Mexican Stratocaster review by Fender

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 5.2 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.7 (468 votes)
Fender: Mexican Stratocaster

Price paid: $ 399

Purchased from: Mad Music

Sound — 4
I am playing rock/metal and the sound does not match what I am looking for. I am using a Peavey 15 watt amp and a few effects (chorus, wah, delay and distortion). The sound is always very clean and high pitched. Not alot of variety on the sound or at least definetly not what I am looking for.

Overall Impression — 6
Anybody who is playing rock such as Metallica, Nirvana, Guns n' roses, AC DC, Led Zeppelin etc would not be advised to this guitar. I would not buy another Strat and the only reason I bought it was because Hendrix played one but he played an American Strat and that was the 60's. There is definitely better guitars out there. Think before you buy, man.

Reliability & Durability — 6
The guitar itself is quite strong and could last along time. Although I am definitely changing my guitar when I get the money. It could last a long time without wear if you like the sound and want to keep it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The action was ok and the pickups dont seem too bad. The pickup selector is noisy and weak and the tuning pegs are very loose. My guitar is always out of tune!

Features — 4
This Strat was made in Mexico. It has 21 frets and is black in colour. There is hardly any special features on this Strat leaving the conclusion that the features are not very good.

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    What I find funny about the Mexican vs US is the fact that they are both made by Mexicans, just in different factories.
    jimmyjimbo72 wrote: Oh yeah I forgot to say that the tremolo was crap and that I couldn't get it to float properly without pulling every other string flat during bends. Now it's flush to the body and there are no problems.
    Mine only came with 3 springs, (I assume they all do) I added 2 more and it floats like a dream... Just a suggestion...
    The pickup selector is noisy and weak and the tuning pegs are very loose. The action was ok and the pickups dont seem too bad. hahaha that makes em want this guitar.
    The Wanton
    jimm your a fookin novice, how can you give a fender (even a maxican one) a 5 for sound, ignorant ppl like you that recognise quality annoy me...and the audacity to write a review on it, oh dear
    Strat_Monkey wrote: Lol, OK dude, you are right on that, sorry. Should have said "thrash metal" both times. Still, they're not metal guitars, they're country guitars, so I stand by what I said.
    Thrash Metal eh! Have you heard of Kirk Hammett?
    i jus bought a mexican fender from eBay, its 6 years old and i dont like it that much. i'm gonna whack some EMGs in it. i h8 the pickups
    they're country guitars? you idiot.
    They were designed for country, yeah... the original Strat came out in '54, prior to the birth of rock 'n' roll, and although some Blues artists used the Strat and it's predecessor(s) the Esquire/Tele they were both initally most famous for being played by the likes of Jimmy Bryant and Bill Carson; both country guitarists. Get your facts straight before insulting me. And badman86, you're right, the Strat IS just about the most versatile guitar out there, but it was designed for country.
    Somebody just got a-holed lol. Nah, my Fender Mexican Strat works pretty well with almost anything, I tend to leave it for playing Santana and Knopfler licks, with the occassional touch of Feeder, Stereophonics, etc. Leave the metal to the Iceman. But I'm sure if you wanted to play metal on it, you could, with the right amp control and stuff. Jim
    antipop333's review really was a load of bollocks. This guitar is nothing more than AVERAGE people. It looks exactly the same as a squire standard and sounds almost identicle. For the standard price of 300quid your getting ripped.
    Oh please, listen man, I have an old Korean Squier (supposedly better than modern Squiers) and my 2004 Mexican Strat is better in every conceiveable way, it does not look the same (as if that mattered anyway) and does not sound the same in any way. For one random example, the tone pots on Squiers make little difference to the sound unless you have them all the way up or all the way down, whereas on Mex guitars the tonal difference is obvious all the way around.
    I've had this guitar (sunburst) for 6 and a half years and it's never let me down. It sounds great, looks great and handles like a dream. Although I recently purchased a PRS SE Standard so she's my baby now, but I still can't put this beauty down. Thank you Mexico! Dang, who knew Mexicans could build such good guitars?
    No wonder you think it sounds bad.... you're playing it through a 15w mini Roland solid state amp and about the cheapest digital effects pedal. Everyone knows a good electric guitar ain't worth #$%! unless its plugged into to something equally good. Get a real rig and then tell us how it sounds!
    E V H 5150
    I agree with cyber. My theory is that you could take a really nice guitar, say a Les Paul because everyone is familiar with the "quality", or something like that. And you have a Squire (they're not that great when it comes to adjusting tone on the guitar itself). You plug the Les Paul into a crappy 15W Frontman and play around on the overdrive channel, no effects. You're trying to play, let's say, Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train, but without reverb or whatever effects are used. Then you pick up a Squire, plug into a 5150 (I've heard it's a really great metal amp), and switch to the lead channel to play the same song, without effects. Which sounds better? The Squire of course! The amp, I believe, is much more important than the guitar. If you play any non-acoustic guitar unplugged, don't they all sound the same? (Or very much alike).
    My first guitar was a mexican strat and i wouldnt think of playing anyhting else. As long as is feels good in your hands and slung over your shoulder thens shes a great piece whether mexican made or not. you need to stop putting so much focus on guitars and cutomizing the ultimate axe and just go and play.
    I have this and I think it's a damn good guitar. At least in comparison to my Epiphone LP Special II.
