eventually replacing it with an anodized gold pickguard anyway..

Features — 9
My Classic Player Jazzmaster was made in 2010, in mexico. It has 21 medium-jumbo frets, 25.5 inch scale with rosewood fingerboard. Has an alder body, while the neck is maple.. Transparent sunburst finish (one of the most beautiful I've ever seen to be honest)and a redish-brown tort pickguard. Of course the body style is the normal offset waste, like on every jazzmaster. Fender Adjusto-Matic Bridge, Special Design Hot Jazzmaster Neck and bridge Pickups. There are quite a few switches and knobs on this thing, it has the normal vol and tone knob. Three way pickup selector on the right side of the body(up-neck pup., middle-both pups, down-bridge pup.) then there is the rhythm/lead circut on the left side.(right-rhythm, left-lead).has Fender Vintage style tuners, non-locking. Came with a gig-bag, some Fender based goodies on paper and the legendary jazzmaster tremolo bar. Btw, the guitar also has a tremolo lock system(little silver knob right above the trem. Hole.)which is there in case you break a string, you push it up and the guitar will stay in tune.

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