Lonestar Stratocaster review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (50 votes)
Fender: Lonestar Stratocaster

Sound — 10
I play Blues-Rock and plenty of other genres. This guitar suites it all. I play the Strat through a Roland Cube 60 and in my opinion, sounds great aswell. Position 1 (Bridge pickup) gives a really full rich sound, and when the gain is turned up to about 6, you get that classic purple haze sound. (Position 2) has a lovely mellow sound, it makes the stings sound like their heavy on the fretboard, perfect for SRV. (Postion 3) WOW! The absolute oinical of the classic Strat sound, this perfect for blues, jazz, punk you name it. I'll skip position 4 as I hav'nt really explored it and when I played in that position, it was the worst of the 5. (Position 5) This humbucker is absolutely amazing! You get a really nice led Zep, Cream sound out of this pickup, perfect for lead work, not as murcky as a usually Gibson Humbucker which some people may love, but I really like the murkyness of the Gibson guitars anyway which is why I'm bying a SG Special. This pickup is pure class though, Mr Duncan really out did himself this time around, my only problem with it is that it spounds quite rubbery when the tone is turned all the way down. It can really handle high gain. Overall this guitar IS the most versatile guitar ever made!

Overall Impression — 10
This guitar matches me in every singel way possible, If it were stolen I would murder every living thing I saw then nip into town to buy another one. So bluesy and Rocky, it sounds perfect for everthing i've ever played. All I need now is a wedding ring, and all I can say, buy one of these and happy shopping.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Everything will last, although I would always bring a backup just incase a string snapped ect. The hardware is solid, you would have to use a hammer to knock it out of tune. My cube 60 fell on the neck! (Don't ask) but the neck hasn't been affected at all. We should have used these as weapons in world war 2.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
When it arrived, I had been told it had not been set up for a while, but I only found that out 2 months later, it felt like it had been setup when it wasn't (Now that's a sign of class). The hardware hasn't oxidized at all in the 11 years it has been around. The pickups are ajusted just fine, nothing is loose and I think the finish will out last me (I'm 13! ).

Features — 10
This Lonestar USA Strat was made in 1997 in USA. It features a rosewood neck with 21 Jumbo frets which are an absolute dream to play with, this Strat features a tinted neck. The action is amazing and I don't have too tune it for weeks, even with heavy use of the whammy bar. It features a brown burst alder body which looks amazing and a maple neck. The double cut away body really helps me nail those High solos/notes. What makes this guitar special and an absolute bargain is that it feature the same single coil texas specials found on stevie Ray Vaughans signature Strat as well as Seymore Duncan Pearly gates plus humbucking pickup which comes incredibally close to a 59' Les Paul sound. Switching the selector switch is a breeze. I also got a free Fender hardcase with it and the interior is first class.

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    The sunburst one looks so nice I wish I could get one for Xmas
    I have a black one with a white pickguard. I switched the bridge pick up to single coil andPut in 3 seymour duncan SSL-1's. This guitar is great through a Marshall and has amazing tone. Just as good as any American strat I've played.
    ^ Agree. That review looks like it was written by some who doesn't know much about guitars. Like why can't you do divebombs? Because of pickups? What does it matter what pickups it has if you want to do divebombs. So I don't understand what the reviewer was saying here
    CANNOT do dive bombs2 Texas special & 1 double humbucker pickup, and the tuners do NOT lock in place. In fact you may have to tune it more than once, play around with the strings and retune it to get it in perfect tune. WELL worth it.
    The review submitted by unregistered on 7 Oct. begins like this: This guitar was made in Mexico. It has a total of 21 jumbo frets on a rosewood neck. The body is laminated and the guitar body itself is made of mahogany I believe. It has a lot of nice features! I like the rosewood neck but it does make the strings look a bit darker and it does build up some dirt and grime. The good thing is that it is easy to clean and superior in my belief to necks. I think such hopless amateur comments should be posted in another section, like "Opinions", or "Thrilled to Have a Guitar". That's because MIM Strats are known to be quite bad compared to those made in Asia or USA (sometimes, they are worse than Squiers like Classic Vibes), then because Strats are never made in mahogany (except for some special Custom Shop orders), then because fingerboards aren't placed there in order to make strings shine, and finally because, sadly, all of them catch dirt and grime in time, of course, if you play the guitar. Encouraging such reviews will only diminish our reliability and will turn us into a free advertising pannel. Which is completely opposite to Rock spirit. Anyway, I'm sure this guitar deserves a more competent approach (you can encounter such an approach reading the comments, but here it is not followed in a systematic way). Because adding a humbucker is a major step away from Strat's classic concept. And also because MIM Fenders can be very good sometimes, but so many of them are negligently put together.
    I can only find pics of the Mexico Lone Star's and I think the paint finish is different to the USA. Does anyone have some hi-res pics of the sunburst Lone Star including the 'made in USA' on the headstock? Cheers Lollie
    Lollie, I'm almost 3 years late in responding, but if you're still interested, I have the pics you want. Let me know... I'm doubtful this will still be relevant ;
    MoBlues - yes please post them here is possible or to a free service like Flickr, photobucket or imageshack etc... Thanks for replying
    Jammy Pige
    Well, maybe just slightly quiet high e and a slightly lower bridge pup (but NOT too trebly).
    Jammy Pige
    I just got the 3tsunburst with 4ply tort pickguard and the dark tint neck and it looks very tight. I know this guitar is getting some flack for the odd pickup select combinations and supposed lack of balance in string poles, but I've not experience that with mine and so far have no complaints. I have checked carefully and to my ear the pickups are well balanced and the bridge pup is not too trebly at all as some have suggested in other forums. In fact I really like the warm fat tone of the bridge pup and the tex specials are totally sweet. I know the necks are supposed to be the same as the standard neck (but with tint); however, the neck on my Lonestar is definitely cleaner and straighter than the mex standard that I just tried for a week. Anyway, with a $50 coupon and a cool salesman I only paid about $100 more for the Lonestar than the standard, so I can't be happier. If anybody doesn't like this pickup combination on these you can check out the Roadhouse for a few dollars more, but with sss pup... not sure if they have rosewood necks though? and I just had to have a rosewood neck... just my preference.
    mines a teal green. the sound of the guitar is astonishing, it can play anything, literally!
    yeah the sunburst is the best. ive got one hahaha. nah dude get this asap an awsome guitar.
    Blas3 wrote: The sunburst one looks so nice I wish I could get one for Xmas
    Well I've got the American version which was discontinued in 1997/98? But the Mexican ones cost around &400-500.