    its pointless naming the strat as country guitar or classic rock guitar because the strat imo is the the most versatile guitar out there and tough as nails. with a change of the pick ups, it can become a heavy metal machine
    My only point was that guitars are versatile. Jimi, SRV, Clapton also used Strats. And the Strat is not a typical metal guitar, but can be set up to do different things. Peace out.
    harD_Rokr wrote: who would but a fender anyways???? damn pansies
    probably a guy like you who cant spell buy... I heard about this guy once who wanted a really good fender stratocaster, so he bought a guitar off of ebay for 1500$ it was called a ferder startocaster, he thought it was a high quality fender, and didnt read closely. Well he got it home and realized it was a homemade guitar, the ferder startocaster, haha, thats some funny stuff right there....
    i'm not particularly a fan of fender either, but i remain open minded to any guitar if it sounds and feels good.
    Man, put a hot rails in the bridge and neck, floyd rose w/locking nut, and a shielding job, this guitar will eat most "metal" guitars around the same price alive. Only con for me is I want 24 frets. But Warmoth can fix that.
    Lol, OK dude, you are right on that, sorry. Should have said "thrash metal" both times. Still, they're not metal guitars, they're country guitars, so I stand by what I said.
    So why are there guys using a Strat for metal anyway? Of course it's not going to work for metal, it's not a metal guitar!
    with proper cavity shielding you can reduce the hum significantly, even without noise cancelling its pretty damn quiet, just dont go near anything with a transformer or ull get massive 60-cycle coil hum, but thats even with noiseless pickups too, the tuner pegs you can tighten the screws on them, the pickups i dont like the sound of ceramic bar magnet pickups, alnico all the way for me, sweet crisp clear bell like tones with a good tube amp, producing slight break up when picked it
    it's really a hit and miss, you can get an amazing mexican strat, an average, or shitty. My advice is to try them out at a store and buy them there because of this.
    of course they say the tuning oegs suck and the selector is noisy and weak they just sayin that cuz its a mexican srat why does it have to be mexican y not asian
    I'm thinking about picking up a used Mexican Strat, replacing my Ibanez RG 120. Any major [roblems with this guitar? Thanks!
    Aerodyne Jazz
    This is a pretty good guitar, ive had mine for about 2 years and have gigged with it with no problems, and with no backup
    But being serious, I got a NoName Stat copy made in China, and a Fender Mexican Stratocaster...which is better? FENDER.
    Strat_Monkey wrote: Lol, OK dude, you are right on that, sorry. Should have said "thrash metal" both times. Still, they're not metal guitars, they're country guitars, so I stand by what I said.
    take a minute and think about whatthe les paul was desighned for. not for what it used for today.
    Alright: I have played a Mexican Strat for over 5 years now maybe more like 6 but I loved it the whole way, it plays great and it is great. It has great sounds even though most the credit has to go to my amp. but it plays anything i want, expecialy the nice classic rock sounds. it has a great neck, ibeniz always screws me up cuz i get so used to the strats neck. but i back it up 444% get it, its worth it. the american strats sound almost identical. save yourself some money and get a mexican strat. -peace paul k.
    ma Deluxe player Strat is mexican and it is the best guitar i have palyed in a while
    i like this guitar sounds. its a versatile guitar,if youre into metal then you would probably have to modify it. You cant really go wrong with fender. Squire is a totally different story lol
    ive never played a mexican strat. but i do like the sounds of the ones i played. but i think fender guitars look too plain for my tastes. i prefer gibsons, and since i cant afford one, ill take an epiphone les paul. the one i played seemd pretty nice. (epiphone) anyway. yea fenders do tend to sound better with better pickups
    no, I put new pickups in to better the sound, aggresive bridge so I picked the dimebucker, which is considered a metal pick up I know, but i picked it because of its versatility....I don't confine myself to one genre, and the fast track for a smooth silky neck tone. Out of the box a mexican fat strat is still capable of playing metal, and any other genre you care to take a stab at. Its the wood not the pickups anyways, you can slap whatever setup you want on the guitar. A strat to me has the tonal quality and playability for anything.
    atomic69er wrote: hit or miss with a mexican...some suck majorly, some are great, I lucked out with mine, haven't played an american strat yet that sounded better. The I swapped out the bridge hum for a SH-13 and the neck single for a Dimazario fast track 2 stacked hum....for anyone who thinks its not a metal guitar, I beg to differ. It has the best setup ever for blistering metal riffs, although a bit limited for lead with the 21 fret neck...thats why I bought a 24 fret eclipse lol
    yeah but you did just say you put new pickups in it to do metal. I don't think of it as much of a metal guitar right out of the box.
    i have a 96 mexican strat, it is still in pretty good condition, needs a new nut, but thats it, new pick ups would be a bonus, but not necessary, so this guitar is pretty awsome if i do say myself. Anyone know what it would be worth? its 96, the first year they were made in mexico, its like pearl blue metallic, with a pearl pickguard, it in mint condition. if anyone knows, let me know please
    slash_thrash wrote: I'm thinking about picking up a used Mexican Strat, replacing my Ibanez RG 120. Any major [roblems with this guitar? Thanks!
    umm not really mine has a terrible hum buzzing type sound when i hit my distortion pedal. but i am taking it to a music store tomarrow to fix it and the bridge slowly rises also need fixing. it stays it tune no matter what . but its hard to do alternate tunnings with. you can beat the shit out of it and it will still work =] its lovely
    fender japan all the said before if u cant get an american get a japanese.. USA > Japan > Mex